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Location: Tournament of Champions Part 2 (All Versions), The Burning Village, The Apprentice, The Bargain, Reminiscence, Darkheart

Quests given

Shops owned

Tournament of Champions Part 2 (All Versions)

Faust: Well then...

Faust: ...shall we begin?

Faust: As much as I'd love to stay and chat...

Faust: It seems we'll have to finish this some other time.

Faust: You there.

Faust: The announcer.

Faust: I concede defeat.

The Burning Village

Faust (thinking): So... the tournament was a bust.
Faust (thinking): I thought that musclebound oaf would know where to find it, but...
Faust (thinking): Where could it be...?

Faust: Are you alright?

Faust: You need to get out of here.

Faust: There are more of those soldiers, right?

Faust: I'll worry about them. Go.
Faust: Find help.

Faust: ...

The Apprentice

Faust: It's fine.

Faust: Stay here. I'll be right back.

The Bargain

Faust: I live here. I'm homeless.

Faust: Is something wrong?

Faust: Do I know you?

Faust: ...No. Sorry.

Faust: *thinking* What are they whispering about...?

Faust: Anyways, something else required my attention that day. And I've had my share of experience in battle.

Faust: Quite.
Faust: Now, do explain why you two are in this forest.

Faust: I see.
Faust: Well, if that's all, then I'll be on my way.

Faust: Very well. Allow me to give you a demonstration.

Faust: ...I was mistaken. Some other time, then.

Faust: Sophie?

Faust: Are you all right?

Faust: Yes, but I've taken care of it.
Faust: Now come on, let's get you inside.

Faust: I'd rather not risk you overexerting yourself.

Faust: Yes. I'm going to find it if it's the last thing I do.

Faust: I'll be back before you know it. Safe and sound.

Faust: I promise.

Faust: ...er...

Faust: Friends. They're friends of mine.

Faust: I have friends.

Faust: Sophie!

Faust: What. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing?

Faust: I have half a mind to-

Faust: That's quite enough.

Faust: But-

Faust: ...


Faust: You must be joking.

Faust: ...
Faust (narrating): She was the first person to ever defeat me.
Faust (narrating): She was... odd.

Faust: Your fashion sense is as odd as ever.

Faust: ...I don't understand. Why do you keep talking to me?

Faust: I've brought you nourishment.

Faust: It's not stealing if it's through trial by combat.

Faust: I don't know. Stay close to me.

Faust: Sophie! Hold on!

Faust: NO!!!

Faust: *pant* *pant*

Faust: Sophie? Sophie?!

Faust: Sophie!?

Faust: Please...

Faust: G E T ... A W A Y.

Faust: I've... been searching.

Faust: Tonics and potions. Tinctures and ointments.
Faust: Anything and everything to help Sophie.

Faust: And after all these years... I've finally found what she needs.
Faust: There's just one ingredient left...


Faust: ...I was careless.
Faust: It won't happen a second time.

Faust: <Character>! This man—!
Faust: His organization, Darkheart, they—

Other information
  • Faust is a reference to the tragedy of the same name, Faust, written by German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Kid Appearance

    Thanks to Phastore for Kid appearance image.

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