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Thorn Member(s)

Location: Dark Devices, Enigmatic Epidemic, Artifact Heist, Fear, Fortress of Thorns

Quests given

Shops owned

Dark Devices

Thorn Member: Tell Commander Theano we have found it....

Thorn Member: Commander Theano... Are you sure we should be doing this?
Thorn Member: Lady Jaania would not approve of these... methods.

Thorn Member: Put your hands on the... things, now!

Enigmatic Epidemic

Thorn Member: Commander Theano, you should not be practicing magi! It's exactly what we are trying to stop!

Thorn Member: Y-yes, sir!

Thorn Member: Commander Theano, how are you doing this?

Artifact Heist

Thorn Member: The Guardians didn't know what hit them!
Thorn Member: Yeah! They don't even know it was us that attacked them! All they saw were those crazy machines!
Thorn Member: Commander Theano, your plan was brilliant!

Thorn Members: Yes, Commander Theano!


Thorn Member: Yes, sir.
Thorn Member: The Hero has been spotted near the town, Commander Theano.

Thorn Member: Yes, sir.

Fortress of Thorns

Thorn Member: Sound the alarms! The Hero is attacking the fortress!
Thorn Member: Battle stations!


Thanks to Peachii for Artifact Heist dialogue.

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