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Remorse -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 4:27:14)

^ I agree,

I think Juggernaut from now on should just be a really hard mode.

Win rate has absolutely nothing to do with how balanced a mode is, WHY? because if everyone gets similar win rates then their is no difference from a shift of everyone having a high win rate to everyone having a low win rate.

You should be thankful that you have such a good record now that juggernaut may actually become harder, you and many other will have a advantage on their record over everyone new because you played in a time when it was easy.

Having a low win rate now compared to delta/gamma doesn't mean you bad at Juggernaut it could in fact mean you are very good it just depends on the new average of win/lose rates.

Having it hard like this will also mean it doesn't completely ruin the fun of team battles for the low level as well encouraging them to stay in the game thus better for the game in the long run.

SouL Prisoner -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 6:25:43)

Lol, their yoy all go deciding for jugg mode once again. Few days back and currently most of you were whining about solo being unbalanced ... Merce strength spamming etc ..

Would it be nice if juggs get into the conversation and say "No solo is balanced, this is how mercs should work... You should also change to merc and adopt your self" blah blah etc.. etc ..

It's easy to talk for/on others, when it comes to one self, then you the meaning of it ...

Pfft. Blaming me for being selfish .. -.-

Wootz -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 8:59:06)


Pfft. Blaming me for being selfish .. -.-

Dude, you wrote it yourself. Not sure if that's your English skills that you don't understand what you've written, but the rest of us did understand it.

For the other part of your post.
"Yoy" isn't a word?
Firstly, I never complained about balance, and if I did it was in the balance discussion topic (waaaaaay back). Mercenaries, in my opinion are supposed to work in brute strenght, but not to this extent, also I adopted to it and can counter them easily, just my low ammount of Health is the problem, but a Field Medic counters that. Blah blah blah....more crap about Mercenaries...blah blah blah.
Aaaaand, about Juggernauts getting in the conversation, I don't honestly care about that as everyones opinion is important. You may now say that then you should have a right for your opinion. Just in case you don't understand what you are doing. You are pushing your own opinion into other players' head to make them think the same. Even though when your opinion was diminished you kept pushing it and now you're in over your head.

And I just wanted to say my opinion on Juggernauts. To a certain point I can find it amuzing and worth playing, but in a long term the mode isn't very challenging nor amuzing, it gets boring really fast. Because seriously. Where was the fun in winning againts two barerly equipped players who are 8 levels under you? Now it is more balanced, Juggernaut does mean that it is hard, the word itself means it. In my mind, Juggernauts should have it far harder for them as it is a "hardcore" battle mode. And you just want it to be easy as it was so that you can be "magnificent!?" with your ratio which means absolutly nothing to everyone. When I see a player with, dunno, 20,000 wins and 3000 losses, I think of him (sorry for the language, but its needed to get the point) "another guy who has no life whatsoever and spends his whole day being "pro" at a game, stupid, stupid kids."

That'd be all in short.

Mother1 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 9:42:19)

@ soul

This a forum were people will voice their opinions just as you. You can't expect everyone to agree with your opinion. Personally like what I said to fortitiudo back in delta it was way to easy most of the time. But at the same time the system was set against the opponents which was no fault of the players themselves. However I myself wanted a challenge when I was fighting jug mode and back then I barely got that.

Heck back then I barely used my boosters against my opponents since they didn't have the power to pierce my shields most of the time due to extra stats powering me up. They needed luck to beat me most of the time unless they were two classes I had issues with. But now jug mode is more balanced because jugs aren't this invincible thing anymore and the players who fight them got a buff.

Just fix some of the balance issues that are still in the game and all the battle modes will be good.

Santa ClawZz -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 11:19:38)


The developers are humans after all, they had been working extremely hard on Omega for 2 months now and tried to postpone it as much as they could without making people rage quit, but they had to release it. Delta wasn't balanced either, neither was any other phase, but in Omega, they want our feedback, they are also hiring new testers and moderators, so they can help read our feedback and make our dreams happen.

Maybe your battle records show how unbalanced Gamma/Delta were, not Omega. I haven't played many PvP games before, but on one that I did, my best win/lose ratio was 3/1.
You guys have to understand that EpicDuel doesn't have the same player base as it did before. Now, on this new game system, everyone is new, so everyone has the same opportunity to learn the game, study builds and become a great player. Lower prices have also helped non-variums and lower leveled players to have the same chance as everyone.

If you don't want the hassle of getting credits to buy weapons, upgrade them, buy cores or change classes, I suggest you buy some varium. It's great stuff.

edwardvulture -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/15/2013 22:16:53)

*waiting for skill cores to be equippable*

isaiahfish90 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/16/2013 23:48:58)

Ok, I play as the tech mage and I personally think that assimilation needs a boost. It can be blocked and takes a low amount of energy away.

DeathiZClarity -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/17/2013 16:29:50)


Ok, I play as the tech mage and I personally think that assimilation needs a boost. It can be blocked and takes a low amount of energy away

I'm a techmage and I disagree, your forgetting, assimilation also does damage.

Rayman -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/17/2013 17:03:51)

And To add, Assimilation takes energy away, it does dmg, it adds energy to the energy pool and it doesn't requiere energy.

Variation -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/17/2013 18:52:52)

IMO assimilation has lost a lot of value since certain core(s) can still energy.

isaiahfish90 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/18/2013 19:10:44)

ok, well then at least make it usable with a sword. IMO -12 energy from someone is useful yes, but not if i cannot use a sword to then do the damage.

Also, emp is then op. requires like 6 energy for an unblockable removal of AT LEAST(with minimal tech) 29 energy. I have seen lvl 2 emps that take 38 energy for like 12 energy. >.< how is that justifiable?

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