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golden1231 -> =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 19:11:41)



Welcome to the StarCaptain Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread. This will be where you discuss the mecha that were released each month. Did you like <insert month>'s mech better than the last? Or do you really not like the SC monthly mecha? Which is your favorite monthly mech? What do you think this coming month's mecha will be? You should strive to keep the discussion civil and constructive. You should also consider the following:

  • The Universal Rules - Read them, follow them, and remember them.
  • MQ General Discussion Forum rules - The rules of this area, better know them just in case.
  • There will be no StarCaptain vs. NonStarCaptain discussion. First sign of it and it will not end well for the person who starts the flame.
  • No flaming, no trolling, no mini-modding.
  • (Pending)There can be some mecha comparison between each monthly mecha, but do not get out of hand.
  • Game Balance Discussion - Take ALL of your game balance issues there and remember to read the rules and stickies before posting please.
  • Suggestions, unless asked for by staff, belong in MQ Suggestions.
  • Questions belong MQ Questions and Answers unless relating to this topic.

    Please remember this is not a suggestions thread. The purpose of this thread is to discuss past monthly rare mecha, and discuss what you think might be released next, but not to give suggestions for future monthly rare mecha.

  • Rare SC Monthly Mecha

    May 3009 - The Strider
  • Strider Mini
  • Strider
  • Strider SE
  • Strider LE
  • Strider XL
  • Strider DLX
  • Strider Pro

    June 3009 - The WarBear
  • War Cub
  • Warbear
  • Warbear SE
  • Warbear LE
  • Warbear XL
  • Warbear DLX
  • Warbear Pro

    July 3009 - The Aegis
  • Metal Aegis
  • Iron Aegis
  • Steel Aegis
  • Silver Aegis
  • Gold Aegis
  • Mithril Aegis
  • Adamantium Aegis

    August 3009 - The Reaper
  • Little Reaper
  • Merciless Reaper
  • Cruel Reaper
  • Odious Reaper
  • Ominous Reaper
  • Ghastly Reaper
  • Grim Reaper

    September 3009 - The Mohawk
  • Mohawk SCX2
  • Mohawk SCX10
  • Mohawk SCX16
  • Mohawk SCX20
  • Mohawk SCX24
  • Mohawk SCX28
  • Mohawk SCX35

    October 3009 - The BC Shadow Warrior
  • BC-APOC- X2
  • BC-ED1- X10
  • BC-ED1- X16
  • BC-ED2- X20
  • BC-ED2- X24
  • BC-ED2- X28
  • BC-AOD- X33
  • BC-AOD- X38

    November 3009 - The Falcon
  • Iron Falcon
  • Bronze Falcon
  • Steel Falcon
  • Silver Falcon
  • Platinum Falcon
  • Titanium Falcon
  • Mithril Falcon
  • Adamantium Falcon

    December 3009 - The Viking
  • Viking

    January 3010 - The Automorph
  • Automorph
  • Prime Automorph
  • Mega Automorph
  • Master Automorph
  • Super Automorph
  • Maximum Automorph
  • Ultra Automorph
  • Optimal Automorph

    February 3010 - The Psychic Wing
  • Psychic Wing ESP2
  • Psychic Wing ESP10
  • Psychic Wing ESP16
  • Psychic Wing ESP20
  • Psychic Wing ESP24
  • Psychic Wing ESP28
  • Psychic Wing ESP33

    March 3010 - The BladeStorm
  • Bladestorm V10
  • Bladestorm V16
  • Bladestorm V20
  • Bladestorm V24
  • Bladestorm V28
  • Bladestorm V33
  • Bladestorm V38

    Special St. Patrick's Day Version - The Lucky BladeMaster
  • Lucky Blademaster V2
  • Lucky Blademaster V10
  • Lucky Blademaster V16
  • Lucky Blademaster V20
  • Lucky Blademaster V24
  • Lucky Blademaster V28
  • Lucky Blademaster V33
  • Lucky Blademaster V38

    April 3010 - The Morehawk
  • Morehawk V2
  • Morehawk V10
  • Morehawk V16
  • Morehawk V20
  • Morehawk V24
  • Morehawk V28
  • Morehawk V33
  • Morehawk V38

    May 3010 - The AC-490
  • AC-490 V2
  • AC-490 V10
  • AC-490 V16
  • AC-490 V20
  • AC-490 V24
  • AC-490 V28
  • AC-490 V33
  • AC-490 V38

    June 3010 - The Master Blaster
  • Master Blaster V2
  • Master Blaster V10
  • Master Blaster V16
  • Master Blaster V20
  • Master Blaster V24
  • Master Blaster V28
  • Master Blaster V33
  • Master Blaster V38

