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Sagrym -> Izbor (2/7/2015 6:13:45)


Location: Vaaloirr, Culture Shock

Quests given

Shops owned


???: ... said he will cut your fingers the next time he catches you stealing his honey!

???: Ludomir, I worry about you!

???: Shut up.
???: Bohdar does not joke around.
???: He DID do something to the miller's daughter after he caught her stealing and she doesn't act the same anymore.

???: Yes.

???: Yes it does! I met her yesterday and she seemed so distant. It wasn't like h-

Izbor: W-wha-

Izbor: Is he... talking to himself?

Izbor: W-w-what?

Izbor: Yes.

Izbor: N-no... Mortem is a few days away.

Izbor: Please! We didn't do a-anything!

Izbor: Ludomir, RUN!

Izbor: I w-will... I wi- will not--

Culture Shock

Izbor: Uuuh... if... if you keep going west, you'll stumble upon a road. This will be the main trading road.
Izbor: Follow it, and you'll eventually get to the Capitol, after passing various villages.

Izbor: What was that about?

Other information
  • Izbor previously appeared in the retired quest Culture Shock; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Izbor is possessed by Roirr in Vaaloirr.


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