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The Maker

Location: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> True Mortal -> Quests -> Rise of Nivalis -> The Maker
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Wolf and Bear
Release Date: August 25th, 2012

Objective: Going to speak to a necromancer about the Khy'Rhian? Nice. Hopefully he will have some useful information about them.
Objective completed: The information about the Khy'Rhian wasn't incredibly helpful, but it was enlightening. The Khy'Rhians are golems sort of. At least we know where they come from now.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(28) Darkness Elemental
(8) Ice Elemental
(24) Skeleton Guardian
(5) Vampiric Ghoul
(7) Wisp

True Mortal

Vaekan's Reaper (I-VII)

True Mortal: You have found the first gate. Very well done.
<Character>: When the orb shattered... what happened?
True Mortal: The orb is a key. It's the final part of the complex prison that was designed to hold certain powerful entities.
<Character>: So that means that something else is the actual prison?
True Mortal: Yes. My body itself becomes the prison. The key orb holds the prisoners in check.
True Mortal: Regardless, while I was crafting a new orb, my mind wandered back to my early years here.
True Mortal: Many years ago, a Necromancer wandered through this territory, and came to me asking me questions about the denizens of the Ice Plane.
True Mortal: We quickly became friends.
True Mortal: This necromancer, Vae'Kan said he was researching a means to combine living and necrotic flesh into a creature of undead perfection.
True Mortal: He never spoke of his experiments... only of other matters. We discussed philosophy, ethics, and magic endlessly...
True Mortal: ...but I haven't spoken to him now in many years. I can send you to his home, and perhaps you can speak with him regarding the Khy'Rhian.
True Mortal: Hopefully he will be able to tell you something more.

*You are now in the necromancer's estate; eventually, you find Vae'Kan in the library.*

Vae'Kan: Why have you come here? I have little patience for barging into my private home as it is...
Vae'Kan: ...and the fact that you destroyed several of my servants highly upsets me...
<Character>: I have come to ask you about the Khy'Rhian.
Vae'Kan: I see. What can I say? I created them in my youth. Think of them as golems, but very SPECIAL golems.
Vae'Kan: You see... They are constructs.
Vae'Kan: Their wrappings are soaked in a special formula, the spirit collectors are attached and the spells are cast.
Vae'Kan: The spell summons a spirit of the plane of Ice to inhabit the shell. My magic gave these constructs both intelligence...
Vae'Kan: ...and the means of speaking. Safeguards I built in would ensure total and complete servitude.
Vae'Kan: The intelligence and speech I included were, to my mind necessary, however, I did not count on one fact.
Vae'Kan: Because they were magically compelled to serve, and still retained intelligence, resentment bred true as well.
Vae'Kan: I suspect they hated me for crafting them in the first place.
Vae'Kan: Eventually, due to my own internal debate, I chose to give them to themselves, in the hopes that they would grow beyond themselves.
Vae'Kan: Instead they sold themselves into the service of that monster Nivalis...
Vae'Kan: ...who promptly took the secret of the Khy'Rhian and created an entire army of them.
Vae'Kan: How he holds them so successfully is a matter of conjecture. However he manged it, now one thing is certain.
Vae'Kan: I MUST keep searching for a means to utterly destroy them.
Vae'Kan: Unfortunately, that is proving to be a much more difficult task. Even as I carry out my research, I fear I am losing my humanity.
Vae'Kan: There is nothing else that I can tell you.
Vae'Kan: Now, please leave me be.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Directions to a healing pad: 3 Left -> Up -> Right
  • Lock picking combinations:

    1. Wiggle, Tap, Tap, Wiggle, Nick, Jab
    2. Jab, Nick, Nick, Jab, Wiggle, Tap
  • The journals' location:

    There are two journals in this quest; from the room with the first locked door, head right and approach the bookcases to read them.
  • Transcriptions of the two journals:


    I have completed my studies under as many masters as I could find. I have spent countless years delving into the darkest tomes, researching the spells that would make me a master of my craft.
    The crowning achievement of my career will soon come forth... I have not named them yet, for, if this goes as I expect, the creature will have a name for itself. It should be somewhat free willed. Able to think for itself, to be able to follow orders given verbally, able to hear and interpret those orders so that they could be best served. It will be a creature created with an innate desire for servitude.
    And best of all, it will bear traits of both necrotized flesh and vital living tissue! The perfect blend of living and undead. I will begin testing tonight.

    Blast! It seems the proper fusion of living and necrotic tissue is not possible with human samples. I'm going to have to experiment further. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong direction. A golem construct. That may be the answer. I have only to house the energy to power the golem.

    I have crafted spirit collectors. They are placed in various locations on the construct. I intend these spirit collectors to harness spirit energy to animate my creation.

