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Pallors Plan

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 7 -> Act 21, Winged Darkness -> Introduction: Pallor's Plan
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Necromancer of SiOO
Release Date: December 28th, 2012

Objective: You've found Vayle... but at what cost?
Objective completed: Pallor's army of winged creatures has begun to attack!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Queen Pallor



*The hero is still in the Amethyst City. Vayle has just revealed herself*

Vayle: Why are you here, <Character>? Why try and impersonate a forest creature to make it through the woods?
Vayle: I thought after out last meeting, when you took the Orb, that I was clear. I will not be used again.
<Character>: Please, Vayle, I had to find you. The Frostvale moglins have been kidnapped and turned... well.... they have your wings.
Vayle: They have my wings?
Vayle: So you're working with someone who successfully aligned the moglins to the darkness realm without the Orb?
<Character>: Well... I wouldn't say working for... She gave a deadline to find you... we have to save thew moglins....
Vayle: And what about the entire Amethyst City that you've just put in danger? You could have just sent Thom...
<Character>: I had no idea the Necromancer of SiOO was you! Besides, this is just a cave full of purple crystals, what could Pallor want here?
Vayle: Do you honestly thing that I would just leave the City open to the surface without guards? Without a gatekeeper?
Vayle: What do you think that giant skull is? The Mayor?
Vayle: I have an entire City that I've been trying to protect...
<Character>: ... I... I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Vayle: Sigh. And you've possibly led an entire army to my doorstep....

*Meanwhile, Queen Pallor is watching the frozen woods through some sort of magical mirror. Mogkee Chilly is hovering behind her shoulder*

Queen Pallor: I grow impatient.
Queen Pallor: The road to the Amethyst City, and Vayle, is open now that that fool cleared it.
Queen Pallor: I must be prepared for the darkness ahead. I must have my own wings, touched by darkness.
Queen Pallor: She is the only one who can tell me how.

*Pallor opens a book. A winged silhouette is drawn there*

Queen Pallor: This stolen tome is clear.
Queen Pallor: The darkness will never surrender for long... even when conquered... the light always brings stronger shadows.
Queen Pallor: Only those aligned to the darkness realm shall survive when the true power of darkness finally comes.
Queen Pallor: He could come at any time and I will be prepared.
Queen Pallor: The wings are the key.
Queen Pallor: I will not be caught again...lost in the shadows. I will find a way...
Queen Pallor: I have tried to align creatures to the darkness... great and small...

*The camera zooms on a skeleton, leaned against the wall*

Queen Pallor: With little success....
Queen Pallor: Until you, my pretty.
Chilly: ...
Queen Pallor: Your innate healing magics allowed you to survive my little experiment.
Queen Pallor: But she is the only one who can help me get my own wings...
Queen Pallor: It has to be the crystal....
Queen Pallor: Go my pretties... my little winged undead! Go, and bring them all back to me!

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