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The Codex

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> The Codex
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Human Element
Release Date: May 2nd, 2014

Objective: Play as Aspar and find a way to manipulate the Ynnungaap Core.
Objective completed: Aspar has found The Codex. Nothing can stop him now from altering the core!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Decadere Eldest
(4) Decadere Guard
(6) Decadere Youngling
(3) Void Elemental
(2) Void Spawn

The Codex

Voidling Helm (I-V)

  • Equips Envy.

    Aspar: ...I need more soulthreads, the process is too slow.
    Green: Master! I've found a way!
    Aspar: Finally, some good news.
    Green: There was a note, or what looks like an official letter of some sorts, in one of the books scattered across the library.
    Green: Well, I assume it was a library, hard to tell with all these buildings mostly destroy-
    Aspar: Get to the point.
    Green: Time must have erased parts of the text, but I've managed to put it together.
    Green: "... your fault Adue".
    Green: I assume this note was addressed to this person.
    Green: "The Gathering of Five will no longer stand your..." This is faded.
    Green: "... will be executed based on your actions and your codex will be taken from you..."
    Green: The rest is unreadable I'm afraid.
    Aspar: I fail to see how this show me a way to alter the Ynnungaap Core...
    Green: The part about the codex.
    Green: It piqued my attention, so I've started looking through the rest of the books, trying to find if it was mentioned anywhere.
    Green: And it was. People who inhabited, and most likely built, this place, were all branded with "the codex".
    Green: The book does not describe what it looked like, only that it was crucial in "attuning" with Ynnungaap.
    Green: When one person broke the law, or defied this "Gathering of Five" in any way, their codex was taken from them...
    Green: ... and stored deep within the Temple of Óter. We are INSIDE this very temple!
    Aspar: Do I look like I care about the history of this place? Do I? Tell me!
    Green: .....No?
    Aspar: No I don't! You could have just told me that the way to modify the core is under this building, instead of yapping about this place's law!
    Green: Please forgive me Master!
    Aspar: Hmpf...
    Aspar: Is Beige ready?
    Green: She should already be on the ship, well hidden.
    Aspar: Good, Riadne is my eyes, she'll be my ears. I need to know when they are departing. Gather the others, let's look for this codex.

    *After fighting your way through the temple, you, as Envy, stand with Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow before a strange glowing figure.*

    Aspar: What... is this?
    Green: I don't know Master, I didn't find anything that would describe this being.
    Aspar: You... can you speak? What are you?
    ???: Betoken me thy name.
    Aspar: What... ?
    ???: Betoken me thy name.
    Aspar: Can you understand him Green?
    Green: I think it wants to know your name Master.
    Aspar: Ehh... my name is Aspar.
    ???: Agniz'd.
    Aspar: ... Are you able to speak in common language?
    ???: I am.
    Aspar: Good. Do you know where can I find the codex?
    ???: I am.
    Aspar: You are the codex?
    The Codex: Yes.
    Aspar: Hmm...
    Green: (thinking) Blah blah blah The Gathering of Five blah blah blah branded with the codex blah blah attuning blah I'm boring.
    Aspar: Let me be blunt with you. I need to be branded with the codex in order to alter the Ynnungaap Core.
    Aspar: I'm acting on behalf of The Gathering of Five. The core is in a grave danger and only I can fix it.
    The Codex: You are lying. Lying is a crime punished by death.
    Aspar: Pff, as if I can die...
    Aspar: What if I told you the truth? Would you brand me then?
    The Codex: Yes.
    Aspar: Then let me restate my previous request. I need to be branded with the codex in order to alter the Ynnungaap core.
    Aspar: My dearest friend is going after me. I plan to kill him, and if my plan fails, the core will serve as my precaution. Better?
    The Codex: You are telling the truth. Truth is singular. I will grant you the codex.
    Aspar: You're... not questioning my motives?
    The Codex: You are truthful. Therefore, you are just.
    Aspar: I can see why this civilization went extinct. Well, I won't complain! Shall we?

  • Complete Quest

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  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

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