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Silver -> Ogorek (3/23/2013 0:42:33)



Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Left/Right -> Up, The Border Prison

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Ogorek: Stranger, have you seen a human woman named Elanee?

  • Talk
    Ogorek: She is my wife. We were separated when we fled our village after The Rose moved in.
    Ogorek: I don't know what happened to her...

    Ogorek: Kara says that they do not have the resources to spare to locate a single missing person.

    Ogorek: Kara is the leader of the Vind. She is a wind elf, like many here.

    Ogorek: You seem more than capable. If you're here to help, maybe you're the "resources" Kara has been waiting for.
    Ogorek: Now please... excuse me. Without Elanee by my side, my world is spinning, and my stomach grows weak.

    Ogorek: Thank you.

    After completing The Border Prison:
    Ogorek: Elanee is safe! She has returned to me! Thank you so much, <Character>.

    The Border Prison

    ???: Kara!
    Ogorek: Please, tell me! Is Elanee among the prisoners you intend to rescue?

    Ogorek: Thank you, thank you! I must believe in you. In you and <Character>!
    Ogorek: If you seek her, she- she has red hair, bright like an orchid.
    Ogorek: And you will know her too by her defiant will. She is strong. She is my... my everything.

    Ogorek: I understand, but I cannot help but be hopeful once again.
    Ogorek: If with your aid, Kara is willing to make such a move against The Rose...
    Ogorek: ...then I hold on to the knowledge that, if not today, then one day we may be reunited.
    Ogorek: Thank you, <Character>.

    Other information
  • Ogorek previously appeared in the retired quest Rescue of Elanee; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Ogorek's Sulen'Eska dialogue has been modified during various Reimagined releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • Ogorek's dialogue was expanded and location was adjusted on May 29th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 29th, 2020 Design Notes.
  • Ogorek's appearance was updated and Sulen'Eska location was adjusted on July 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the July 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Old Appearance

    Thanks to Jay for images, additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.

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