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Location: The Puppet General, Rising Fire, Master of Puppets

Quests given

Shops owned

The Puppet General



???: D--destroyyyy....


Veyla: The.. dawn....
Veyla: Argh..

Veyla: You fight well.

Veyla: As long as Wargoth lives, none of us are.

Veyla: Our people used to dance through rifts. No world was beyond our reach.
Veyla: Then he came.
Veyla: Drawn by the trails left behind by our rifts.

Veyla: The stories say he burned the power right out of us. We were trapped on Somorah. A world with no sun.
Veyla: Lorded over by the fiery countenance of Wargoth.
Veyla: Our salvation came from his very own son. We resisted and the son helped us end our enslavement.
Veyla: We were left behind though. Left in a world of darkness. Now light causes us to... to burn.
Veyla: We were at peace though. The darkness was beautiful. Cool. Calm.
Veyla: Then... then he returned.
Veyla: The stuff of nightmares and our world was filled with light but without a son. We had to escape. Had to try and get away.

Veyla: We were able to expand its power and we found your world. Somehow he knew, and now... now he's coming.
Veyla: His legions are only the beginning....

Rising Fire

Veyla: ...
Veyla (thinking): No... escape...

Veyla: He is coming... I... I can feel it.
Veyla: AAARRgghhhhh! It-- It burns!

Veyla: I--
Veyla: He-- He bends fire to his will. I can feel... I can feel him reaching out.

Veyla: ...
Veyla: No.

Veyla: The fire is coming.

Veyla: Th-thank you.

Master of Puppets

Veyla: Y-- yes.

Possessed Veyla 1
Possessed Veyla 2

Thanks to
-- Voodoo Master for image.
-- Heartdragon for image and Possessed Veyla images 1 and 2.
-- Stridoom for dialogue corrections.

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