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Cuddly Merged Akriloth

Location: Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth, Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth Challenge

Level: Scaled (Your Level +1)
Damage: Scaled
Element: Fire
Damage Type: Melee

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Stats: STR: 100, INT: 100, DEX: 100, END: 200, CHA: 200, LUK: 200, WIS: 0
Defenses: Melee: 30, Pierce: 30, Magic: 30, Parry: 20, Dodge: 20, Block: 20
Offenses: Crit: 15, Bonus: 50, Boost: 0%

Resistances: Darkness: 500, Flee: -200, Shrink: 100, Immobility: 750

Attack Type 1 - Merged Akriloth breathes fire on you for 10 hits of Melee Fire damage and inflicts 4 turns of Toasted, reducing your Fire resistance by 100
Attack Type 2 - Merged Akriloth shoots flames out of magic runes for 2 hits of Melee Fire damage. If it connects, it inflicts the Blind effect and lowers your Bonus by 80 for 4 turns as a lighter version
Attack Type 2.5 - Merged Akriloth shoots flames out of magic runes for 2 hits of Melee Fire damage. If it connects, it inflicts the Fried effect and sets your Heal to 50, in which it halves the efficiency of all healing effects for 2 turns as a heavier version
Attack Type 3 - Merged Akriloth lifts his head in the air and breathes fire, causing some spikes to come out of the ground to attack you for 4 hits of Melee Fire damage. If at least one hit connects, you are stunned for 3 turns
Attack Type 4 - Merged Akriloth briefly surrounds himself in flames, powering up for Attack Type 5. the attack actually hits once (reflecting the attack used to inflict the status effect), it inflicts Eclipse on the player reducing their damage by 75% for 2 turns, additionally, it applies Scales to itself for 2 turns, increasing its Block/Parry/Dodge by 180, AND reflects status effects back to the player. If you attempted to apply a stun (which it resists), then it hits you for the expected amount it normally does.
Attack Type 5 - Followed up after Attack Type 4, Merged Akriloth breathes flames on you for 8 very powerful hits of Melee Fire damage

Gold gained: Scaled
Experience gained: Scaled


Also See: Merged Akriloth, Ultra Merged Akriloth

  • Attack Types 2 and 3 uses some MP.
  • Wearing DoomKnight Armor buffs Cuddly Merged Akriloth by making him heal 50% of his HP for every attack he does, except for Attack Type 2.

    Thanks to Slayer Zach for images.

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