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Icy Beginnings

Location: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> True Mortal -> Quests -> Rise of Nivalis -> Icy Beginnings
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dive In
Release Date: August 5th, 2016

Objective: Head to the frozen north to find all the information that can be found about Nivalis.
Objective completed: This looks promising, but who is this Laguzoki guy? Whats his story?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Arctic Wolf
(6) Frost Mushroom
(3) Ice Elemental
(3) Killguin
(4) Ursice Savage
(3) Arctic Wolf - Boss

True Mortal

Frostfyre's Cestus (All Versions)
Frostfyre's Eye (All Versions)
Frostfyre's Orbital Staff (All Versions)

Access to Icy Beginnings (Shop)

True Mortal: We must find out all we can about Nivalis, <Character>.

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    True Mortal: In order to fight an enemy, one must first KNOW his enemy. We know quite a bit about Isathaara, but we have next to nothing regarding Nivalis.
    True Mortal: It is imperative we find more information.
    <Character>: I agree, but I haven't even HEARD of an Ice Giant until I first saw Nivalis.
    True Mortal: Indeed, however, in my travels I met someone who might be able to give us a lead.

    *A blue droplet from an elixir True Mortal holds rises from its vial and enlarges to reveal a clear image of a vastly hooded warmage.*

    True Mortal: Greetings.
    ???: What do you seek... Guardian?
    True Mortal: We need information on the Ice Giants.
    ???: The children of Frostfyre?
    <Character>: Frostfyre?
    ???: The name the Ice Giants take upon themselves. It is said to refer to the first and greatest of Ice Giants.
    ???: As I understand it, it also is the name for a special kind of fire. But that is... from notes scrawled on the margins of old pages.
    <Character>: Nivalis the Ice Giant seeks Isathaara. We know his plan is to destroy Lore with ice, but beyond that we are lost.
    <Character>: We need to seek out any information we can find that might help us find the key to stopping him.
    ???: The lore of the Ice Giants is ancient... Whatever is known certainly is.
    ???: It is my understanding that once there were great numbers of Ice Giants, but what happened to them is a mystery.
    ???: I have read old text saying that there was once a great war against them. A great many races were allied against them.
    ???: After that they seem to disappear from history.
    <Character>: Is there anything else you can tell me? What happened to them? If I even knew where they went, that would be helpful.
    ???: So far as I know, they were driven to the extreme north... That is the best information I can give you.
    ???: There was once a great body of information, but most of it has gone missing or perhaps been destroyed over the centuries.
    <Character>: What was the cause of the war?
    ???: That is lost lore. To find it, you would have to either seek the Library of the Lost...
    ???: ... which is impractical at best, or to find a living Ice Giant, which seems unlikely.
    <Character>: Is there anything more you can tell us about them?
    ???: Most of the lore is lost or destroyed, but you may ask and I will tell what little there is to know.
    <Character>: What were the giants like?
    ???: What few records survive indicate that they were extremely warlike. They were a proud tribal people.
    ???: I understand that they were also raiders, often striking costal villages and taking what they needed.
    ???: To be honest, this is not completely clear... I have come across other evidence that they were farmers and hunters....
    <Character>: Were they often in conflict with other races?
    ???: As I said, I kenned them to be raiders. There is a chance that their victims soon tired of the raids and thus they came into conflict.
    ???: I would assume that this did mean there were frequent eruptions of hostility.
    ???: All that was long ago, however.
    <Character>: Were they intensely magical?
    ???: That is difficult to say. There is word that among them were the occasional Elementalist.
    ???: I am not certain if this appears throughout the race, or in any single clan. I have heard rumours, but nothing definitive.
    <Character>: Have any Ice Giants been seen, besides Nivalis?
    ???: There have been occasional reports and wayfarers' tales of what might be encounters with them...
    ???: ... but these reports are largely dismissed as tall tales.
    <Character>: Do you have any clue where they might be living?
    ???: No, but there were some records of an Ice Giant village... shortly before their exile...
    ???: ... that existed in the region somewhat farther north of the Ruins of Bask.
    ???: Mayhap you should start there.

    *Fades to black. Moments after the warmage severed communication, you find yourself in a grim, but beautiful snowy forest, searching for traces of the Ice Giant's culture. While hiking, you find a hut with a small farm and a sleeping ice wolf in a tent. An extremely pale man comes out to welcome you.*

    Laguzoki: Welcome, <Character>. I have consulted the bones, and knew you were coming.
    Laguzoki: Please, come inside. I have much to tell you, and you MUST accept the hospitality of my home.

    *Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Icy Beginnings (Shop)

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

    "When you get closer to this odd tree, you're filled with a very soothing feeling."
    "You are healed!"

  • Note: The blue mushrooms in a branch-covered part of the forest can heal you when clicked on. It is a one time heal.

    Next Up: Cold Truth

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