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Search for Refugees

Location: The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up -> Sir Leon and Crest -> Quests -> Oculus Orb
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Oculus Shards
Release Date: February 7th, 2014

Objective: Help Leon and Crest save Mages before the Rose get to them.
Objective completed: You've helped a small group but there are many more out there.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Clawkin Wanderer
(X) Energizer
(X) ManaHunter
(X) Manahuntress
(X) Seed Spitter
(1) Arklen, (1) ManaHunter, (1) Manahuntress - Boss

Mana Hunters
Sir Leon

Blade of the Oculus (All Versions)
Knife of the Oculus (All Versions)
Rod of the Oculus (All Versions)

Access to Oculus Shards.

Sir Leon: You've found enough shards. Let's see if Crest can reform a whole orb!

  • Quest!

    *Leon holds an uncharged orb, and hints out to Crest to get ready*

    Leon: Alright Crest, your turn.

    *Crest nods, closes her eyes and raises her staff as Leon throws the orb to fully recharge it*

    Leon: As good as new!
    <Character>: Does it work?
    Leon: Time to find out.
    Crest: Lets go find some mages to save!

    Make your way through the woods, until you reach a mage.

    <Character>: I can't believe this works! Just think of how many people we can save!

    *The orb flashes, then dematerializes in an instant*

    Leon: Oh...

    *A mage runs in*

    Navon: That orb... you're... you're one of them! Get away from us!
    <Character>: Wait wait wait! We're here to help you!
    Mana Hunters: Mages! Get them!!!

    Fight Arklen, a ManaHunter and Manahuntress.

    Navon: You have saved us...
    <Character>: That's why I'm here. You and your companions are safe now, if you have no place to go, you can come with us.
    Navon: My thanks, hero.

  • Complete Quest
  • Merge Shop - opens Oculus Shards shop.

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