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Location: Oculus Tower, The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up, Search for Refugees, Desolation Ruins, Shear Destruction

Quests given

Shops owned

Oculus Tower

Crest: I...what....Leon?

Crest: Not anymore, thanks to the two of you.

The Shears

  • Talk
    • What happened?
      Crest: They planned to use me... my magic for the Oculus construct.
      Crest: It didn't go as they planned, I was overloaded with power.
      Crest: I could feel myself losing control, sensing the magic surrounding me but I was helpless to respond.
      Crest: I fear for what may have resulted had you and Leon not been there to save me.

    • Why you, Crest?
      Crest: I have a lot of untapped power inside me. Leon discovered this during our time in Swordhaven, but the Rose also found out.
      Crest: He would teach me how to focus my magic, even after we left due to his exile.
      Crest: I've learnt much during our travels but there is always more to be found. Magic seems so boundless, so open.
      Crest: It's a beautiful thought, but not everyone sees it that way.

    • Exiled?
      Crest: Because of me.
      Crest: He always doubted the Rose, but when they tried to capture me...
      Crest: He intervened, felling all who came after me. Not even the King's guard could get past him.
      Crest: Exile was the only solution that would not lead to further harm upon them.
      Crest: Sometimes he misses the Kingdom, but so much has changed... It is not the same home we cherished.
  • Quests
    • Oculus Shard
      Crest: We can't allow more mages to be harmed by this technology. They need to be destroyed.
      Crest: Although...If we can recover a working Oculus it could prove useful in saving mages from the Rose.

    Search for Refugees

    Crest: Lets go find some mages to save!

    Desolation Ruins

    Crest: And who would lead them?

    Crest: Then find your strength, you need to show them that the Rose CAN be defeated. There must be a way.

    Shear Destruction

    Crest: Aye, our scouts have shown that they have been reoccupying the tower since our last encounter.
    Crest: Aye, our scouts have found that the Rose has begun reoccupying the tower since our last encounter.
    Crest: From the looks of it, they are trying to get it operational again, but with a more... stable... mana source.

    Side View Appearance

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    Thanks to Jay for images and corrections.

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