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Well, it was recommended to me by kkutwar that I create an OOC early for the new game I am creating. You may find this game here. I AM NOT ACCEPTING CHARACTERS YET. The only subject as of now is the game, and the sort.

I will update the title of this topic when/if the game is approved to say the date applications will be open. Hopefully this will let everyone have an even chance of getting into the game (Since several people are showing interest).

Edit/Update: You may now post applications, but they won't be accepted. Instead, the powers will be measured to see if they're too overpowered. If they are, the nerfs will be discussed for everyone to see, unless a new power is chosen. Please try and give your character a little life/history if possible (But not an essay), the more depth that the characters have, the more immersed people will become.

Edit/Update 2: kkutwar has pointed out the lack of inventory. This also led me to create some more rigid rules for super-strength, so please recheck the format for any changes. As for the apps already being reviewed, a simple edit will suffice (I just needed a more definite system to determine strength of powers).

Edit/Update 3: Now there is a Villain/Hero ratio count. It is possible that one side will no longer be accepting applications if there are 4 members in there. This is for the sake of balance, since it wouldn't be fair if there was 1 hero pitted against 7 villains (Unless he was a juggernaut). Even if there're 3 heroes, 4 villains, and 1 neutral, however, would be accepted. One side just can't have 2 more than the other, without the opposing team getting some support.

Also, from now on, the base strength level is recommended to be put in parenthesis at that section. So for example, "Dr. Gregory Hound." "SL: (3) <current number>. This should help keep things tidy.

Edit/Update 4: We are running low on villains. Since they're only 2 slots left, I will be less likely to accept hero/neutral characters, in order to give every side an equal chance. If no more villains apply, the current one, Shadow, will be buffed to somewhat of a juggernaut status (But his powers will decrease once more villains appear). The ideal ratio here is for us to get 1 more villain and 1 more neutral.

Edit/Update 5: I've added in an example for the Out of Sight idea. More will be included, most likely, as I enjoy writing them, and it isn't difficult to do it for this game, as there is plenty to write about. The first is a peek at the people inside the buildings, and their views on what is outside. I'm thinking the next will probably be heavily involved with the S.W.A.T., as something is occurring with them right now.
Continuation: "At the Lab" has been added. It provides a look at two of the characters behind the S.W.A.T. and other things in this game.

Edit/Update 6: A new Out-of-Sight passage, entitled "Aftershock," has been written.

Edit/Update 7: Applications have been reopened. Forumites may only have one character at a time, and the maximum player amount is still eight.

Edit/Update 8: A new out-of-Sigh passage has been added, entitled "A Secret Meeting."

The people inside the desolate buildings still live, but not as they used to. With the emergence of the "unnatural," new myths have replaced the old ones, and they are whispered in fear to the young, the elders trying to warn them of the dangers they have seen. From the "dead man," as he calls himself, wandering New York in search of something unknown, to the dark-eater, feeding on what was believed impossible to feed on, though why is a mystery. Then there is the "Hunter," who tracks down those foolish enough to leave their homes and returns their skinned hides to the doorstep the next day, also for reasons not known. The kids will ask why everything is a mystery, annoyed with the meager answers for not satisfying their thirst for knowledge. "The skies hold the answer," the elders will say to the young, their eyes large, "but not the ones we want. They say that this is merely the first part, and even if we survive, it will get worse. So much worse." It matters not that tears are in the eyes of the children, it matters only that they know. That they fear leaving cover, and will stay, so as to not get tangled up in the web being spun by some unknown force, which is slowly coming to encase everything humanity holds dear.
"The unnatural have caused this," the elders say, an entirely new light to their legends taking hold, one that does not strike fear, but instead stirs something deep within the children, something telling them to rise, "They will destroy humanity. But eventually they must fall. They cannot keep on coming forever," then the speakers will gesture out the dirty window at the starlit sky, unsure of exactly what they are pointing at, "Then we will rise again. Humans will once more be able to live without fear in their own cities, and the unnatural will be the ones fleeing. They will flee our soldiers, and we will hunt them, we will hunt them like the freaks they are."
No remorse is in the eyes of the people there, only anger, and excitement. Excitement at reclaiming "what is theirs," reversing the situation on the Hunter, making the "dead man" truly dead, and slaughtering the dark-eater. The villains will be next, with a pike through the dark-filled robes of the man walking smugly down the streets, the sword of the kid with the spear turned on himself, and similar fates to anyone else that is trying to harm this city even more. There are the "heroes," too. From the shadowless kid to the armored animal man and the asian controlling the air, all will die. For they are guilty of being stronger than the people in the buildings, and no matter what is said, a certain portion of the hatred will always be based on jealousy. Jealousy that someone else is the special one.
The elders send the children to bed with these images firmly in mind, setting them off to morbid dreams. Then they go back to the windows and watch at night, intent on seeing who else is wandering the streets, especially now that darkness has enshrouded the city physically as well. "They will die," one will whisper to an agreeable silence, "They will all die."

