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The Navigator

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> The Navigator
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of DeepVoid
Release Date: January 10th, 2014

Objective: Who has enough power and knowledge to guide you through the Void?
Objective Completed: You have your Navigator, are you ready to sail the winds of the Deep Void?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Soulless Wolf
(2) Soulless Fury
(2) Soulless Bee
(2) Soulless Shroom
(1) Soulless Sneevil
(1) Soulless Seed Spitter


Cider Keg
Sweet Cider Keg
Warm Cider Keg
Spiced Cider Keg
Mulled Cider Keg
Foamy Cider Keg
Bubbly Cider Keg
Moglinberry Cider Keg

Cider Mug
Sweet Cider Mug
Warm Cider Mug
Spiced Cider Mug
Mulled Cider Mug
Foamy Cider Mug
Moglinberry Cider Mug

Access to Cider Weapons, Void Cider Shop and Cider Loot Shop

Tomix: We're missing one more crew member, <Character>

  • Quest!
  • Back

    In Pellow Village, in front of the ship

    Tomix: We're almost ready, <Character> We just need to find one more member of our crew... perhaps the most important one.
    <Character>: More important than the Captain?
    Tomix: Mazurek hasn't sailed the Deep Void. Neither have I. We need someone to guide us. We need a navigator.
    <Character>: Any ideas?
    Tomix: No... I'm hoping a visit to the priestess Elysia will help us find someone though.

    Sunbreeze Grove

    Tomix: Hail Priestess!
    Elysia: Why so formal, Soulweaver? A friend of <Character> is a friend of mine as well!
    <Character>: Elysia! How are you?
    Elysia: I am doing well, <Character>. Elucidas and I were discussing the possibility of mentoring some young Creatioux.
    Elysia: What brings you and your friend to visit?
    Tomix: We're building a ship to sail into the Deep Void... we need a Navigator.
    Elucidas: You'll find Decadere around the edges of the Void but no Creatioux or Decadere has dared to venture into the Deep Void...
    Elucidas: ... at least none that have ever returned.
    Elysia: There are rumors though...
    Elucidas: Rumors?
    Elysia: I just recieved a new shipment of tea from Karina, in Hunter's Paradise...
    Elucidas: Bah, hunters...
    Elysia: Yes, well... some fellow who has... seen better days is at the Inn in Hunter's Paradise. He's been ranting about his lost magic and power.
    Elysia: How he walked the Void itself until he was imprisoned. it might just be the moglinberry juice...
    Elysia: ... but it might also be what you're looking for.
    <Character>: Thank you, Elysia.
    <Character>: It's worth checking out.
    Elysia: I would hurry, friends. With how Karina was talking... I think your quarry might be attracting the wrong kind of attention.


    Tomix: Something... something is wrong.
    <Character>: What... it looks like the normal, creepy woods to me.
    Tomix: It's too quiet... I can't even sense Soul Threads.
    <Character>: Everything is dead?!
    Tomix: No... things are still alive. Their soul threads have been taken.
    <Character>: Is... how is that possible?
    Tomix: I don't know but I think we're about to get a closer look...

    Search Hunter's Paradise until you find Vaal
    In the room opposite of his, you can access the Cider Weapons Shop

    Vaal: I was the greatest... the GREATEST! How DARE they leave. They will RUE the day they deserted me....

    Tomix and the Hero enter

    Vaal: YOU!
    Tomix: Vaal?!
    Vaal: It's all your fault, you incredibly woolheaded lummox.
    Vaal: You moronic machinations ruined... RUINED ME! I was OMNIPOTENT!
    Vaal: I WAS THE MOST PRODIGIOUS MAGE OF ALL TIME AND YOU... you... you had to destroy it...
    <Character>: ... what?
    Vaal: When the Judgement Wheel was destroyed, my wish... my destiny was destroyed with it!
    Vaal: My magic, my power, my ARMY OF CHAOSWEAVERS... GONE! And I ended up back in prison... studied by The Rose...
    Vaal: ... until... until they concluded I was...
    Vaal: ... mortal.
    Tomix: But... but you're still a Chaosweaver...
    Vaal: The weakest ChaosWeaver.

    Vaal drinks

    Vaal: Lore isn't fair. It's a cruel, barren planet. Not even the greatest mind in generations can hold an army without power... Now I'm useless.
    Vaal: Trapped in this feeble, mortal coil. DOOMED TO A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY!
    <Character>: I wouldn't say you are useless...
    Tomix: You could come with us...
    Vaal: What would you have me do, SoulWeaver? Destroy more priceless artifacts in your "quest" for redemption? Boring.
    Vaal: <Character> has destroyed enough to fill the Void.
    Tomix: What do you know of the Void?
    Vaal: What do I know of the Void? It's power was nothing, compared to my own.
    Vaal: You might take a stroll... I leapt and flew through the winds of the Void!
    Tomix: Do you want to go back?
    Vaal: Back?

    Vaal laughs

    Vaal: And how do you propose to get back there, SoulWeaver? On the back of a Void Dragon?
    Vaal: Beg one of the more powerful ChaosWeavers for a taste of the edge of the abyss? You'd never make it through.
    <Character>: We have a ship...
    Tomix: And we need a navigator.

    Vaal laughs again

    Vaal: A SHIP? Oh, you ignorant fools... please tell me you have a pirate crew!


    Vaal: You want to venture into the depths of the VOID on a ship crewed by pirates?!
    <Character>: We've created the most protected ship in all of Lore. It has a trithril-crusted hull, with soul-spun sails, defended by gnome tech!

    Vaal drinks, while Tomix grins

    Tomix: Forget him, <Character>. He's right. He's weak and powerless. Worst of all... he's afraid.
    Vaal: AFRAID! I FEAR NOTHING SOULWEAVER! Not even the spectre of Death that awaits you in the Deep Void.
    Vaal: Don't think I don't know what you're doing... you dare to bait me? Lure me in, like a fish on a hook?!
    Vaal: I'll come along to laugh as the winds of the Void tear your flesh from your bones.
    Tomix: And you'll navigate?
    Vaal: ... fine!


    Yellow: Hmm, capturing Vaal didn't go exactly as planned...
    Yellow: ... but it doesn't matter, I still got all of the humans...

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop
    Opens Cider Loot Shop

  • DC Shop
    Opens Void Cider Shop

    Thanks to
    -- Grandpa Oz for original entry and correction.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for typo correction.
    -- necro emperor for correction.

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