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Location: Falconreach Inn, Edamlet

Quests given
Temple of the E-Damed
The Gouda-Grotto
A Lincoln Log to the past
The Legen-dairy Artifact
Feta Finale

Shops owned
Robins Shop
Roblos Shop
Golden Prize

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

  • Shop!
    Roblos: Looking to upgrade your weapons? You've come to the right place, citizen!

  • Talk
    Roblos: E-GADS, Robin. Someone has found our smithcave!

    Roblos: We must be dealing with a hero, Robin. A valiant villain-slayer!

    Roblos: Greetings, citizen. We are Roblos and Robin-

    Roblos: -dynamic smithies! We are here to serve the people of Falconreach by upgrading their weapons!

    Roblos: Congratulations on finding us! Now please, keep our location a secret.

  • ...Cheese?
    Roblos: See? I told you it was weird.



    Roblos: Hah! You show your true nature, evil-doer!

  • Adventure!
    Roblos: Do you hunger for adventure, <Character>?

    Roblos: I'm not talking to you. The ruins of Braughlmurk Cape are said to be filled with wonderous treasures, <Character>!
    Roblos: Bring us some of those treasures to trade with and we'll reward you with a special golden prize!

    Falconreach Inn (Books 3)

    The above dialogue from Book-1/2 and the following addition:

  • Anything New?
    Roblos: I had great plans to really renovate this space, but... well, San Robin spent all our gold on his exotic cheese collection....

    Roblos: *sigh*

  • Batoro?
    Roblos: Batoro is one of the mysterious vigilantes who filled in while you were frozen, <Character>.

    Roblos: ... No one knows who he is or where he comes from!
    Roblos: He just rides his dark Batorotog into town and beats bad guys up.


    Roblos: Boo!

    Alternative Image

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    Thanks to
    -- Leon ShadowHart for image.
    -- Stephen Nix for alternative image.
    -- Niki for corrections.
    -- San Robin for additional dialogues.

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