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The Veil

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp

«Scene: Multiple runes fill the high walls in the background of the base camp. Lord Barrius and ElBhe enter.»

Lord Barrius: Hello, «You». Welcome to what we have called "The Veil".
Lord Barrius: This place has been corrupted by the shadow universe, and must remain forever quarantined from the rest of Lore. Should the shadows escape, it could spark another great war.
  • What happened here?
      Lord Barrius: You should know.... you were there....
    • Refresh my memory. - Directs you to the Seekrat Saga
    • I remember now. How can I help?

        Lord Barrius: Right now, there has been a lot of incessant chatter about the former temple grounds. Folks are saying that a fortress arose from the grounds almost overnight, with a size-able army to match.
        Lord Barrius: If you'd like to investigate....
      • Let's check it out!

          «If your character's level is less than 100...»

          Lord Barrius: Ha, surely you must be joking. I'm not sending a mere recruit into The Veil to do an expert's job.
        • Aww...
          «If your character's level is 100+...»

          Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to Lord Barrius » Let's check it out! OR
          Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress

          Lord Barrius: Interesting. So the rumors were true. A giant castle that rose from the barren lands of The Veil overnight.
          Lord Barrius: Perhaps you should investigate, «You».

        • Ultimon's Fortress!
        • Ultimon's Fortress Part 2!
        • Leave
      • Nevermind, I'm good.
  • Got any Quests? - See "I remember now. How can I help?" dialogue
  • Talk to ElBhe!
  • Return to Town

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