    July 3010 - The Cosmic Talon
  • Cosmic Talon V2
  • Cosmic Talon V10
  • Cosmic Talon V16
  • Cosmic Talon V20
  • Cosmic Talon V24
  • Cosmic Talon V28
  • Cosmic Talon V33
  • Cosmic Talon V38

    August 3010 - Steve Skysplitter
  • Steve Skysplitter V2
  • Steve Skysplitter V10
  • Steve Skysplitter V16
  • Steve Skysplitter V20
  • Steve Skysplitter V24
  • Steve Skysplitter V28
  • Steve Skysplitter V33
  • Steve Skysplitter V38

    September 3010 - The Nemesis
  • Nemesis V2
  • Nemesis V10
  • Nemesis V16
  • Nemesis V20
  • Nemesis V24
  • Nemesis V28
  • Nemesis V33
  • Nemesis V38
  • Nemesis V43

    January 3011 - The Vanguard
  • Vanguard
  • Sturdy Vanguard
  • Tough Vanguard
  • Steadfast Vanguard
  • Tenacious Vanguard
  • Reinforced Vanguard
  • Fortified Vanguard
  • Resolute Vanguard
  • Staunch Vanguard

    May 3011 - The Imbiber
  • Imbiber
  • Hungry Imbiber
  • Thirsty Imbiber
  • Greedy Imbiber
  • Starving Imbiber
  • Gluttonous Imbiber
  • Voracious Imbiber
  • Ravenous Imbiber
  • Insatiable Imbiber

    August 3011 - The Dharmahp
  • Dharmahp
  • Dharmahp Fighter
  • Dharmahp Battler
  • Dharmahp Striker
  • Dharmahp Warrior
  • Dharmahp Leader
  • Dharmahp Ruler
  • Dharmahp Commander
  • Dharmahp Dominator

    The remade thread seems to have been lost, so here's a shiny new one, updated 'pedia links and all! Please keep all discussion about the SC Monthly Mechs here, regardless of if there hasn't been a new one in a while. Thanks! ~golden

  • Thiefboy109 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 19:18:06)

    So.. I'll sum up my previous statements here...


    That's actually quite a good idea. Let's change SCMM to SCMW. Star Captain Monthly Weapon!

    It encourages customization, is much more possible to do given the MQ Staff's time constraints, and is a long-term benefit for SCs that would help the game.


    Once again, you're ideas impress me. Agreed about putting them in SC club and keeping them permanently.

    I'm not sure about trying to keep the SCMMs in any form though... they might just need to be ended.

    So, continuing the discussion here. What do the rest of you think about SCMW?

    kim346 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 19:22:00)

    I like the idea of SCMW, but what about chassis? Most of us don't even USE the BD on mechs...

    @golden I think you're talking about MY thread...

    kodix101 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 20:05:35)

    The Aegis is the best. Even though I'm not a Star Captian, I can experience a weaker version of the rare one (Riptide Aegis) since I'm a Dargonlord.

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 20:57:55)

    ...You do realize that Riptide and Aegis are entirely different, different weapons, entirely different mechs... They're not even the same looks or attacks.

    Gamemastersam -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 21:56:33)

    SCMWs? i prefer mechas. think of it. how many mechas really need custimaization? the loki doesnt
    the dharmahp doesnt. it might be good for geekatrons though.

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 22:32:17)

    Actually, they do well with customization. Replace their shoulders and you have a much better mech. Customization is the key to higher level play, and unlocking a mech's true potential.

    Glais -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 22:40:29)

    Ah a monthly thread. Well, the usual. Love the Mohawk, hate the Dharmahp (just for how broken it is, art is fantastic). Find the art of everything pre-MechTron and after Cosmic Talon vastly disappointing.

    Now that aside, I hope the next SCwhateverwhatever is Healing focused. So Healing focused that it provides and awesome way to beat some top tier enemies.

    Not that I want it stomping everything, but I do want it to be really good.

    And good art, is a must. Minar does wonders, please let him draw it.

    Blackshock -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 22:48:36)

    I still find the vanguard my favorite just because I got to name it. XD

    Glais -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 22:50:35)

    I somewhat regret selling it. I just wish the art was better.

    Nemesis though, I complained so much and now I miss it a lot.

    Gamemastersam -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 23:03:32)

    funny how that works huh?

    Glais -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/22/2012 23:15:11)

    Indeed. I was moreso upset it was YET ANOTHER damage based Mech, and that the Head didn't utilize its capabilities as most Heads, especially SCMM Heads do.

    Even now, I think its art could be better, but it was still a decent Mech, if not just for the Head Attack.

    Dan2000eve -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 7:08:54)


    Actually, I think the mechatron would be one no? It's the default weapons that really dont work together, by itself the mechatron can't handle enemies in Extreme well... I didn't use this mecha for months... but still I keep it. Why? It's because it's rare. (It's that one word that makes me want to keep the mecha) Althought it made me suprised when I got a comment saying,"Suprisingly this mecha which i tot was weak was the ONLY mecha who helped me beat terrifi mecha."

