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RMC -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (10/6/2018 16:32:08)

A bunch of shops for Z-token package items are missing. Royal wedding cake, arcane amplification spell and spirit of mogloween from what i can tell.

Relinfearous -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/5/2018 21:21:27)

Currently in limbo:

Chessmaster Saga - Going Kukoo
Dinozard Island Rescue

RMC -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/30/2018 15:51:42)

Not to be a broken record but recent shops for package items are missing. This is important for the spirit of X miscs since their bonuses are greatly reduced once the month is over.

Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/8/2018 0:56:16)

Geocastellum Set quest is also now in Limbo.

gavers -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (1/13/2019 15:14:04)

Hairmuffs seem to be in Limbo for quite a while now.

xanderlol -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (1/27/2019 4:50:09)

You can't get the UltraGuardian armor or shield if you've purchased the shield of awe upgrade before doing the AntiGuardian! quest. The game requires you to have a normal version of the shield of awe which you cannot get as your permanent no-drop shield after purchasing the upgrade from golden gift boxes.

Varghus -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (5/20/2019 11:26:33)

Robina's Monster Hunt quest in her shop has not been updated with the newest monsters and rewards.

Laith -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/10/2019 5:55:43)

Umazen Uprising Part 1 - The Umazen Stirs

Also, Rare Item Hunt is still possible?

superdiamond -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/21/2019 6:24:21)

Dinozard Island Rescue still in limbo.

Ryu Draco -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/8/2019 19:46:19)

The Big Monster Hunt in the shop has not been updated to the version with the Sneak Garb Armor.

Rayimika -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/12/2019 3:23:21)

Thunderbird contest shop is missing from Ballyhoo

Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (11/23/2019 23:30:27)

The Sneaks and Golems part of the Monster Hunt seems to be in Limbo

Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/26/2019 2:44:15)

Frostgale set quest appears to be in Limbo now.

Dr Disrespect -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/26/2019 7:40:15)

War of Fangs: Resurrection is in limbo.

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