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The Feast

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> The Feast
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Inner unSelf
Release Date: June 20th, 2015

Objective: Roirr has reached the village of Ull.
Objective completed: It can only get worse from now on.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Beez
(1) Borowik
(5) Iele
(5) Lakanica
(1) Dola - Boss


Memory Fragment II

*Loads Fleshweaver*

*Several glimpses of the village are seen. There are large beehives surrounded by fences and a woman is holding a purple fruit. Roirr checks his surroundings upon his arrival.*

Roirr: ... six... seven... eight. Not eight, that could be a tavern. Let's say approximately three people live in eachÖ
Vaal: What are you counting?
Roirr: Houses.
Vaal: ... why?
Ludomir: Izbor!
Roirr: ... fourteen...
Ludomir: Izbor!!
Vaal: He's calling you.
Roirr: Hmm?
Vaal: Izbor. That's the name of the person you are wearing.
Ludomir: Oh, thank the Shapeless, you're all right!

*He holds "Izbor's" hands with relief.*

Roirr: What are you doing?
Ludomir: I'm happy you got away safely! You did, didn't you? That guy didn't hurt you? If he did, the-
Roirr: Who are you?

*Ludomir looks at "Izbor" funny and he appears a bit startled.*

Vaal: His name is Ludomir! Ugh... try to keep up, otherwise people will get suspicious!!!
Ludomir: ... are you messing with me?

*"Roirr" stares coldly at Ludomir and quickly changes his expression to a smile.*

Roirr: Oh of course I am, Ludomir!
Ludomir: Why would you do that? You gave me quite a scare. I thought he struck you in the head and you had amnesia or something!
Roirr: Silly!
Roirr (thinking): Vaal, quick, who am I to this person?
Vaal: How should I know!? Find out on your own!
Ludomir: I've already told my father that someone attacked us in the woods.
Ludomir: Of course, he wasn't happy that we were in the woods...
Ludomir: Y'know, because of that one time a foreign visitor came...
Ludomir: ... anyway, dad's gathering people to check the forest now.
Vaal: They'll find the body.
Roirr: NO!

*Ludomir's eyes widened.*

Roirr: Everything... is alright now. The one who attacked us ran away.
Ludomir: But he might come back. And he was asking about Mortem. We should warn them.
Vaal: Do something.
Roirr: Iíve said everything is alright now. There is no need to worry. When he was running away, he-
Vaal: Tripped.
Roirr: - he tripped-
Vaal: And the earth swallowed him whole!
Roirr: And t-
Roirr (thinking): I am not saying that!
Vaal: And he fell into the stream and drowned!
Roirr (thinking): HOW CAN YOU DROWN IN A STREAM!?
Vaal: You can! But forget it, there was no stream.
Ludomir: He tripped, and?
Roirr: Ah, forgive me, it is... what happened was so.. dreadful. It's making me nauseous just thinking about it. I... I need to collect myself.
Ludomir: Oh, I'm sorry Izzy.
Vaal: Izzy?
Roirr: It's fine. What I was trying to say, that man is of no danger to anyone, anymore.
Ludomir: Okay. Well, I'm just glad you are safe and sound! I'll go tell the good news, see you later!

*Ludomir departs and Roirr looks at his hand with a discomforting frown.*

Roirr: He touched me...
Vaal: You're not made from sand, you wonít crumble.
Roirr: Izbor.
Roirr: He must have had a house somewhere around here. And I am exhausted.
Vaal: You tire? I thought-
Roirr: You thought what?
Vaal: That you had lost your humanity a long time ago, of course.
Roirr: What... what does it have to do with me being tired?
Vaal: Hmm.
Vaal: I have to think about it.
Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: Why did I allow you to speak to me?

*In a flashback or a dream, Roirr is in a library wearing regal clothing and reading a letter.*

Roirr: "... expedition was a tremendous success. Even after removing a piece of the Mana Core that was ejected during the original disturbance..."
Roirr: "...the area around The Fissure remains stable and is of no immediate threat to our world."
Roirr: "The piece is being safety transported to the Capitol, where it will undergo a further study under the watchful eyes of the Magesterium."
Roirr: "Truly, this is a great day for our nation! A new age for the Shapeless Empire has dawned!"
Roirr: The piece of the Mana Core...
Roirr: This could be it!
Roirr: The means of ascending!
Roirr: I need to leave........
Baltael: Father of mine? Are you there?
Baltael: Father?

