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darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/5/2017 2:01:51)

Trumpha Finale is in Limbo

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

RMC -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/7/2017 7:30:09)

Looks like some ballyhoo shops were forgotten to be added this month (Voltaic GD form, Necragon set, Ramssy pet)

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

In Media Res -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/8/2017 1:25:17)

All done up to here!

[This is a personal bookmark to help IMR remember.]

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/11/2017 13:36:45)

Ummm Pounding the Poachers is still in Limbo. Unless it isn't supposed to be with the other Anniversary quests, cause Twilly doesn't have it.

Rayimika -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/11/2017 13:41:24)


darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/13/2017 14:03:31)

^ I see thanks for clarifying.

Carandor -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/6/2017 7:04:04)

Call Maple Beaver seems to have been removed from the LTS at some point (maybe during last weeks release?), but wasn't added to the Guardian Account Shop like the info subs said it would.

Horkus -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/11/2017 22:22:55)

This just occurred to me. It's already a week late after National Yoyo Day, but is the Electric Yoyo coming back again for this June?

Rayimika -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/14/2017 13:15:51)

There are currently 3 running item hunts, which are needed to be made rare: the sleep inducing weapons(Twig and Sailor Boon), Dragonblade fire dragon one and most recent dragon island.

RedEyedDrake -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/30/2017 11:55:28)

The Zealot's Arsenal Ballyhoo shop is still missing after a month or so. And while this is being fixed it wouldn't hurt to add the shop for the Mace of Custosilva at the same time so as to not put it off.

s_venom -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/3/2017 5:32:47)

Zealot's Arsenal shop wasn't added yet to Ballyhoo rewards.
Mace of Custosilva wasn't as well, but it was released only a week ago.

Rayimika -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/28/2017 14:10:20)

Not sure about "Chupacabras from Outer Space" quest, but it and Uncle Krenos encounter and Pinatas from Cinco de Mayo are in due to al leave, I think.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/5/2017 5:10:24)

Underworld part 1 is in Limbo.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/21/2017 22:26:19)

Steam set donation contest rewards needs to be added to ballyhoo rewards.

rp88 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/16/2017 9:17:48)

Any idea when "War for the Fangs" will be out of limbo? Thanks.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (12/27/2017 23:59:32)

War of Fangs Survival is in Limbo

Lord Markov -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (1/9/2018 14:06:55)

War for the Fangs + War of the Fangs: Revival are both in limbo.

kreem -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (1/28/2018 0:29:49)

Moglin Maniac is in limbo I believe

*FAINTS*.... -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/10/2018 18:27:56)

Is Pyre Rat returning around TLaPD this year and therefore currently in limbo, or is it permarare?

mrmiffmiff -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (4/9/2018 8:42:02)

Both Fate of the Uncreated quests seem to still be in limbo despite their entries saying they'd be in Hall of Memories.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (5/1/2018 16:05:11)


Both Fate of the Uncreated quests seem to still be in limbo despite their entries saying they'd be in Hall of Memories.

Can confirm, they are not in Hall of Memories and need to be added

Robina's Monster Hunt that you access from Robina's shop has not been updated with the new monsters and rewards.

ChanDamasco -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (5/19/2018 17:14:24)

The Artic Guardian Dragon Form is not yet in Ballyhoo...

Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/15/2018 10:06:35)

Out of Order Undead War is in Limbo

rp88 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/3/2018 10:34:36)

Quests in Limbo that have not been added to their respective portraits:

1. Blarney War: Ninja Chauns
2. Grenwog Festival / April Fools: Egads, Exploding Eggs!

Jdilla -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/6/2018 13:35:21)

Any updates on the Fate of the Uncreated quests or this year's Blarney/Grenwog/April Fools quests?

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