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[image][/image]Shadowheart Bracer
Legends tell the story of a Darkness elemental who fell in love with a hero. The elemental gave up their mortal form to be with the hero always. This artifact boosts the effectiveness of Shadow Mage, Shadow Rogue, and Shadow Warrior skills.
(No DA Required)

Location: Shattered, Ashes, Madness, Doomed, Peril, Old Friends, Flight from Sho'Nuff
Price: N/A
Sellback: 0 Gold

Level: 1
Element: Darkness
Bonuses: WIS +1, END +1, CHA +1, LUK +1
Resists: None
Modifies: Ancient Shadow Warrior, Ancient Shadow Mage, Ancient Shadow Rogue, Shadow Warrior, Shadow Mage, Shadow Rogue

Rarity: 0
Item Type: Artifact
Equip Spot: Wrist
Category: Armor

Other information
  • Replaces your bracer slot when equipped.
  • Has a 10% drop rate as confirmed in the July 29th, 2016 Design Notes.

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