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Peachii -> Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015 (9/19/2015 4:08:09)

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015

Access Point: Book of Lore -> TLaPD Event
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 18th, 2015

Quests Available
Party Like A Pirate
A Pirate's Revenge

Captain Mazurek



  • Party Quest! - takes you to Party Like A Pirate

  • Talk
    (NOTE - Must have completed Party Like A Pirate quest to access this part of the dialog)
    Captain Mazurek: Avast! I be needin' yer help, <Character>. Th' blasted ninjas hav' pillaged me ship.
    <Character>: What? Why would they risk that?
    Captain Mazurek: Th' Kessel had' th' reptutation o' bein' the' fastest ship.
    Captain Mazurek: 'Cept th' ninjas don't be havin' no mind fer keepin' a ship and me own Autumn Wind been th' fastest ship on th' seas fer years...
    Captain Mazurek: An' now th' scurvy dogs might as well as scuttled me poor ship. Th' glorious Autumn Wind ha' been becalmed.
    Captain Mazurek: Find wha' th' scallywags stole, <Character>. An' then we be needin' to deal wit' th' ninjas once an' fer all.
  • Item Hunt

    Stolen Items

  • Sails

    Clue 1
    The ninjas were spotted running inside of a very old and rusted wreck on Sho Nuff Island...

    Directions: The Hunt Begins! -> From Entrance go 5 Up (before entering the colored door) -> Sails can be found on the right of the screen

  • Rigging

    Clue 2
    The ninjas were spotted at a very old spot where a war was once fought. Maybe you should check a memorial to old wars?

    Directions: Falconreach War Memorial -> Pirate vs Ninja -> To War! -> Battle! For the Ninjas

  • Cannons and Cannonballs

    Clue 3
    The ninjas were spotted where something huffs, and puffs, and blows people off mountains...

    Directions: Everyone Knows It's Windy -> (from entrance) 4 Right

  • Captains' Wheel

    Clue 4
    The ninjas were spotted where a box was once kept hidden. It used to be a spot where people could worship the 4 winds.

    Directions: The Temple Of The Four Winds -> 4 Right

  • Rudder

    Clue 5
    The ninjas were spotted by agent 58!

    Directions: Boxes of Ninjas -> (from entrance) enter door -> 2 Right -> Enter the door blocked by barrels

  • Anchor

    Clue 6
    The ninjas were spotted in Okuchi No Okami's lair! It may be time to get those old scrolls back!

    Directions: Return the Scrolls -> from entrance go Up -> take the path nearer to the left -> 2 Right

  • Talk to Maz! - takes you to A Pirate's Revenge

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