At the Lab
Dr. Gregory Hound looked up from his document at the sound of a knock on the door. "Come in," he said, somewhat indifferently. The door opened to reveal the S.W.A.T. commander Vincent, and Dr. Hound put aside his document, leaving it for later. "How are your troops doing?" he asked Vincent, staring intently at the man. Vincent replied calmly, "They're getting their heads handed to them over and over again by these freaks in New York. Hurry up with 'the answer,' Gregory," to which Dr. Hound simply stared for a moment. Then he suddenly came back to life, and stood up, staring out of the only window in his office as he said nonchalantly, "You must be patient, Vincent. With my meager budget it will be a while before the Strength-Zappers are finished."
Vincent almost exploded at that, his face mocking the shade of a tomato, and his eyes bulging out, "Your meager budget!? Have you seen the bill you receive each month!? You better get that thing finished soon, Mr. Hound, or else you'll be added to my soldiers' list with the freaks!" Dr. Hound glanced at Vincent, amusement in his eyes, something horribly out of place. "What if I could buy you time, Vincent?" he says just as mildly as before, "I want them alive. You want them out of New York. We can both be pleased," Vincent calms now, puzzled. "What are you saying...?" he asks slowly, thinking that he likes the direction this is going. Dr. Hound grins, the first large sign of emotion he's made that day, "The Dull-Water, Vincent. The Dull-Water," he pauses and sits back down, putting his feet on his desk and looking up at Vincent, "A treasure to the "freaks," as you aptly called them. And a useless liquid to us. Get all of it that you can. We're going to need it," a gleam appears in his eyes, and Vincent nods, not bothering to interrogate him further. He turns to leave, but glances back at Dr. Hound one last time, saying, "That... thing killed Ben," with sorrow in his eyes.
Dr. Hound sighs in an annoyed fashion, talking like a tired teacher to a little kid, "If you cared about him, then why did you let him pretend to be you on that foolish mission?" Vincent looks hurt at this, but also guilty, and he mutters to himself as he leaves, "I don't know..." the door shuts behind him, and Dr. Hound stares at it for a moment before picking back up his document, resuming his reading. "Oh, you freaks," he mutters, "How interesting can you get?"
The title of the document is 'power siphoning.'

Commander Vincent storms into Dr. Gregory Hound's office, not bothering to knock. "Dr. Hound!" He almost yells, his face turning a dark shade. Gregory stares at him nonchalantly, as if this were completely normal. "Yes?" he asks, his voice calm and controlled, yet Vincent starts speaking before he's even finished. "What the heck happened in Times Square?" he asks, obviously unsatisfied with the result, "You had promised that it'd be the end of this!"
Gregory gives him a small smile, then replies, "I had said that it would likely be the end. How was I to know that only a few dozen Super-Powered would show up, and that among them would be the Hunter?" Vincent breaths deeply, trying to stop himself from hitting the man in front of him. "What happened with the Strength-Zappers?" he asks, remembering watching the deadly green bursts of lightning from the snipers on the roofs of the buildings around the square. Gregory's smile deepens into a grin, and he answers, "Oh, he managed to snag a few, but but the vast majority are still under our control. And, now we have everything needed to put your new troops into production."
Vincent almost smiles at those news. Almost. "Excellent," he says, his temper now under control, "The freaks'll never know what hit them. They had thought that they were above us, that only they were worthy of such power..." he drifts for a moment, contemplating the slaughter that might occur if he were to actually move on with the plan. "There's also the issue of the Outcast," Dr. Hound reminds him after a while, "He's been 'touched by an angel,' remember? And now he's trying to convince the populace that the SUper-Powered are actually good." Vincent grunts, muttering, "Yes, yes, of course. The young boy with the brown hair supposedly healed him of his illness."
"Or took control over his mind," Dr. Hound points out, "They're growing more powerful, Vincent. We can't hold them back forever.Sometimes sacrifices must be made if the greater good is to survive." "Yes..." Vincent says as he comes back to reality, his decision made, "Start injecting the soldiers."

A Secret Meeting
The man sat patiently on the rooftop, staring down at the derelict streets stretching out below him. His spear is laid out beside him, and though he may appear to be open to an attack from an unsuspecting watcher, he was actually carefully paying attention to everything around him. His cloak of human skin stretches out behind him like a dark shadow, showing faces eternally distorted into a wordless scream popping out at every angle. To many, this cloak would seem like some sort of macabre trophy, but to him, it was a burden, a list of his mistakes. The reason that he took the skins was to warn the people, to show them the dangers of the city and scare them into a quiet obedience. They would hate him for it, but it was ultimately for the best, for if he did not instill fear of the outside world in their hearts, then many others would doubtlessly die. But, occasionally back when he had first started, he would lose track of their homes, or come back and find that they had lived alone. So he stitched them together, refusing to admit that the death was unnecessary and needing to look the part of a villain as well.
He sighs, thinking back to Thanatos. The man had appeared to be so promising, and yet he had ultimately stood in the way. The Outcast had to be made an example of, he had to show that for every good soul out there, there was a monster ten times worse. It was a good think that he had been wearing this metallic mask--Even after doing this for so long, he sometimes had trouble stopping his body from crying for the people that he was hurting. No, there were no heroes in New York. Or, if there were, they were far too weak to heal any more than one man. His 'angel' had ultimately been the cause of his death.
"Hunter," a voice states simply. He stands and turns to face the man in the gray hoodie with the pale skin and the blond hair, spotting the familiar scar under his eye. He was right on time, just like he always was, but the Hunter still hated him. He undoubtedly perceived them to be the same, two lost souls that enjoyed making others suffer, but he couldn't be any more wrong. "You're late, Ash," the Hunter states, despite the fact that it's not at all true. His visitor doesn't show any kind of reaction to this lie, he simply asks, "It's been a while since what happened at Times Square. Are you sure that you didn't break any of them whilst running around like a buffoon?"
The Hunter grimaces (Not that Ash could see it) as he retorts, "You know that I never fail. I simply had other matters to attend to before I could deliver them to you." Ash grins and holds out a hand expectantly. The Hunter briefly considers refusing to hand them over to him, already knowing fully well what he would do with it. I could kill him here, he knew, I could kill the deadman and free all of those children. And yet... He knew deep within himself that this city--No, this world--was beyond saving.
And so he tossed the bag containing the many different vials that he had stolen from the soldiers on the roofs of Times Square to Ash, who catched them easily. He opens the bag and pulls one out, staring at the opaque fluid contained inside. "What powers are these?" he asks with a faint sense of awe. "I haven't the faintest idea," the Hunter replies as he picks back up his spear, "I killed the soldiers after they had shot the Super-Powered with their new toys. There's no telling what you'll be able to do with those."
The man grins, and the Hunter knows that he wouldn't have had it any other way. With the conversation thankfully over, he turns and jumps off the side of the building, leaving the deadman with the precious cargo that he had once stolen, and an immeasurable amount of power.

