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Location: Special Delivery, Given to Darkness, Defending Against the Darkness, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, The Mage Tower, It Begins..., Doom Amulet

Quests given

Shops owned

Special Delivery

Lafter: No, please! I have friends in Oaklore!

Given to Darkness

Lafter: The torches should keep the fog away. I can light more with spells if we need them.

Lafter: Without magic, Valtrith wouldn't be here at all.

Defending Against the Darkness

Lafter: All the townspeople are set up in the Tower for safety.

Lafter: We have light, fire, and weapons standing by. We know now to not go into in the darkness. I'm not sure what else we can do at this point.

One Step Ahead

Lafter: We've established the entire town as a last stand, so to speak.
Lafter: The gates are fortified, guardians and Rose troops are patrolling the area... I have also notified Lady Jaania.

Lafter: Who's "us"?! No, <Character>, it's no longer between "us"!
Lafter: I'm sorry for your loss, but your dragon is spreading darkness all over the continent.
Lafter: I know that it is not doing this willingly, but we can't ignore that this threat, RIGHT NOW, falls over the entire continent.
Lafter: Lady Jaania and King Alteon had to be notified about this.

Darkness is Coming

Lafter: So you are a healer? Good. We can use every healer available.

The Mage Tower

Lafter: Do not mind him, Emissary Amadeus, I'm glad Lady Jaania got my message! We are grateful for your swift arrival!

It Begins...

Lafter: ... heavy losses already, and...

Lafter: As I was saying, we've already suffered heavy losses, from both Guardian and Rose troops...
Lafter: Our prime goal is to ensure the safety of the townspeople! Sending more people outside the walls won't-

Lafter: ... who put you in charge?

Lafter: ...

Lafter: You were assigned to Amityvale? Why did you leave your post then?!

Lafter: I... agree with the Guardian. Falconreach is the last stand, we cannot let it fall.
Lafter: And besides, the Darkness is specifically targeting this town!
Lafter: It might be because of...
Lafter: ... <Character>... ... since YOU appointed yourself as the one in charge...
Lafter: What do we do?

Doom Amulet

Lafter: What voice?

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