Zorbak Saga Part 4: Freak Out! (Full Version)

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Suikoman444 -> Zorbak Saga Part 4: Freak Out! (2/2/2013 18:06:06)

Zorbak Saga Part 4: Freak Out!

<Missing Scroll Text>

War Camp Image

Twilly: Greenguard Forest has always been a place of peace for us Moglins! Now it's such a scary place! *shivers*

  • Heal me!
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed! Good luck finding and battling all those ugly monsters in the forest! If we win then my Moglin family can return home! *crosses fingers*

  • Let me go with you!
      Twilly: Great! I'm coming with you yo help you fight those beasties!! Er... but if you turn around and I'm not there anymore, don't be worried! I'll just be hiding somewhere, hehe.

    You gain Twilly guest.

    "Greenguard Forest has long been home to Moglins and Elves."
    "Poor little tree. Where did all his leaves go? Tied to Moglin staffs maybe?"
    "The western sky looks angry tonight! That, or maybe it is having indigestion."
    "Only someone 100% pure EBIL would make this pile of icky mutant slime."
    "This ground seems far cooler than it should, as if life is being sucked out of it..."

    Guardians could pick up Undead Steed Rider in the chest.

  • Enter the Forest!
    Level 25 and Below
    Baby Moglin Ghost (18)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Moglin Fiend (20)
    Moglin Fire Spirit (18)
    Moglin Sword
    Patchwork Moglin (15)
    Sickly Zombie (4)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Undead Soldier (5)

    Level 26-49
    Baby Moglin Ghost (18)
    Dark Djinni (45)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Lesser Droag (40)
    Lesser Zombie (9)
    Moglin Death Knight (40)
    Moglin Fiend (20)
    Moglin Fire Spirit (18)
    Moglin Ghost (46)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    Moglin Sword
    Pygmy Zombie (29)
    Sickly Zombie (4)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Freak (25)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Undead Mage (14)
    Undead Soldier (5)
    Undead Troll (5)
    Undead Wounded (13)
    Wun-Dead (15)
    Young Darkness Dragon (25)
    Zombie Dragon (38)
    Zombie Knight (20)

    Level 50 and Above
    Big Zombie (55)
    Croaker (50)
    Dark Djinni (90)
    Darkness Dragon (70)
    Droag (88)
    Ghost (53)
    MechaZombie (69)
    Moglin Sword
    Pygmy Zombie (69)
    Skull Swarm (50)
    Undead Berserker (56)
    Undead Giant Moglin (62)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Mage (45)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Skull Knight (35)
    Undead Skuller (38)
    Undead Warlord (63)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Zombie (49)
    Zombie Dragon (70)
    Zombie Giant (77)
    Zombie Hydra (88)

    After 300,000 enemies were defeated.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 24 and Below
    Moglin Freak (25)

    Level 25-49
    Moglin Freak (50)

    Level 50 and Above
    Moglin Uberfreak (90)

    Zorbak: Meh heh heh…
    Twilly: Hiya Zorbak! What are you doing here? Last time we saw you, you were walking off with your long-lost brother Kabroz!
    Zorbak: Twilly! How nice to see your big red football-shaped noggin once again.
    Zorbak: To answer your question, I was rather happy to find my brother. I never thought he had it in him…
    Twilly: What do you mean? He was the one who turned a whole Moglin village into a ghost town!
    Zorbak: Yes! How cool is that? He made me so proud!
    Zorbak: He was always the quiet underachiever when we were children.
    Zorbak: At last I have found someone who is ALMOST an equal of my incredible talent!
    Zorbak: Meh... Heh... Heh...
    Twilly: WHY.... you.... you...
    Zorbak: Muhahahaha!! Don't push it, you little plush doll looking punk, or thou shalt be pwnz0r3d!
    Twilly: Is that…. A CHALLENGE?!

    <<Health bars appear on the top of the screen, Zorbak and Twilly Fight>>

    Zorbak: Muhahaha! I’ve waited so long to do this!
    Twilly: Um… Do what
    Zorbak: PUNT TWILLY!!!!

    <<Zorbak punts Twilly>>

    Twilly: Hey, that’s very disrespectful!! You must have forgotten what makes me so special!!!! *prepares*
    Zorbak: Eh? Special... what kind of special? Special-special, or just special?
    Twilly: *grumble grumble*
    Twilly: Silly ebil Moglin! Twilly is special because Twilly is a great HEALER, okay??!
    Twilly: A-HAH!! Now, feel the true wrath of Twilly!!

    <<Zorbak blasts Twilly into the air>>

    Zorbak: There’s something to be said for offensive magic.
    Zorbak: Let this be a lesson to you. *Clears throat* To quote a hero of mine: "Ebil will always win over good, because good is dumb!”
    Zorbak: Mehehehehehehehehe! ehe Mehehe...

    <End Scroll text missing>
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