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Occavatra -> Vaaloirr (2/6/2015 22:06:16)


Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> Introduction
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tomix's Saga Epilogue
Release Date: February 6th, 2015

Objective: Roirr has escaped through his portal and found himself... where exactly?
Objective completed: It begins.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Up above a forest of slightly dark pink trees, the sun shines. Down below, two men hang around in the strange forest and converse*

???: ... said he will cut your fingers the next time he catches you stealing his honey!
???: Pff. Like he would.
???: Ludomir, I worry about you!
Ludomir: Cute.
???: Shut up.
???: Bohdar does not joke around.
???: He DID do something to the miller's daughter after he caught her stealing and she doesn't act the same anymore.
Ludomir: You talkin' bout Jarmila?
???: Yes.
Ludomir: She's always been weird. She's just... more weird now. It has nothin' to do with Bohdar catchin' her stealin' his stuff.
???: Yes it does! I met her yesterday and she seemed so distant. It wasn't like h-

*They hear the noise of a portal coming*

Ludomir: Izbor, hide!
Izbor: W-wha-

*The two men hide as a possessed Vaal enters the forest via a portal.*

Roirr: Aaaaaah.
Roirr: Fresh air, at last.

*He takes a deep breath, but is annoyed when he gets a look at Vaal's soul*

Vaal: I don't recognize these trees.
Roirr: Ugh...
Vaal: Well, at least I am not in the Void anymore.
Roirr: Why am I even seeing you? I AM you... how are you still not gone?
Vaal: Address me properly if you wish to have a conversation with me.
Roirr: It has never taken me so long to absorb a soul...
Vaal: Then you have obviously never tried to possess one such as me.
Roirr: This is agonizing. I am ignoring you from now on.
Vaal: Oooh no. You got me into this mess by possessing MY body and you will NOT ignore me!
Vaal: Furthermore, it is I who will get rid of you, not the other way around.
Vaal: These trees are really bugging me. I have never seen trees such as these.
Roirr: ........
Roirr: That's because these are the silvered trees. They do not grow in the land of dragons.
Vaal: Then... we are not in the land of dragons?
Roirr: .........
Roirr: Not we... "I" am not in the land of dragons.
Roirr: Oh... I'm not in the land of dragons...
Roirr: Silvered trees...
Roirr: Azaveyr. I'm in Azaveyr. The continent to the west...
Roirr: Oh that's just perfect!

*Ludomir and Izbor are hidden nearby, listening Roirr supposedly talking to himself*

Roirr: Because I've been wanting to come back here.

*Both men look terrified*

Roirr: Other continent.
Roirr: You don't need to know.
Izbor: Is he... talking to himself?
Ludomir: He doesn't look like hes from here.
Roirr: I will not continue this discussion anymore.
Ludomir: He's lost it. Let's bail before he sees us.

*They move away, but they seemed to have stepped on a branch and Roirr takes notice of their presence. He transforms into mist, moves toward the men and rematerializes*

Roirr: .........
Roirr: Locals?
Izbor: W-w-what?
Roirr: Are you from here?
Ludomir: Y-yes!
Roirr: Good.
Roirr: Where am I?
Ludomir: Huh?
Roirr: I am in Azaveyr, correct?
Izbor: Yes.
Roirr: Good, good...
Roirr: Am I near Mortem?
Izbor: N-no... Mortem is a few days away.
Ludomir: You're near Ull, m-mister.
Roirr: Ull?
Roirr: I suppose that's good enough...
Vaal: What are you going to do with them?
Roirr: I am getting to that!
Roirr: Boys... I'm afraid I can't let you leave.
Izbor: Please! We didn't do a-anything!
Ludomir: Let us go, please!
Roirr: Ah, it pains me so very much...
Roirr: ... but no.
Izbor: Ludomir, RUN!
Roirr: Really? You're barely standing.

*Izbor's body shakes*

Izbor: I w-will... I wi- will not--

*Roirr snaps his fingers. A bolt of black energy knocks Izbor off his feet. Roirr lifts him up and touches his cheek*

Roirr: Well, aren't you brave.
Roirr: What am I to do with such a foolish, foolish boy?
Roirr: I can't possess anyone right now.
Roirr: And I can't parade around looking like this. Not in Azaveyr. Too much attention.
Roirr: .....
Roirr: Ah, of course.
Roirr: Again, I'm... so terribly sorry for this...
Roirr: ... but I'm going to need a little something from you.
Roirr: Your heart.

*Off screen, Roirr penetrates Izbor's body, possessing him*

Roirr: It's not really my style, but it will do.
Vaal: Was that a forbidden magic?
Roirr: Yes. Yes it was.
Vaal: What now...?
Roirr: I have a town to visit. But first...
Roirr: I need to summon your soulally.

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