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Swordhaven Guard(s)

Location: Swordhaven Border, Path connecting Swordhaven Border, Swordhaven (Book 3), and Helm's Harbor, Tournament of Champions (All Versions), Tournament of Champions Part 2 (All Versions), Of Duty and Dragons

Quests given

Shops owned

Swordhaven Border

  • Business
    • I'm a merchant

      • I've nothing to hide / Oh, um, wait
        Guard: Another troublemaker...

      • Did you hear that?
        Guard: Drat, not again!

    • I'm on a mission
      Guard: Oh no!
  • Pleasure
    • I'm an adventurer
      Guard: That sounded like a bribe.

    • I'm a bard
      Guard: NO.

    • I'm a comedian
      Guard: Sweet.
  • No way!
    Guard: WHAT?!

    Guard: We'll deal with this criminal, and I'll have someone escort you out. Which way were you going again?

    Path connecting Swordhaven Border, Swordhaven (Book 3), and Helm's Harbor

    Guard: Halt. By order of the King, Helm's Harbour is off-limits to civilians. What business would you have with the King's goods anyhow?

    Tournament of Champions (All Versions)

    Guard: Ah, you're up first. If you have finished speaking to the other contestants, are you ready to begin?

    Guard: Only members of the tournament's east bracket are allowed through here.

    Guard: Congratulations on that last match. Would you like to check on the other contestants? Or are you ready for the next match?

    Guard: Just stick to your proper bracket, and we won't have any problems.

    Guard: Ah, hold on. There-someone else is currently fighting. You can watch, if you're interested.

    Guard: That girl comes from the wilds of Lymcrest, huh?
    Guard: I didn't think anyone still lived out there.

    Tournament of Champions Part 2 (All Versions)

    Guard: Good luck, <Character>.

    Guard: Looks like they're just finishing up...

    Guard: Now THIS'll be interesting.

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Guard: Hey, you can't go in there– the queen–

    Tournament of Champions Appearance

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