    I dont know if he had other equipped weapons on but I think he did...


    Actually, they do well with customization. Replace their shoulders and you have a much better mech. Customization is the key to higher level play, and unlocking a mech's true potential.

    Which is probally what happened to beat terrifi.

    Still some people consider the mechatron the "worst" SCMM ever. I have to say its not the best, but I just like the design! [:D]

    Selutu -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 7:29:31)

    Love the Vanguard, hate the Dharmahp (for the Power Inflation).

    And yes I agree with glai, I'm hoping the SC-whatever is healing based.

    Glais -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 15:08:38)

    Oh MechaTron is nooooowhere near worst. HELLO STEVE SKYSPLITTTER!!!

    MechaTron actually has some crazy BtH nerfs, and far outdoes the Psychic Wing. It can also be played two totally different ways, making it both useful and fun. Not the strongest, but still pretty good.

    stealthwings -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 15:11:21)


    Nemesis though, I complained so much and now I miss it a lot.

    I feel that way about the morehawk. I neglected one minor detail which made a massive difference in power. Even though I usually try to find those minor details, and base my entire strategy and inventory around them.
    The minor detail no longer counts now. I keep forgetting that anything devoted to stunning is bad unless it is either A) infini-stun, or B) One weapon which goes on for a long time, allowing you to use it in combination with non-stunning weapons.
    Nemesis I hated at the time, and do not want it now.

    Glais -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 15:23:25)

    I mainly like the Nemesis for the Head Attack. I still find the art lacklustre and the Arms and Shoulders utterly useless.

    MoreHawk is...odd. I like it due to the art and because it is tiny, and also because it's like a baby brother Mohawk. In name. At the same time, I really have NO use for its Arms at all.

    Stun weapons are odd. They seem to be standard on offensive SCMM now.

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 16:04:17)

    Mechatron...how dare you? =P
    That's my favorite mech. I made a huge post somewhere about him...

    Here it is!

    Here's my favorite build of all time...

    Nerf-a-TRON (PVP Version)
    Chassis: Mechatron
    FA: Arthurian Shield /Volt Strike
    BA: Snowman Automatic / Venter
    FS: Default/ Uniblaster /TNSEWP
    BS: EDSP/ Graupel / Uniblaster
    HD: Default

    Activation: Just start with HD and BD, and use them whenever you want. Be sure to use data shift to.

    I will do one section for each mod (Shield Bash, Volt Strike, Super Venter, Graupel) and a small note on some controversial mods. (Uniblaster FS, Uniblaster BS, TNSEWP)
    I would recommend these changes:
    Shield Bash & Snowman Automatic
    Volt Strike & Snowman Automatic
    Shield Bash & Super Venter

    Choosing between EDSP and Graupel is a hard choice. EDSP if you are worried about running out of energy or are facing a mecha with healing, and Graupel is good for dealing high damage after nerfing, and the 10 turn DoT is very good. Uniblaster works pretty well too, but it is not as good as EDSP or Graupel.

    Ok, this is a bit complicated, so here you are:

    With Shield Bash, start with HD for +30 Defense, then use BD for -10 to -40 to Bonus for the rest of the battle. Next use Death Discs, for nerfing, then use Snowman Automatic. You use Snowman after because Death Discs will nerf defense so it doesn't miss. From there, just use whatever and respond to the situation. Keep using the BD whenever you can. Now, if you have complete control (Opponent has -70 Bonus due to Body) you can deactivate Data Shift, then use the HD for +30 Boost. After that, Death Discs will also give you another +30 Bonus and +30 Boost. This will help you beat healing build or Eidolons, and also ends the battle faster. Both EDSP and Graupel are good choices for this build, and each have their own advantages. Graupel will be a huge assets against healing due to it's DoTs and Increasing Damage. One interesing idea is to take out the opponent's EP with EDSP, because you have plenty of time to wait for the draining to finish. The extra Regen is great too, in case you are hit with a EP DoT or another EDSP. Uniblaster FS is an interesting addition to this build. You need Snowman Automatic and Shield Bash to make up for the lost nerfing from losing Death Discs, so this is the only build where it will work well. I think its a fairly good addition, it is great because the nerf lasts for 99 turns and also nerfs Boost. Read the note about it at the bottom. Uniblaster BS is also pretty interesting, I only recommend it if you plan to also use Uniblaster FS, because they work together really well.

