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Hero's Heart Day Chapter 5

Other names: Hero's Heart Day 2012

Access Point: Opening Screen -> Heros' Heart Day! -> Chapter 5
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 10th, 2012

Quests Available
Threat List
The Boss Bear

Big Daddy
Sir Stephan

Daddy's DC Shop
Ex Calibur
Hero's Heart

Big Daddy: Happy Hero's Heart Day, <Character>! My friend has informed me of a threat to Hero's Heart Day!

  • Talk
    Big Daddy: Sir Stephan has the first clue in a series.
    Sir Stephan: That's right. We have to use these clues to hunt down these nefarious bears and find their leader.... the Boss of all the Bears!
    Big Daddy: Yes, he's still serious.
    Sir Stephan: Deadly serious. I will not let these bears ruin the holiday that celebrates the defenders of the country I love!
    Sir Stephan: As soon as you solve a clue and find one of the legion of bears attacking the holiday, bring it here so we can get the next clue...
    Sir Stephan: ... by force if necessary!
    Big Daddy: Snugglebear Armor is available if you want a disguise.

  • Invite Sir Stephan as a guest (DA Only)
    Adds Sir Stephan to Guest Slot A

  • Special Armor
    Sir Stephan: You look hideous, <Character>! It's a brilliant disguise!

  • select a Quest!
    Sir Stephan: Did you bring back a bear prisoner?
    • Reset
      Sir Stephan: Ah, <Character>! You wish to go bear hunting again?
      Sir Stephan: I can release the bears again but, you will have to go and capture them all again.
      Sir Stephan: Are you absolutely sure you want to hunt all these dangerous bears down again?

    • Yes! Reset! - Reset all clues and let you play it again. Note that it also removes your #1 Threat: Bears badge! The badge is unlocked again after the boss fight.

  • Heal & Potions
    Fully heals you and gives you 2 HP and MP Potions

  • Shops
    Big Daddy: Have you gotten enough Tokens of Affection or Dragon Coins to buy a reward? If not, then you need to deliver some Snuggle-Grams baby!
    Takes you to Hero's Heart shop and Daddy's DC Shop


    Clue 1: "Where clawkins and fairies play."
    Quest Location of Bear: Golden Cabit Hunt

    Clue 2: "Through fields lit by fiery stream."
    Quest Location of Bear: The River Of Fire

    Clue 3: "Where spider's meet in long closed stores."
    Quest Location of Bear: Weaving Emporium

    Clue 4: "Where lightning flashes overhead."
    Quest Location of Bear: Sir Jing's Weapons

    Clue 5: "Within walls with glories long past."
    Quest Location of Bear: Sil Ruins > North West entrance > Second screen over. The northwest entrance is on the top left of the map, near a residential icon.

    Clue 6: "Through caves of ice with golden gleam."
    Quest Location of Bear: A Cold Reception

    Clue 7: "Where cypress tree o'er vast swamp grows."
    Quest Location of Bear: Crystal Clear Lake > second screen down.

    Clue 8: "By fountains flow and waterfall spray."
    Quest Location of Bear: The Pure Pool

    Clue 9: "Skies are traced with bits of string."
    Quest Location of Bear: String Thing

    Clue 10: "On the course where everything moves fast."
    Quest Location of Bear: Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of > Two screens right.

    Quest 11: "Through the woods before the dray."
    Quest Location of Bear: Escort From Verteroche

    Quest 12: "In verdant fields with poppies red."
    Quest Location of Bear: There's No Place like Oaklore

    Quest 13: "Where raven's fly through memory's dream."
    Quest Location of Bear: Memory-Demons

    Quest 14: "On the trail in shades of grey"
    Quest Location of Bear: Never Say Dye

    Quest 15: "Where flower's bloom on endless shores."
    Quest Location of Bear: The Blue Lotus > three screens right.

    Quest 16: "Where water lives and breathes and flows."
    Quest Location of Bear: It's A Wash

    Quest 17: "Where the elementals join together in assault."
    Quest Location of Bear: Elemental Attack

    Quest 18: "Where the bones of dead miners lay."
    Quest Location of Bear: What's Mine Is Mine (Fortuna)
    The bear is one screen down, one screen left.

    Quest 19: "Where the vultragon hunt with the stenchfly."
    Quest Location of Bear: Dye Another Day

    Quest 20: "Where apple and tiger fight together"
    Quest Location of Bear: Gravitivity

    Quest 21: "Where gourds grow big and raven's fly."
    Quest Location of Bear: The Pumpkin Patch

    Clue 22: "Where forest furies fruit grows."
    Quest Location of Bear: The Mollo Tree
    This bear isn't as close to the start as others. Be patient and work your way through to the boss.

  • You need to submit Bear Prisoner to unlock each clue.

    Thanks to
    -- The DF GD forum users for finding these locations.
    -- Voodoo Master for additional spoiler information.
    -- Solanaceae for new title.

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