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Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/27/2016 0:14:29)

Janitor on Strike is also in limbo

Taken care of. ~IMR

Lord Inioch -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/28/2016 21:05:06)

Either I'm blind or the recent chess quest is also in limbo.

Taken care of. ~IMR

Brasca123 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/29/2016 12:20:03)

the weapons from the guardian acc shop (you know, celestial mana staff and that other one) are still in limbo

other recent quests that were mentioned by the above posters are also on limbo

Taken care of. ~IMR

Horkus -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (5/19/2016 20:13:23)

The Grenwog Portal Painting doesn't seem to have been updated with the 2015 and 2016 quests, although the paintings for the other events have.

Taken care of. ~IMR

TRB1965 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/4/2016 11:12:33)

From IMR in Quest Info Sub

Update to Warlic's shop: the Riddle of the Sphinxes can now be found there, listed as "Osiris Set". You have to play through the RotS quest, and after it you can access the actual Osiris Set quest. Yes, you can directly access the Set quest through the Today's Event page, but that'll go away eventually, so if you're interested in getting the Osiris Set then you should get it now.
Typos in the Thurs12 war should be fixed. Thanks!
Xanatos Speed Chess and Season of Choices are now available from the Hall of Memories.

Season of Choices is also available from the Chessmaster Saga hub.
Janitors on Strike! is now available from Yulgar's. Talk to Hans.
War of the Seas is now available from Cap'n Rhubarb in Lolosia.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/7/2016 23:55:59)

I don't know if this counts, but this quest

Was a really great and fair/balanced spot and also Monster Dicer is rare now, which I'm not sure is intentional or w.e, but yeah it would be nice to see this return.

I'm marking it as intentional. ~IMR

rp88 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/24/2016 0:01:47)

Does anyone know where the Thursday The 12th is located yet?

I just added it to the Edge of Extinction hub. Go to Granemor, kill things in the cemetary until you reach the Halenro statue. Click on it to reach the hub. ~IMR

KlawdStrife -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/24/2016 0:24:59)

Imry just added it several hours ago.

Travel Map Granemor Cemetery Click Statue Go! Thursday the 12th

Taken care of. ~IMR

rp88 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/24/2016 0:36:28)

That's IMR & KlawdStrife!

Taken care of. ~IMR

Relinfearous -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/9/2016 19:43:57)

The Gemini Monks void challenge is in limbo for Adventurers.

Taken care of. ~IMR

Brasca123 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/9/2016 21:05:23)

@Above. That's intended, void challenges are only available for advs in the first 2 weeks.

After that they become guardian only.

Taken care of. ~IMR

TRB1965 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/6/2016 0:49:54)

War of the Giants Part I & II.

Taken care of. ~IMR

In Media Res -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/7/2016 9:57:43)

Note to self: War of the Seas (Jan28 release) is in limbo.

Apparently already in Lolosia. That was quick!

Taken care of. ~IMR

rp88 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/4/2016 21:44:00)

Does anyone have an idea where the War of the Giants saga is posted or going to be posted?

Taken care of. ~IMR

Brasca123 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/4/2016 21:58:52)

Probably Warlic, but only staff can be sure, they'll tell us when it's done though, so don't worry too much about it.

Taken care of. ~IMR

KlawdStrife -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/23/2016 22:00:50)

Mysterious Artifact currently in limbo. Should probably be somewhere in mogloween painting quests. Grand Pumpkin is already accessible in there.

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

Celidion -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/23/2016 22:16:17)

2016 Grenwog quest is also in limbo, not accessible through portrait.

Should be taken care of. ~IMR

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/11/2016 0:32:26)

Seeking the Seekers is still in limbo, last I checked, unless I simply lack awareness to find it.

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

Celidion -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/14/2016 16:47:10)

2016 Mogloween quest is not accessible from Portrait.

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/23/2016 1:26:09)

14th Anniversary Event "Pounding the Poachers" appears to be in limbo.

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

Thor -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (1/25/2017 0:31:36)

Mysterious Artifact currently in limbo.
14th Anniversary Event "Pounding the Poachers" seems to be in limbo as well
Seeking the Seekers appears to be in limbo

Taken care of. ~IMR

RichardLord -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/6/2017 1:00:22)

Thursday the 12th war is in limbo

Taken care of. ~IMR

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/12/2017 12:03:25)

Mysterious artifacts is connected to Mogloween so it should be seasonal.

Thursday the 12 may just be permarare since the other war never came back. Considering it is linked to the Paladin revamp it might be kept due to continuity, but that is for the staff to decide.

Taken care of. ~IMR

Larodis -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/12/2017 12:48:12)

^ Thursday the 12th won't be permarare. IMR has already stated:

"The quest is going to be added to the same place as the Edge of Extinction" were IMR's last words before succumbing to sleep.
Source: [In the war's AQ GD thread, so it will eventually age out]

Taken care of. ~IMR

RMC -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/24/2017 9:04:53)

The shop for the Voltaic guardian dragon form is missing from ballyhoo.

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

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