*Roirr wakes up from a nap and his eyes are wide open. He goes outside and is greeted by Ludomir.*

Ludomir: Get dressed and come with me.
Roirr: .....
Roirr: Where are we going?
Ludomir: It's a surprise!
Vaal: Go with him, this ought to be interesting.

*Roirr and Ludomir go into the woods to find Ludomir's surprise.*

Ludomir: Tadaaah!

*A misty pond surrounded by candles and thick, dark rocks is presented to Roirr.*

Roirr (thinking): I can't go into water Vaal. Especially not into hot water. The disguise will wrinkle and fall apart.
Vaal: Make excuses, figure something out.
Ludomir: After today's events you really need this.
Roirr: Thank you-
Vaal: Ludomir...
Roirr: - Ludomir, but I really don't feel like it.
Ludomir: Well, suit yourself. I'm jumping in, you sit somewhere. Close your eyes!

*Roirr closes his eyes.*

Roirr (thinking): What is he doing? Did he figure me out?
Vaal: No.
Vaal: He's undressing.

*Roirr opens his eyes and sits on a rock while Ludomir sits in the pond.*

Ludomir: It's good to have some time to ourselves.
Ludomir: What are you thinking about?
Roirr: That I should wear more red.
Roirr: The Mana Core piece... is it still in the Capitol?
Ludomir: As far as I know, yes. Why do you ask?
Roirr: Ludomir... you will do anything for me, correct?
Vaal: What are you doing...?
Ludomir: Of course Izzy! Besides, tomorrow's your birthday!
Roirr (thinking): How convenient...
Roirr: I want you to draw a circle around the village.
Roirr: Here...
Roirr: You are going to include these symbols outside of the circle. Not inside. Outside.
Roirr: Tell me when you are done.
Ludomir: ... why?
Roirr: It's... a game.
Ludomir: Alright, this is really weird... but it's your birthday soon!
Ludomir: Tell you what. If it's a game, then let's do this together. And make it a race! Whoever can draw a part of the circle faster wins!
Ludomir: There is a rock with this blue moss on it on the far side of the village from here. Let's draw the circle from here to there! The first by the rock wins!
Roirr: I agree to your terms. Let's go.
Ludomir: HOLD UP! I need to put on some clothes first!

*Roirr proceeds to draw after Ludomir dresses himself. After defeating every other monster, there is a button on the upper-left hand corner of the screen. Click on it and a portion of the circle is drawn in that area. You must do this to continue.*

Ludomir: Well hello there, guy. I won!
Roirr: Congratulations.
Ludomir: What took you so long?
Roirr: I was being... delayed.
Ludomir: By what?
Roirr: Woodland... creatures.
Ludomir: I thought they usually keep to themselves? What did you do?
Roirr: I had to...
Roirr: ... sing to them, and they left me alone.
Ludomir: I... see.
Ludomir: Anyway, now that we are done, what was the purpose of it?
Roirr: We are not done.
Roirr: Find a bottle and place it in the middle of the village. Carve or draw the same symbols on the bottle as you did on the ground.
Ludomir: Okay, this is getting really weird. I will not do it unless you explain yourself, mister!
Roirr: The purpose of it, is to-
Vaal: Summon the rain?
Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: The purpose of it is to summon the rain...
Ludomir: So... is it magic?
Roirr: Yyyes...?
Ludomir: YOU KNOW MAGIC!?!?
Ludomir: Oooh, boy... I... I don't know if I can help you with this.
Ludomir: We common folk can't do magic... If the people find out, you will have to go to th-
Roirr: ............
Roirr: Ghhhhwwbbb...
Roirr: ENOUGH!

*Ludomir suddenly becomes frightened of Roirr.*


*He sends Ludomir's body afloat in mid-air and his face turns red.*

Vaal: What are you doing!?
Roirr: I am reshaping his brain to do what I want him to. I am SICK of this charade!

*Ludomir is back on the ground, but he is in a zombielike position.*

Roirr: You, go to the village, take a bottle, carve the symbols and put it in the middle of the village. NOW!
Vaal: ....
Vaal: I know what this circle means.
Roirr: Well congratulations! Do you want a standing ovation?
Vaal: It's Tanislav's Last Will...
Roirr: Bravo. Outstanding.
Vaal: ... your disguise is coming off.
Roirr: It doesn't matter anymore. I'll find a new one.
Vaal: Why are you doing this ritual on this village?
Roirr: You didn't figure it out? Shame. You were on a roll.

*Roirr casts the incantation and the circle glows white. The area is lit up and suddenly, everything turned red and a beam of red energy spews out into the sky.*

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