Reminder: The average strength level for a human is 3.
Villains: (1) Shadow, Thanatos (Selutu), Suzy Armstrong, Tobi
Heroes: (1) Blazing Eagle, Pimancer, The Silent Earth
Neutral: (1) Infinity, Thomas Trenklin, Satoshi Takenaka-Sullivan, Queen Bee, Thanatos (Lord Darkblade), ???

Name: Blazing Eagle
Allegiance: Hero
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Bistre-colored and the shape/design/appearance of a wind-and-fire wheel being about 15 inches in diameter.
Power: Beastmaster (Commanding critters of the wild), Creation (Creates a living life-form), Animal Empathy (Animals are less aggressive), Limited!Flight
Strength Level (4) 4
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Some dude wearing a black armored outfit with a hood and metal face-concealing mask... Oh, that, and roughly about eighty-percent Caucasian/twenty-percent African.
History: Dude wouldn't say anything! Mentioned something about "the bio ending up telling a pointless story introducing pointless characters" before kicking me some distance across the street. That man has serious issues... Huh? Oh, he headed off in the direction of the park.
Forumite playing as this character: kkutwar

[Deceased on 2-15-14]
Cause of Death: Inactivity

Name: Jack Frost a.k.a Infinity
Allegiance: Neutral
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Clearish, and the size of a small rock
Power: This, and this if those aren't accept able then I would like teleportation(Displacing meaning where he travels the molecules at where he is teleporting to are switched with him.), oh and if the second link is acceptable then add that to the teleportation.
Strength Level: (3) 3
Appearance: Black hair, tan skin, black clothes
History: Not much is known about him except that he is a cartoonist and he touched this strange crystal and now has strange powers.
Forumite playing this character: Lord Darkblade

[Deceased on 2-15-14]
Cause of Death: Stability

Name: Thomas Trenklin
Allegiance: Neutral until further notice
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Semi-Large, Opaque Obsidian, about twice the size your fist and smooth. Carries it in a small case in his bag.
Power: He has two arms -
1) The first is Infected with Demonic Powers, and grants him the ability to utilize it as a Blade.
2) The second is Bio Mechanical and can transform to a Shield and to de-activate most machinery. If this comes into contact with extreme high frequency Sound Waves, it tends to fail to work.
His abilities are transmitted only via his arms, and any other body parts cannot transmit these abilities. He can only use the Shield and Blade one at a time, and not together.
Strength Level: (4) 4
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Has a black Hood with specks of Navy Blue. His pants are black jeans which are slightly looser than normal for easier moving. His Infected Arm is bandaged since it is blackened and charred, and he hides it to prevent attention, while his Robotic one is normal but if the skin layer is peeled away, you can see the mechanical infrastructure of it.
History: Has Amnesia and can't remember anything further than the time when he woke up in a scrapyard aged 14. He is now currently 17 years old, and is attempting to recover his memories, no matter the cost. He has grown to become Street-Wise, knowing all the back alleys and tricks and turns of every nook and cranny. However, he's also slightly mentally unstable - he can often attack people for no reason and get himself in needless trouble. Also he doesn't bother to memorize anything that he doesn't think is worth his time, like information such as "The Earth orbits the Sun". Stiff he does bother memorizing is stuff like laws to avoid trouble, and the rules of the Criminal Underworld to fend off gangs and Mafias.
Forumite playing as this character: random fun 12

Cause of Death: Murdered by Thanatos (Selutu)

Name: The Pimancer
Allegiance: Hero
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Red colored and about the size of a tennis ball.
Pyromancy (limited),
Terra-Firma: Ability to control gravity (extremely limited) aka me being able to walk like I was on the moon.
Barricade: Ability to make blocks of air that are HARD.
Stability: 100%
Strength: (2) 2
Appearance: An Asian ninja type of dude, with T-Shirt and Jeans
History: Was born, studied Math, and then played with Chemistry.
Forumite playing this character: kim346

Name: Shadow
Allegiance: Villain
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Shadow crystal, in the shape of a skull. A medium sized crystal, about the size of a bed.
Shadow control: Has limited control over shadows (Can make them 3-Dimensional, and is harder to see when in them)
Shadow blade: Can create a sword or dual daggers out of pure, yet breakable shadow.
Shadow laser: Shoots beams, like a laser made from shadow.
Note:Obviously his powers are stronger during night.
Strength Level: (6) 6
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Tall with a long flowing dark robe, though he seems to be muscular underneath. He has a deep cowl with his face not being visible. No one really knows what he looks like, though rumor is he has a dark scar over his right eye.
History: Grew up immersed in dark arts. He was always strange. One day, during a walk, he found a dark crystal elsewhere in a cave. Rumor is that this was his "private" cave, where he studied dark arts. He had a small power of controlling shadows before touching his crystal. Now he his more powerful than most other villains. He now uses his powers for evil, though other villains go to him for help. He is one of the few ultimate villains. Mostly focusing on stealth, like an assassin, he is strong. As he gets stronger, so do his powers.
Forumite playing this character: .R.M.

