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The Master Apprentice

Location: Swordhaven Past -> 2 Up -> 3 Right -> Master Brump -> Master Apprentice
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Playing With Fire
Release Date: March 9th, 2012

Objective: An angst ridden Warlic reminisces on his past and tosses a few fireballs Alexander's way!
Objective completed: Warlic better be careful about overloading his mana!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(11) Flamedance
(3) Flamedance - Boss


Solar Shiv

Eye of Ruby
Frozen Flame
Lucky Staff

*Sitting under a tree, Alex reads his mage book while Warlic on the top of the tower, glances from above*

Warlic - reminisce about his past:
Warlic: ...
Warlic: I'm more powerful than anyone who lives on this dustball and I'm stuck as an apprentice with untalented, scared children.
Warlic: It's sickening.
Warlic: I've lived beyond time and I'm stuck as a... as a teenager learning how to control myself again!

Warlic: I had infinite power before. I could do anything... I could have done anything.
Warlic: Could have created and molded worlds!
Warlic: I couldn't follow him though.... and now I have to start over.
Warlic: I have to rebuild myself....

*Baby Warlic was seen taken through a portal*

Warlic: Rebelling gained me this humanity and a second childhood... and now I have to compete with...
Warlic: ...that.
Warlic: *sigh*

*Warlic summons a Flamedance in front of Alex*

Alex: AAAH!!!
Warlic: HAAHahaha!

*Warlic summon several more Flamedance monsters*

Alex: Oh no oh no oh no...
Alex: Jaania.. I must be brave.
Alex: I-- I can do this.

After the boss fight:
Warlic: I am better than any of them.

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Revenge

    Thanks to Stephen Nix for information.

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