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Baron Valtrith

Location: The Summoning, Storming the Castle, Zealot, The Evil Artifact, Caitiff, Nightfall, Given to Darkness, Chasm

Quests given

Shops owned

The Summoning

Baron Valtrith: Show me the way to my enemy, cultist. I must test their powers to lay my path for conquering this world.

Baron Valtrith: A worthy opponent. I shall enjoy breaking you and all you protect.

Storming the Castle

Baron Valtrith: Ah, <Character>. It really did take you much longer than I expected. How disappointing.

Baron Valtrith: And who is your little friend?

Baron Valtrith: How sweet. Come to avenge your family name? Your parents were killed before your training was completed, weren't they?

Baron Valtrith: You really thought this little Shadow Pretender would help you, <Character>? And I had such high hopes for you.

Baron Valtrith: It's time to end this distraction. I really do have a schedule to keep as I slaughter all your friends.

Baron Valtrith: NO!
Baron Valtrith: Noooooooooooooooooo!


Baron Valtrith: This is not over yet! I will be back!

Baron Valtrith: Because...
Baron Valtrith: ... why not?

Baron Valtrith: No, you idiot! You were supposed to protect me until... gah, just initiate a tactical retreat!

The Evil Artifact

Baron Valtrith: You. You sniveling idiot. You call me into this world without using an artifact from the greatest evil this world has known?
Baron Valtrith: Without a piece of the creature that pulled the strings of both Sepulchure and <Character>?
Baron Valtrith: That brought this world to its knees as it ate the Sun?
Baron Valtrith: I remain unfinished and until my resurrection...
Baron Valtrith: ... until my completion... your pain will only grow a thousand fold!


Baron Valtrith: Stop? You've only just arrived, <Character>, and late I might add.... We've been waiting on you.

Baron Valtrith: I wanted you here on my schedule, <Character>. As impatient as I am, the timing for what I want to accomplish needed to be right.

Baron Valtrith: Rushing leads to forgetfulness.

Baron Valtrith: You may have succeeded in beating me once, hero, but not this time.
Baron Valtrith: While you were hacking your way through the woods I've made sure that the artifacts I needed for my completion made their way here.

Baron Valtrith: There is evil you haven't considered, Hunter.
Baron Valtrith: Even a tiny piece of the shell that hatched a World Destroyer contains a great deal of the power that I need!

Baron Valtrith: I do want to thank you for bringing what my cultists weren't able to recover though, <Character>.

Baron Valtrith: Even the tiniest scraps of an object infused with evil are more than enough.

Baron Valtrith: This time, though, I'm leaving nothing to chance. Every piece put forth for my creation belonged to a villain that rocked this planet.
Baron Valtrith: Villains that wrought death and destruction and had the potential to plunge this world into true darkness!

Baron Valtrith: This time... I will create my own evil artifact to aid in my completion!

Baron Valtrith: Her soul wasn't banished, <Character>, it was consumed in my formation!
Baron Valtrith: I pulled her very essence out of her, out of time, and devoured it all! All that's left is this husk.
Baron Valtrith: There is nothing left to save.

Baron Valtrith (thinking): The power from the scrap of the cloak.... It ties it to me....
Baron Valtrith: Caitiff, welcome to the world you're going to help me destroy.

Baron Valtrith: Show me what power you have, Caitiff.

Baron Valtrith: I used them for what I needed them for.
Baron Valtrith: They run from death and now will have to watch, helplessly, as their luck turns to ashes and their world is consumed by darkness.
Baron Valtrith: Run, <Character>! Tell everyone of your "victory" and how you helped to achieve it!


Baron Valtrith: No. I have greater plans for them. Mere defeat isn't enough for <Character> and his/her band of pitiful heroes.
Baron Valtrith: I will break them before I devour their souls and send them to the darkness.

Baron Valtrith: No. Enough have fallen to your failed experiments.
Baron Valtrith: You can have their bodies after my plan has been executed.

Given to Darkness

Baron Valtrith: The battle isn't over yet.

Baron Valtrith: No.

Baron Valtrith: When I first found the Shadow Cape, its power was... singular.
Baron Valtrith: I could afford to be rash and attack knowing that no one could match me in battle.
Baron Valtrith: It took the machinations of my cowardly sister to end my domination over my enemies.

Baron Valtrith: Now, even lowly guards carry weapons of untoward power.
Baron Valtrith: Rushing to attack almost led to my downfall at the unworthy hands of <Character>... but I will have my revenge.
Baron Valtrith: I will break <Character>. Break his/her town... his/her friends.
Baron Valtrith: I will turn them to the Darkness...
Baron Valtrith: ...and then bring their Doom.
Baron Valtrith: Just as I brought it to my sister.
Baron Valtrith: But they will suffer first.


Baron Valtrith: Learning.
Baron Valtrith: Little Dyana... always learning.

Baron Valtrith: Once upon a time you were a disappointment. A weakling.
Baron Valtrith: In a castle full of warriors and fighters and warlords, you were a mouse that I could bat around while bored...
Baron Valtrith: ... and held back from my true destiny by our "leaders".
Baron Valtrith: I should have ridden this world into the dust 600 years ago... but the mouse decided to finally bite back.
Baron Valtrith: And now... now... I finally have the world within in my grasp... and I still have to deal with the remains of the mouse.

Baron Valtrith: You serve me, and yet every time I wish to send the mouse after something it's off learning.

Baron Valtrith: I would have won this world for Darkness if not for my sister.
Baron Valtrith: Because of my sister, I slept while Heroes rose. My body was dragged into Darkness, while resistance gathered.
Baron Valtrith: Now I must sit and wait and slowly break down these lowly pawns while the shade of my betrayer becomes the one they fear.
Baron Valtrith: I should have destroyed you with our parents.
Baron Valtrith: I should tear you limb from limb now and take that axe for my own.

Baron Valtrith: Just. In. Time.

Baron Valtrith: I will destroy you both!

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