Name: Satoshi Takenaka-Sullivan
Allegiance: Unaligned, but leans towards Hero
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: A transparent ring; it fits perfectly on Satoshi's finger. It also appears to have a star-like symbol etched into its flawless surface.
Healing (Not effected by stability)
- Physical: Satoshi can regenerate living cells in plants an animals (10 secs on adjacent objects (And himself) for small flesh wounds, farther away target, longer it takes).
- Emotional: Satoshi is able to mentally calm people and ease pain
- Shield: Satoshi can create translucent panes of light that block physical matter, but they can be destroyed when struck with enough force. Satoshi can run on these walls since he's so light
- Orb: Satoshi can fire weak orbs of light that can damage enemies physically, but they aren't very strong
Stability: 100%
Strength: (1) 1
Appearance: At just 12 years old, Satoshi is only about 1m tall (3'4") and is fairly light with a small physique. He has big brown eyes, dark brown hair and a light pinkish-olive skin tone. He has a small star-shaped birthmark on the right side of his neck. He wears black shorts, a white shirt, a dark red hoodie, a white scarf, and brown boots with white socks.
History: Satoshi is an orphan who attended Oak Valley Boarding School. His English father was a soldier and was killed while posted overseas and his Japanese mother died a few years after from illness. Satoshi doesn't speak and is sensitive, but also a good student and is extremely polite. He is unrelentingly bullied because he doesn't talk; constant retreat has made him an excellent sprinter.
One day, during a class excursion to a cave site, a strange man with a large red stone appeared and began torching the place. As S.W.A.T members arrived, Satoshi ran into the caves and got lost. While searching for a way out, Satoshi found and picked up another crystal. As the power was bound to him, he heard footsteps approaching. Satoshi ran deeper into the caves, terrified at what the future would bring for him.
Forumite playing this character: Kosefira

Name: Thanatos
Allegiance: Villian
1) Father's Scythe
2) Father's Sword
Crystal: A black Orb shaped ruby that is about five times the size of a human fist.
1) Able to sense where swords, daggers, knives or scythes that are within a 7m radius away from him (however the further away it is from him, the less exact the location he can sense it. E.g. When it is 50cm away from him, he can sense the exact location of it like how many cm it is under a table etc. However if is 7m away from him, he can only tell that a weapon is in a room, but cannot tell where exactly in the room it is etc.)
2) Weapon Manipulation - Able to use daggers, swords, knives and scythes with near perfect techniques (about as skilled as Himura Kenshin is with a sword)
3) Starting off with father's scythe and sword
4) Decreased Ranged accuracy - If a normal person would hit a target 100% of the time with a gun, Thanatos would only be able to hit it 60%-75% of the time.
5) Life Absorption - Drain 1% health from a single target every 60 seconds, so 100% would take one hundred minutes. The health absorbed from someone else restores your own damaged body, and the continuous drain only works if contact is not broken. The poor sap would regenerate the absorbed health over time. That, and a slow power upgrade (lose two seconds of time every twenty percent drop) to prevent it from quickly evolving into game-breaker. The link will be broken when Thanatos cannot concentrate on it (e.g. when fighting a 4 or more fighters which are equal or above a red-belt in Tae Kwon Do in terms of fighting abilities or fighting another extremely skilled fighter) also it can be broken when Thanatos does not know the location of the target.
Strength Level: 5
Stability: 100%
Appearance: A black haired young teenager that's about 6'1 in height. Relatively thin.
History: Thanatos was just an average delinquent that always got into fights. With his father being a specialist in Karate and Kendou, he has studied those 2 types of martial arts for quite a while. At the age of 8, he began to be fascinated by other weapons such as scythes, which is why his father bought him one after getting 100% in his maths, English, Chinese and Japanese exam. However after the death of his father and the marriage of his mother to his English teacher at the age of 13, he began to hate the world and ran away from home with nothing but his scythe and his father's sword, thus beginning his life on the streets. He found his crystal when he accidentally tripped in a dark alleyway being chased by the police for killing another person in a street fight.
Forumite playing this character: Selutu

[Deceased on 11-2-13]
Cause of Death: Inactivity

Name: Queen Bee (Bee Lovelace)
Allegiance: Neutral
Inventory: A crystal vial of dust
Crystal: black and white, in a sort of zebra print pattern the size of a penny. It is the vial, which she wears at all times.
flight (limited)
The ability to shoot small stingers from her hand, causing paralysis as well as reducing her preys metal awareness. These deal light damage, although with each hit by it, the attack does more damage.
Can sense danger around her, although the closer it, the better she can discern whether she can handle it or not.
Strength Level: 2
Stability: 60%
Appearance: Has short black hair, as well as slightly pointed ears. She wears a black headband, tied in the back with a bow. A golden coin rests in the center of the headband. She wears a black jumpsuit, with a mottled red belt. She has high heeled leather boots, that seem to be extremely durable. She stands at around 6 1/2 feet, and is very skinny. Her look is topped off by a yellow and black cape, that goes down to about her waist.
History: Nothing much is known about her, besides the fact that she has had previous dealings with the S.W.A.T. When asked about this, she chooses not reply. She grew up in a small town in the center of Africa. Her parents were bee keepers, as well as activists. When Bee's father was shot down during a peace march, Bee's mother was forced to move them. Sensing her mother needed help, Bee resorted to less than legal means of acquiring money. One of these trades included the buying of a rare breed of African killer bees. The day after, she disappeared.
Forumite playing this character: salene

