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Voodoo Master -> Golden Kiss, The (3/17/2012 4:19:55)

The Golden Kiss

Location: Lucky Day - Unlucky Escape! -> War Introduction
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 16th, 2012

Objective: Baron Au'Mydas wants nothing more than to get his kiss back!
Objective completed: Uh oh... who set Au'Mydas free? And who's going to stop the hordes of golden monsters threatening Falconreach?!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


King Sneevrick



*Au'Mydas sits alone in his cell*

Au'Mydas: *Sigh*
Au'Mydas: *(singing softly)* Soft kitty, warm kitty...

*Suddenly, a shadowy figure enters the cell*

???: Do you want your lovely golden kiss back?
Au'Mydas: Wh--who's there?!
???: I can give it back but you have to do a favor for me.

*Au'Mydas stands up and smiles*

Au'Mydas: I can get my revenge on the hero that put me in these cells to begin with!
Au'Mydas: Anything you ask, I can do, me and my golden kiss!
???: Then here's what I need you to do...

*Scene changes to the middle of the forest where Shameus the sneevilchaun sleeps. Near him there is a rainbow and a pot full of gold. Au'Mydas steals the gold*

*Scene changes to Falconreach*

<Character>: Ash! Hey Ash!
Ash: <Character>? What's wrong?
<Character>: Absolutely nothing! And it's been forever since we've had a vacation... so come on, let's go do something fun!
Ash: Oh, haha, yeah that sounds great! Let me just get my--
Guardian: <Character>! <Character>, quickly!
<Character>: Oi... Why do I even bother?

*A Guardian enters the scene*

Guardian: Baron Au'Mydas has escaped!
<Character>: Well, he's lost his golden kiss right? So just round him up.
Guardian: That's just it. He turned two guards to gold before he left!
Guardian: We don't know where Warlic is, and Au Midas is now roaming free!
<Character>: I'm on it.

*Before the character has a chance to leave, King Sneevrick enters the scene and stops him/her*

King Sneevrick: Hey! Go where you are watching, buster!
<Character>: Woah.
King Sneevrick: Our pot of gold is gone!
King Sneevrick: <Character>, please, help us find gold! Sneevilchaun must have gold back!
King Sneevrick: Shameus was on guard and fall asleep. Shameus not fall asleep when guarding gold.
King Sneevrick: He usually too busy staring at gold and making faces in reflection. Magical sleep he slept. All we find is empty pot but...
King Sneevrick: Look!

*King Sneevrick shows the character an empty golden pot*

<Character>: Oh, so you used to have a pot of gold, now you have a golden pot.
<Character>: The first thing we need to do is stop Baron Au'Mydas.

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