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Location: Tournament of Champions / (Easy), Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy), Return to Lymcrest, The Apprentice, The Bargain, Darkheart, ANOMALY

Quests given

Shops owned

Tournament of Champions / (Easy)

???: . . .

???: Um...excuse me...

Falwynn: My name is Falwynn.

Falwynn: Are you...really...

Falwynn: ...the legendary <Character>?

Falwynn: You're as humble as they say you are.

Falwynn: Oh no, I'm sorry for taking up your time!
Falwynn: Please excuse me!

Falwynn: Oh, it looks like you're up, <Character>! Best of luck!

Falwynn: You did great out there!
Falwynn: I think you might actually win this!

Falwynn (thinking): All right...now what should I—?

Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)

Falwynn: Ugh...

Falwynn: I... don't know how to thank you...

Falwynn: I'll be... fine.

Falwynn: That... that sounds perfect. Thank you.

Falwynn: Thanks... and... good luck.
Falwynn: I heard what you said back at the city's notice board.

Falwynn: What The Rose is doing needs to be brought to light. I'm sure you'll be able to convince the King of their misdeeds!
Falwynn: Just... be careful. This city truly supports The Rose. I bet they'll be more likely to turn on you if you directly challenge their views.

Falwynn: . . .

Falwynn: . . .
Falwynn: Also, if you have time after the tournament, um...
Falwynn: I have a message I was told to deliver to you.
Falwynn: It's from—

Falwynn: Ah...
Falwynn: See you soon, <Character>.

Falwynn: I'll be rooting for you from the stands!

Falwynn: Um...didn't <Character> just defeat the champion?

Falwynn: Wait... then—

Falwynn: Then... who?!

Falwynn: <Character>!

Falwynn: I'm fine, don't worry about me!

Falwynn: Congratulations on winning the tournament!

Falwynn: I'm not sure who that last contestant was... but...
Falwynn: Well, anyway, I'm here to give you that message!
Falwynn: Actually, I have TWO messages here for you.

Falwynn: Okay, so...
Falwynn: The first letter is from... Sir Leon, up in the Shears.

Falwynn: Shh!

Falwynn: I'm here to tell you that they've made an important discovery... and they'd like to meet with you as soon as you can.

Falwynn: The other one is from... Kara! And all your swampy friends!
Falwynn: Um...
Falwynn: There are a lot of names I can't pronounce... But everyone is safe and wishing you well.
Falwynn: It sounds like after the last skirmish, things have calmed down a lot. So you don't need to worry about them.

Falwynn: Wait... Um... That would have made a lot more sense, huh?
Falwynn: I uh... I got a little too excited at the chance to really prove myself and learn from the champions of Swordhaven.
Falwynn: I actually just "joined up" recently. And while everyone else is running around, being heroic, I'm stuck... delivering mail.

Falwynn: ...Yeah... It was just a silly dream, I guess. ...Maybe I'm not cut out to be a hero like you.

Falwynn: And I guess running errands is... experience?
Falwynn: Hmm... I suppose it is!
Falwynn: Oh... but I don't think I'm quite cut out for the swamp life...
Falwynn: ...I'm just going to head home. Um... If you ever want to maybe train together, Mr. Ash in Falconreach knows where to find me!

Falwynn: I have to go now, but... I wish you luck on your journeys, <Character>.

Falwynn: I, uh... I hope we meet again!

Return to Lymcrest

???: Hey—Dad?

Falwynn: Sorry...I kinda broke your crossbow again...

Falwynn: <Character>?!
Falwynn: I...uh...fancy meeting you here!

Falwynn: Mom!

Falwynn: Daaaaaad!

Falwynn: Dad! Look, I fixed the crossbow up—

Falwynn: Y-Yes?

Falwynn: Huh?

Falwynn: You mean...like on an adventure?

Falwynn: A...
Falwynn: Awww, YES! WHOO!
Falwynn: I'll...I'll finally get to go out and see the world!
Falwynn: Oh, thank you so much, Mom and Dad!
Falwynn: Thank you, thank you!