Name: Thanatos
Allegiance: Neutral
Crystal: Black, looks like and about the same size as a dagger.
- Sleep: He is able to make others fall asleep.
- Forever Sleep: He is able to lull those who are near death into the, as he calls it, the forever sleep, causing them to die.
- Life Absorb: He can slowly absorb the life force/stability of a person/super healing his wounds and recovering his stability.
- Ghostly Presence: His presence causes it where he is undetectable by any means except visual methods such as cameras.
Strength Level:
Stability: 100%
Wears a black mortician's suit. Has long blond hair with black highlights and tips tied into a ponytail, has piercing blue eyes.
Found a strange crystal, touched it, gained strange powers. Later became a guy who "haunted" various hospitals causing many patients to finally be put out of their "misery" as he puts it as he firmly believes against practices that simply prolong the inevitable. He got his crystal before the general population learned of supers.
Forumite playing this character: Lord Darkblade

Name: ???
Allegiance: Neutral
Inventory: Backpack
Crystal: A clear scaly snake belt. You could mistake it for being made of ice.
Power: Portal: Creates two portals linked together. Current limit is two. They can be closed at will. Maximum distance of 30 feet.
Push: Moves something with telekinesis. Weight limit is a box filled with books. Can off-balance someone.
Pull: The opposite of push.
Telepathy: Able to form a mind-link between two people allowing them to communicate with their minds.
Strength Level: 4
Stability: 60%
Appearance: A 21 year old black-haired male with blue-grey eyes with dark circles underneath. His hair is pressed against his head and pokes at his eyes. He wears a light gray shirt with dark blue jeans. To keep warm at night he has a "galaxy" hoodie colored with splotches of varying shades of blue, with a hint of red and purple, and specks of white for stars. It looks as if someone painted it with water colors. His feet are clad with white socks and black boots. He stands at a height of 5'5''.
History: A stoic boy who constantly has a face of indifference. He will ignore people for the most part. He speaks in a soft monotone voice. His legs are quite fit from all the walking and running he does and his arms are not too shabby either. He is self conscious and will not use his powers around "normal" people fearing that they would rat him out and put him on the S.W.A.T.'s radar. They do not yet know of his existence and he plans to keep it that way.
Forumite playing this character: Daimyo Daimyo

Name: Hal Harrington, "The Silent Earth"
Allegiance: "Trying to simplify a world into black and white will result in flawed ideas and valuable information being ignored" Heroish Neutral
Inventory: Its a rock
Crystal: Clay gray, and is basically an European warhammer
Power: Terrakinesis (Control of earthen materials such as soil, rocks, etc)
Strength Level: 4
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Twenty-four years old, brownish skin due to frequent outdoor dwelling, brown hair, dark brown eyes, six foot four.
History: For most of his life Hal had rather simple. Loving mother, slightly unhinged father with mild anger issues, and an excitable little sister whose curiosity could not be stopped. His family might of been poor but they managed to get along just fine. Until his father came back home one day with an unstable grin, a mad look in his eyes and a crystalline weapon in his hand. Suddenly his father began laughing and as his mother tried to calm him down animals appeared from nowhere to attack them. That was the last Hal saw of his father, and the vicious animal attack caused his mother to end up in the hospital. Then, just several days later his little sister finds a crystalline ring. She began going on and on to her brother the cool things she could do, but when the S.W.A.T came for her she couldn't fight them off. With his father deranged and missing, his mother hospitalized and now his sister abducted Hal's eternal calm was destroyed. He was completely filled with rage that couldn't go anywhere, until he realized his father and sister displayed powers after finding a strange crystalline substance. Realizing that he went to find one himself to gain superpowers to save his sister, and perhaps confront his father. It has been several days since he found his warhammer, and is still unaware of how much danger he and his sister is in for touching those crystals. Though while he has been assaulting the S.W.A.T to gain information on his sister's location, he avoided the plaza knowing it likely wasn't going to end well in addition to not truly knowing what Dull-Water does.
Forumite playing this character: kkutwar