    With Volt Strike, use it first thing to disable the head. Its pretty much a free hit too, because it stuns right afterward. Now, do the usual HD, BD combo. Now do Death Discs, and then Snowman Automatic. From here, you can really do whatever is the smartest course of action. Keep using Volt Strike, and try to disable all enemy weapons. You are likely to get hit a few times because you are missing the +20 defense from Shield Bash, so be careful and make sure to nerf defense, because many PvP builds are nerfers who will lower your Bonus. I recommend EDSP if you use this build, because you are likely to be hit a bit more and might get hit by EDSP, which will mess up your energy unless you have your own to help you gain back all the lost energy. Uniblaster BS is also a decent choice, but you really have to hope you don't get hit by EDSP, or any strong EP DoTs. It does help a lot because you really do need more nerfing to make up for the lost defense from using Volt Strike over Shield Bash, and the fact that the nerfs last for 99 turns just make it better and better. You definitely shouldn't replace the FS with Uniblaster as well though, because Death Discs is a important nerfing tool that you really need to use for this build to work.

    With Super Venter, you will want to start, once again, with the HD, BD, FS combo. Now the BA has some DoTs, a small nerf, and some healing. Its a great all around BA that can serve several purposes, from helping nerf, healing a bit, and working together with EDSP to drain the enemy EP. This is a more versitile build than the others and can do a lot of things pretty well. Remember to keep nerfing, but using the BA every once in a while gives you small heals and DoTs to help you in the battle. EDSP and Graupel are both good for this build, I think EDSP does slightly better because it combos well with the BA's EP DoT. The Graupel is also a good choice, because it lets you do lots of damage without having to shift back so you can get Death Disc and the Chipset's Boost buffs, and keep your defense up. The DoTs of Graupel are also amazing for wearing opponent's HP and EP down. It's quite slower than EDSP at EP Draining, but it does have it's advantages. This build is pretty good, and is very underestimated, because Venter doesn't seem to work well with this build, but it surprisingly does.

    Note on Uniblaster FS: It is not quite as good as Death Discs I think personally, but 99 turn nerfs are pretty good. Especially since it also nerfs Boost. I think that Death Discs is better because it has a higher nerf that happens instantly, and also nerfs defense. The main thing is that Uniblaster takes 5 turns to reach the Bonus nerf that Death Discs gets to in 1, but feel free to use it if you prefer it. The good thing about it is that it gets stronger every time you use it, so it actually does some pretty good damage eventually. You probably need Shield Bash to make up or the lost nerfing from Death Discs, the extra nerfing from Death Discs is pretty important.

    Note on TNSEWP: I am sort of debating over Death Discs or TNSWEP. Death Discs is much more reliable, and also has a larger Bonus nerf, at -30. The TNSEWP has at -50, 20 more than the -30 from Death Discs. It also has considerably higher damage. Sadly, it has a lower Bonus nerf, -20, and the nerfs are quite a bit less reliable. Not to mention you can't shift back and use Death Discs for the Boost and Bonus buff if you use TNSEWP. Overall, it depends on your preference.

    Well, that was pretty lengthy wasn't it, I may add some more stuff sometime, but this seems to show off my favorite build fairly well. Well, that's all!

    .R.M. -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 16:09:11)


    Still some people consider the mechatron the "worst" SCMM ever

    You must be talking about Steve SkySplitter? :P

    kim346 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 18:24:37)

    @forum Aegis I think was the only healing based-mech..

    bugattiboy91 -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 18:30:13)

    It says that we can discuss anything related to monthly rares mechas.

    So can we discuss that haven't they made one for almost a year now?

    Sqwall -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 18:54:27)

    Well although it had healing potential it was only really used for it's OMGWTFGTFO EP destroying potential.I even made a build with it in the Your Powerful Mecha builds that can shut down pretty much any enemy within 5 turns with somewhere between -100 and -200 EP missing >.>
    Adamant S-Disruptor+Lighting Hammer equals "If you can't destroy me in 5 turns you are in for an unrecoverable EP lock"
    Aegis is still VERY potent as EP destroyer...too bad it's so low lvl T_T

    forumlogin -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/23/2012 19:04:35)

    When you said forum, I got paranoid and checked the past posts to see if I made any posts about healing mecha. XD

    Mechatron is pretty good, IMO. Its damage potential takes a bit longer to get up, but really the only thing holding it back are the buff and nerf caps, since otherwise I could stack its buffs up to quite a substantial amount. Its main problem is that it doesn't have the same multi-tasking capability of many other SCMMs--it's gotta focus on one thing at a time, and the other SCMMs that are actually built around focusing tend to do it better.

    Zanzibaarus -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/24/2012 22:21:00)

    Well, if we ARE to ever get an SCMM based on healing, we need to build up the concept a bit more. We can help the staff with whatever they're missing to make one. A name is a good place to start.

    The Cow says MOO -> RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread II (5/25/2012 6:36:04)

    Who insulted Mechatron!? I fuuurious, no really, (just joking), but with customization, its a bawz.

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