The Apprentice

Falwynn: So...pretend to be them?



Falwynn: Well then... ...shall we begin?

Falwynn: Ooh, ooh! I know!

Falwynn: How dare you try to take the tournament championship from ME, <Character>!
Falwynn: GRRRAHHH!

Falwynn: Oh, that's easy!
Falwynn: *deep breath*
Falwynn: I accidentally did something that powered up this villain, giving them the advant-

Falwynn: Heh, that was fun! Am I getting the hang of this?

Falwynn: You mean it?

Falwynn: Aww, heck yeah!
Falwynn: I wasn't able to fight you at the tournament, <Character>, but now's my chance!
Falwynn: You better get ready! I'll show you I'm not a pushover!

Falwynn: Hold on, <Character>! I'll get you down in a jiffy!

Falwynn: WhaaaAAAAAA!

Falwynn: W-What is this thing?!

Falwynn: What? That's so lame!

Falwynn: My crossbow!
Falwynn: If I can reach it...I can get us down from here...!
Falwynn: Hnnnnngh!
Falwynn: Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggh!!!
Falwynn: ...It's no use.

Falwynn: Got it...
Falwynn: Well, look on the bright side, <Character>!
Falwynn: Maybe someone'll come along and get us down from here!

Falwynn: Well, you never know!

Falwynn: Hey, little guy!

Falwynn: Can you help us out?

Falwynn: Grr! We can't just stay here forever!



Falwynn: We won't know unless we try!

The Bargain

Falwynn: Yeah, we really owe you one-

Falwynn: Wait a minute! What are YOU doing here?

Falwynn: That's-really?

Falwynn: And where'd you learn to fight like that?!

Falwynn: I'm... from the tournament, too! Remember?

Falwynn: Oh yeah...

Falwynn: <Character>, if he's homeless, we should take him in...

Falwynn: It must've taken a lot of training to get that strong!

Falwynn: I'm here 'cause <Character>'s teaching me how to fight! To beat strong guys like you!

Falwynn: <Character>! This is our chance!
Falwynn: Let's find out more about him!

Falwynn: Wait!

Falwynn: Do you... um...
Falwynn: Do you think you could give me a few pointers in fighting? You know, since you're already out here and all?

Falwynn: But-!

Falwynn: Come on, let's go after him!

Falwynn: But isn't this a part of adventuring? Stalking people?

Falwynn: Oof!

Falwynn: Ooow ow ow oow...

Falwynn: Mhm! We met at the Tourname-

Falwynn: Um... eavesdropping?

Falwynn: ...Oh! My name's Falwynn! And this is <Character>!

Falwynn: It's nice to meet you, Sophie! I'm... really sorry if we're causing you trouble...

Falwynn: And why are you wearing a helmet?

Falwynn: Does it have to do with your last name? Helmstep?

Falwynn: Ack!


Falwynn: What—?
Falwynn: But... how? We were just—

Falwynn: I need to calm down.
Falwynn: I need... I need to find the others.

Falwynn: Did I hear Sophie's voice coming from this direction? She should be somewhere around here. I hope everyone is okay...

Falwynn: Sophie! I'm here!

Falwynn: This way—

Falwynn: Ngh...!

Falwynn: SOPH—

Falwynn: ...

Falwynn: Faust... I need your help.

Falwynn (whispering): A noble? What's he doing here?

Falwynn (whispering): Faust, we need to—
Falwynn (whispering): Faust?!

Falwynn: Faust!



Falwynn: What's going on? What is this place?

Falwynn: Ugh...

Falwynn: You!

Falwynn: What did you do?!

Falwynn: You literally JUST burned down a whole forest, of COURSE you—

Other information
  • Falwynn is the adoptive daughter of Doug Digg and Lyra, as revealed in Return to Lymcrest.
  • From Aeon;

  • Her birthday is April 7th (based on our calendar, not the in-game one!).
  • Her favorite color is ultraviolet, a color she can't even see. Her next favorite is green.
  • She was based on Linkle, a character from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Falwynn previously appeared in the retired quests Tournament of Champions / (Easy) and Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy); any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

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