Name: Tobi

Allegiance: Villain
Crystal: A bedroom sized blood red orb with black swirl patterns upon it.
Power: Hypnosis. The crystal changed his eyes to the same colour and pattern as it.
The longer one looks into his eyes, the more they'll be trapped in his illusion, until their body is eventually immbolized and whatever Tobi wants to make them believe is happening happens entirely in their minds.
The hypnosis creates progressively more powerful illusions, until they would feel completely real to the target trapped in its own mind at the last stage.
The main way to halt the process is avoiding staring in Tobi's eyes as much as possible, and to break free the target has to reattain complete control over the emotions caused by the illusions and realize that they are just that, illusions.
Dome: Tobi creates a zone in which the level of hypnosis of people within it costantly increases (but way slower than making eye contact), it can be detected by noticing the blur on the edge of it from outside.
The dome isn't larger than 20-25 square meters, and the atmosphere for people inside the dome feels strange, like something is off. Much less subtle than direct eye-contact hypnosis.
Strength Level: 6
Stability: 60%
Appearance: Tobi wears a long dark coat that covers his entire body but the head and his feet, choosing a mask with eye-holes to cover for the former. He is moderately tall and has short black hair and pale-ish skin underneath his clothing.
History: Tobi hated society and the modern world. After he saw everyone he cared about die, he kept working but began searching for a purpose. He found it at the same time he found the crystal in a dark cave, and after being empowered by it he decided he wanted to get rid of the modern world and create a new one in which there was no pain, tragedy and corruption, with everyone living in peace. He will do anything to accomplish his goal, but isn't afraid of allying with people he considers worthy of being allowed to live in his world. What keeps him far from the concept of hero is that he will not hesitate to exterminate anybody he considers unworthy, but he is extremely cautious about not exposing himself to unnecessary danger if the reward doesn't match it. He's been in NY since the beginning but he spent his time getting accustomed to his powers.
Forumite playing this character: Bastet

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 19:51:25)

Could you let us know when apps will be open?

.R.M. -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 19:58:03)

Looks good Astro! When Apps open, I'll probably join :D

Rez -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 20:34:55)

Looks good, I'll join if I can get the power I'm thinking of.

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 21:14:36)


Power: Post the power you gained here. Note: If there are many powers, or one is too powerful, they may be nerfed. Your physical abilities depend on the size of the crystal, so don't post super-strength here. Powers, such as telekinesis, that include multiple elements are not allowed. However, if your telekinesis is merely mental abilities (Such as lifting and throwing things with your mind), that is allowed. Immortality and the sort is not allowed, nor is anything that makes you 100% invincible. Teleportation/flying will also be limited.

Additionally time-powers are way too easy to abuse, so anyone aiming for Time Reversal/Time Travel/Time Stop/Etc should probably be limited too. Makes the game too easy if some random person can go "Wait... I can go to the first formation of the United States and engineer my way to George Washington's moment where the presidential option was born to instead make myself the Eternal King of America! Brilliant, all is mine and the world shall fear my power! Unstoppable master of the world!" That, and they shouldn't have anti-paradox powers to the degree they preserve their life but any memories should be kept.

Now... Oh yes, Telepathy is a story breaker power as well. Does the bad guy know everything going on? Well, you just puppeteer him into confessing while mind-leeching everything he knows so you can stop/use this yourself. Also, regeneration. Wolvinerine regeneration, heck even just Heroes regeneration. In fact, I'll get back to this later listing every potential broken/gamebreaker superpower. In the meantime, I think this has a very nice build to be a good story. Oh yeah, you know about Chi and Light? Two very broken superpower elements to use. Also, don't allow manipulation of kinetic/thermal/electromagnetic energy. Potential Gamebreakers right there, along with gravity manipulation and terrakinesis actually (Control earthly minerals. Oh hey, do you realize what is below you? The upper crust which if I mess with, would let me fling continents into space).

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 21:44:10)

Here's the answers to some of the questions that you PM'd me, kkutwar.

1) A crystal can only be used once. However, it may still be helpful to steal others' crystals, since this limits their stability. Once a crystal has come into physical contact with a living thing (It doesn't have to be human), both of them are bonded by fate, and the crystal channels its power into the host.

2) A pregnant women would indeed transfer the bond to her child, but it won't be as strong (And her grandchild's bond with the crystal would be even weaker). Even if she isn't pregnant when touching the crystal, any children she gives birth to after the bond will behave like this. If you're the child of someone else who touched a crystal, YOU CANNOT GAIN ANOTHER POWER. The bond is weak, but still there. Eventually the bond will work itself out of the bloodline, though (About by the great-great-grandchildren).

3) Conjoined twins will both be bonded to the crystal if one of them touches it, but the bond won't be as strong (Since it must be split between two minds).

4) Touching another crystal when you're already bonded to a different one will do nothing. Power-theft is not possible (If you try and claim this as your power, you won't be accepted).

And here's another answer that may answer some future questions:
- If two normal people touch a crystal at the same time, there is a 75% chance it will explode (Blast radius depends on size and color of crystal), a 24% chance that the crystal will choose one person to receive the power (Randomly), and a 1% chance that both people will get the power.

As to OP powers, please use your best judgement. Powers such as teleporting are still allowed, but they will be nerfed someway (Such as increased degenerating stability, limited versions of the power).

Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone!

kim346 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 21:44:59)

I am completely interested.
PM me when the Applications open plz!

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/8/2012 21:53:13)

Oh yeah, power-theft... That reminds me, power absorption/copying would easily get out of hand so that should be dealt with as well. Also, any powers with vague implications should probably not be accepted. (Hey, what does "Protein Manipulation" imply? 'Ah... I can control proteins, you know like the stuff you get from meat for muscle?')

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 5:38:10)

Proteins help activate different cell functions.

1girlhousefan -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 12:43:35)

I think I'd like to play this game

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 17:25:01)


Now... Oh yes, Telepathy is a story breaker power as well. Does the bad guy know everything going on? Well, you just puppeteer him into confessing while mind-leeching everything he knows so you can stop/use this yourself. Also, regeneration. Wolvinerine regeneration, heck even just Heroes regeneration. In fact, I'll get back to this later listing every potential broken/gamebreaker superpower. In the meantime, I think this has a very nice build to be a good story. Oh yeah, you know about Chi and Light? Two very broken superpower elements to use. Also, don't allow manipulation of kinetic/thermal/electromagnetic energy. Potential Gamebreakers right there, along with gravity manipulation and terrakinesis actually (Control earthly minerals. Oh hey, do you realize what is below you? The upper crust which if I mess with, would let me fling continents into space).