    It was an unqualified success! The incubation period takes a bit longer than I expected, but they emerge from the shell of ice completely grown. They seem to share the hive mind characteristic of all elemental breeds. They call themselves ''Khy'Rhian'' I don't know what the symbolism of the name is... but it is certain that these creatures, if left to their own devices, would develop a culture and society.

    They are designed to be servile, and they are in fact, quite adapt to bend at the knee... and yet... it seems that among the ones I have created, dissent is present as well... some of them seem to bridle at the thought of being created to serve, and are somehow acting against all expectations. I shall have to study this further. For now I have sequestered those of my experiments to see how they continue to react to this containment and forced servitude.

    A society is definitely emerging. It seems that these creatures interact as though they... know each other. As if they have interacted before... elsewhere... but how is this possible? Perhaps I must analyse the components of this spell again.

    After analysing the spell I have discovered that an element of the spell specifically invokes spirit beings from the plane of ice. It seems they are a part of a tribe that has an organized society there on the plane of ice... a city that share a split existence with physical form they are partially forced into... this partial form pauses their existence on the plane of Ice, effectively rendering them ageless. The implications of this... the physical form of the Khy'Rhian is virtually indestructible... the spells that animate them, fill them with magic that keeps them constantly regenerating. This in turn means that the form is a prison... trapping them for eternity...

    I must question the wisdom of my actions. Creating these... Prisons... these Khy'Rhian... I fear the consequences of my actions. What could happen does not bear thinking about.

    The worst has happened. The creatures have rebelled. I am not sure how the hate they have developed has overcome their need to serve. They broke free and tore a swath of destruction through the nearby woods. I'm only grateful I managed to recapture them.

    I have reimprisoned them. I am keeping them prisoner while I decide what to do with them. The near indestructible nature of their bodies makes destroying them impractical at best. It is best then, that I send these existing Khy'Rhian north into the frozen wastes beyond Dragesvaard. There they can exist in peace, away from prying eyes. I have given them the secret of creating the Khy'Rhian's magic. I pray that they learn the most important trait of all... that of self reliance.



    Since the departure to the north of the Khy'Rhian, I have spent my days wanderings Lore, seeking out wisdom from all who would speak with me. I have been pondering many things. There is still so much out there to learn... and yet it preys upon me. Thos things I have done for the sake of knowledge... those thing I have done for the sake of power.

    Too long I have reflected on these matters. They weigh heavily upon me, battering me relentlessly with the storm of emotion that wells up inside me.

    It was her. Sariah... she came so briefly into my life. She was the bright spot... She was the change that I sought without realizing. When she came to me, that night, she brought with her a brightness and joy that I could not have believed.

    Even in the gloom of my demesnes the halls echoed with laughter as she found some other gewgaw that I had created and then thrown away as not worthwhile. I don't know what discovery she made that caused her to leave... only that she left in the middle of the night, not saying a word to me. The torment of that loss caused in me a springing of artistry, and I painted away my demons... my memories of her... of her flowing hair... her symmetrical form... her beauty even... but I knew I would not grow if I allowed myself to stagnate, wallowing in misery, so I resumed my travels.

    I have made a significant discovery, the import of which I can scarcely believe! I was wandering near Stone Heart Fall, when I discovered a... being... accompanied by a great Dire Wolf.

    They were in the woods near a gate. The gate drew my immediate interest for I recognized some of the sigils carved upon its frame. The sigils tied the gate to the Plane of Ice in some way that I can't quite fathom. Some of the other sigils are utterly alien to me. I spoke to him at length, staying a while with him to learn what he could teach. In the two weeks that passed, I learned quite a bit that sent my reflections back to the Khy'Rhian. I learned that opposite the gate that L guards, a city, like none I could ever imagine, stands... almost as if guarding a border between worlds. This of course brought the Khy'Rhian back to mind. What has become of those creatures? I knew I would have to go north and seek out some sign of them.

    I recently discovered the Khy'Rhian, following the instinct I BUILT INTO THEM have delivered themselves and the secret of their creation to a Frost Giant known as Nivalis. His instinctive understanding of the elemental plane of ice and its laws of magic combined with his brilliant, if icy intellect have combined to create a spell caster of no mean skill. His magic is both refined and elegant, and his control of the elemental ice is rigid and unyielding. He has been mass producing the Khy'Rhian since the day he first gained control of the secret of their creation. The army he has created is vast, and the expenditure of magic is staggering. With the amazing resiliency of the creature, something must be done to counter that near complete invulnerability.

    Khy'Rhian is more astute than to be initially expected. The hive mind has cut off contact with those Khy'Rhian I torture daily. The pain was too much for it to bear. This demonstrates that they are fully capable of defending themselves when it is necessary... and yet, if this is so, why have they not yet stricken back?

    Next Up: Sandsea Gate

    Thanks to
  • Elryn for journal transcriptions.
  • NyxAbend for healing pad location.

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