I don't know about Astro"s opinion on these but here are mine.

Telepathy doesn't always mean the combination of Reading Minds and controlling them.
Regeneration can be potentially OP but that relies on its strength.
Light is pretty much just blinding people and making visual illusions.
Chi is a persons life force and most likely in this game you could manipulate a persons stability
Kinetic energy is not a game breaker as you know Jason from Steel's Game Chosen, well he had Kinetic Manipulation and it was allowed.
Thermal Energy is a potential game breaker as long as you don't have the ability to go to Absolute Zero.
Electromagnetic Energy is not game breaking as it is the manipulation of Electricity and magnetic fields/metal, so ya.
Gravity Manipulation, Dragon's character in Chosen had gravity manipulation.
Terrakinesis, OK that can potentially be OP but again strength plays a huge role in it.

Give reason on why not to allow these powers and I might accept what you have said but it all falls right on down to Astro's opinion.

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 17:52:43)

I'm guessing that I'm going to have to put up a list of powers that will be nerfed in some (Hopefully creative and still fun to play with) way, and the ones that simply aren't allowed when accepting applications.

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 20:01:33)


The abilities most likely to be Story Breaker Powers without careful use are:
Anti-Magic or its equivalents in a setting where magic is used frequently.
Copying other people's powers when it doesn't have limits to how much it can copy
Entering Bullet Time, manipulating time in general or even stopping it entirely
Flying Brick, at least at higher levels of power
Any convenient way of bringing people Back from the Dead
Green Lantern Ring
Mass Mind Control
Probability manipulation
Reality warping is almost always a story breaker.
Super Speed
Teleportation, usually why only villains can do it.
Time Travel unless there's some heavy restrictions or immutability
A normal Stock Superpower dialed Up to Eleven

Also, from my experience and noted conclusions: Mind Reading and Mind Control are two different powers if not grouped into Telepathy. Its like saying "Classical Elemental Manipulation, but without fire." Since we all get varying levels of superhuman physical powers, what would stop someone from saying their crystal is the size of a SUV and picking Regeneration? Superhuman endurance always goes great hand-in-hand with regeneration. Even if the regeneration was "Grow back an entire limb in five hours" if their endurance level is "Take blows from Superman or Aquaman without getting broken" that would counteract quite a bit of dangerous bodily injury.

Light actually is far more dangerous a superpower element if you research/think about it, even more so if including magical aspects. The first? Basically illusion master, as you could completely make an old mansion look like a castle. Also, one of the most fun parts of any superhero world? Laser beams, as it stands for:

"L.A.S.E.R." is an acronym of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
That's just scratching the surface as well. My answer for Chi (Which I did not realize until Superemo indirectly got me searching)?


Ki (also chi or qi)

Types of Ki Attacks include:
Pure Energy: The basic ki attack, just channeling energy.
Energy Ball: A spherical form of said energy.
Cold Flames: Using that same ki to create artificial, ghostly flames.
Elemental Powers*: Turning your own spirit energy into one of the elements for some Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors effect!
Elemental Punch: Using your fist covered in elemental power.
Kamehame Hadoken: The biggest, baddest attack used in one giant beam.
Combined Energy Attack: Not only using your own, but anyone else's spirit energy.
Sensing: Can sense the spirit energy of others, can tell where they may be and how powerful they are.
Self-Enhancement: Use chi to boost own physical body, becoming stronger, faster and tougher. At times, even able to fly.
Shapeshifting: Uses spirit energy to gain a new form. Can vary from a different hair cut and , all the way to looking like a different species.
The Empath: Sensing the feelings of others by their aura.

*About twenty-five different elements without opening within-page tabs, which includes Time/Space/Sound/Void/Radiation among a few

Just because something was allowed or put in does not mean its a perfectly legit thing to use. Kinetic Energy affects/involves nearly everything. "Oh no, a eighteen wheeler. *Braces, absorbs energy, transfer it to kill enemy*" That, and passive Kinetic Absorption is an even more broken superpower. Also, I was referring to Supes' character for Saviors who had all three (except generation of them). All three is even worse than just alone. Manipulation of Thermal Energy is broken regardless. The heat transferred from an area to make an Absolute Zero has to go somewhere right? The larger the area, the larger amount of heat involved. Magnetism is far more awesome than it sounds, as Magneto can attest. Wikipedia will kindly explain electromagnetism for those interested. By the way, living organisms have bio-electricity. Doesn't sound fun if someone can walk up to you and steal that. Hapless victims of inFamous Cole could attest.

Out-right manipulation of gravity is a power broken beyond reason if used properly. As in "Physical God" broken and if they weren't mortal would properly be an actual god. "Bam, I hope you like outer space! I heard you can hold your breath for thirty seconds up there!" Finally, Terrakinesis.

A stretch of land, esp. with regard to its physical features: "rough terrain".
ground - land - soil - country - territory - field

The entire planet is made of this stuff. "I'm so bored... Wonder what death is like? Ooh! Awesome idea! Either hurl Earth into the sun or just break open layers leading down to the Earth's core to expose the heat to kill everything!" Any powers that control a fundamental part of reality/physics is going to be a broken power by definition.

Well, anyways... Complete ability to shape-shift into whatever you want? Broken. Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma? If you can think of it and it has some defined form you can become it. That, and complete command of the creatures of the deep.

[Aquaman] can summon sea life. ALL sea life. Do you know how many living things exist within a cubic mile of ocean? That's not even taking into account the strength, durability and sheer force of will he possesses.
He commands all sea life, furthermore he's one of the most powerful telepaths in the entire DCU due to the fact that all life of earth (and several other planets) evolved from the sea and he can use his powers to tap into that part of the brain to control whatever he wants.
Even if he only talks to current aquatic life, think of all the water-based horrors we fall victim to. Stinging jellyfish, killer whales, sharks. Oh yeah, and the page image for [Heart Is An Awesome Power] has him riding Cthulhu!
Not to mention that, as has been pointed out elsewhere on this wiki, his skillset makes Aquaman effectively the ruler of over three quarters of our planet's surface. He's also not above pointing it out himself when people start giving him lip.
And that doesn't account for his Required Secondary Powers. He can swim really fast and get into fistfights under 500+ atmospheres of pressure. Yet he doesn't explode when he comes up to sea level. Anyone who knows the physics behind this will realize that this makes him every bit as strong and Nigh Invulnerable as Superman.

This will take you to the Superpower Wiki, where Astro can disallow powers and those interested here could check it out for ideas.

Now, off that... King, will characters have the optional chance of learning more about these crystals throughout the game or are they going to be like "Very fun how these things are here, but how did they get here?" That, and are the S.W.A.T's goals going to be revealed over time? Because if you could round up a bunch of superpowered beings, wouldn't you try to find out how to make your own powers?

EDIT: Forgot, mind reading is still an effective power by itself. Like a psychic mind reading version of a Spider-Sense.

1girlhousefan -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/9/2012 20:03:39)

There is always the Nerf option, and raising the "lesser" powers' strength.

Kosefira -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/10/2012 2:05:06)

I like the idea of this game. It sounds interesting.

Just a quick question, is it possible to convince S.W.A.T members to defect?

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/10/2012 8:16:43)

The S.W.A.T.'s goal is to simply get you to Dr. Gregory Hound "before your body goes dull (But what is the doctor's goal?)." However, some of them may be convinced to help in extreme circumstances, but might ask for something in exchange.

The crystals have a history, but as of now I am uncertain whether it will be covered in NY or not. Maybe it will be optional to steal some research from the Testing Chambers, but it will be somewhat tough to learn everything about these. However, for those who consider their powers a curse, a cure may be down the road.

After seeing this gargantuan list of OP powers, I think that most that aren't banned will just be nerfed. I'd like to give people the chance to choose the power that they want, but the problem is, most powers that people (Including me, even though I'm not playing) usual want are OP.

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/10/2012 20:51:17)

When will apps be open?

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/10/2012 22:02:40)

Read the first post. I am uncertain when (Or if) the game will be approved, but I'll try and give it a few days once the game is ready.

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 6:06:21)

Well Just so you know the game has been approved.

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 16:24:51)

Oh yeah... King Astro, Sound Muting/Silencing, for all its lameness sounding is actually quite the awesome power... Thus also potentially super useful. The awesome part to muting sound? Well, almost everything makes sound no? So... Like your feet dropping, the sound of your breath, your heartbeat, shooting a gun. Thus, with something like that, you could virtually move about invisibly in the dark. Additionally, you could make any weapons you have silenced. Then there is the sound of alarms, cars, fire... Really, its actually a very great support-based superpower. Thus a combination of Sound Muting/Weapon Generation/Flight/Teleportation and Danger-Sense/Mind-Reading will thus be rather effective ignoring the superhuman physical powers you would get from the crystals. Lethal Joke Character, if you will. Well, I'll start working on my application I guess.

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 16:55:36)

Actually I am going ahead and posting my app.

Name: Jack Frost a.k.a Infinity
Allegiance: Neutral
Crystal: Clearish, and the size of a small rock
Power: This, and this if those aren't accept able then I would like teleportation(Displacing meaning where he travels the molecules at where he is teleporting to are switched with him.), oh and if the second link is acceptable then add that to the teleportation.
Strength Level: 3
Appearance: Black hair, tan skin, black clothes
History: Not much is known about him except that he is a cartoonist and he touched this strange crystal and now has strange powers.

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 17:08:28)

"Cartoon Physics" is way too powerful. It has dozens of powers in there, and reality is a nice barrier to becoming overpowered. The second power is too powerful for the same reason.

If you choose "teleporting," I'm thinking that you'd be limited to short distances and have increased stability degeneration to start with (But only when using the power, the constant effect may remain the same). If this is still too powerful, it will be nerfed more.

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 17:11:11)

As in the second link all that is that I can break the forth wall and say weird stuff that will confuse people. it isn't breaking reality it is breaking the fourth wall.

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 17:11:27)

Game was approved. Apps will be open next friday. However, you may post what you're wanting, in order to work out the tweaks your character need are.

Edit: @Below:
The 4th Wall Awareness also stated abilities to bend reality, which in itself is too powerful. However, if you merely know that you're playing a game, that isn't too overpowered, but it could ruin some of the immersion...

Lord Darkblade -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 17:14:00)

Another thing with 4th wall awareness is that my character is insane, I think that is a good limitation for it.

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