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What REALLY Happened

Other name: Interlude 3: What REALLY happened

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Interlude 3
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Snowfang the Dragon
Release Date: December 30th, 2016

Objective: Find out what REALLY happened that fateful Frostval night as Holly and Tinsel work together to find the true meaning of the holidays!
Objective completed: And that's what really happened! Have a very merry Frostval!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Snowy Tog
(5) Yeti
(5) Arctic Wolf

Icemaster Yeti

Festive Gift Opener (All Versions)

Access to Frostval 2016 DC Loot!


*You, Icemaster Yeti, and the Frostvale moglins are still gathered around the bonfire, waiting for someone else to recap Frostval's events from this year.*

Icemaster Yeti: Now that we've heard from both Tinsel and Holly, why don't we find out what really happened today?
<Character>: Chilly? Will you do the honors?

*Chilly nods his head with extreme enthusiasm.*

Chilly: Soooooo...

*Flashes white to depict a recap of you surrounded on both sides by Tinsel and Holly while Chilly witnesses their shared excitement.*

Chilly: The four of us gathered to make our sculptures for this year's contest.
Holly: <Character>!
Tinsel: <Character>!
Holly: It's here! The annual snow sculpting contest!
Tinsel: Come on! Let's go!
<Character>: Haha, hold on! Wait a minute!
<Character>: Do you guys know what you're making?
Holly: Mhmm!
Holly: I'M going to make the coolest, most dashing-
Tinsel: I'm gonna make a Snow Tog!

*Tinsel raises both of his hands in the air and runs off-screen to start sculpting right away.*

<Character>: Chilly?
Chilly: Hmm... I have an idea...

*Fades to black before fading back in on Tinsel while he is sculpting his snow tog.*

Tinsel: This is gonna be so cool!

*To his left, Holly blissfully places her Serenity doll next to her moglin sculpture.*

Holly: And you'll go riiiiiight here, next to him...~
Holly: This is a really special spot, Princess Flake! I hope you'll keep it warm for me~!

*To her left, Chilly sculpts a feline-dragon hybrid made with snow in addition to sticks and a carrot. He looks at it proudly when he comes to a good stopping point.*

Chilly: Hmm...

*His eyes sparkle and he raises his smile. Chilly then gives his sculpture a hug, but the resulting magic unintentionally brings it to life. The moment the dragon sculpture roars, Chilly realizes his mistake.*

Holly: Huh?

*The reanimated dragon sculpture swiftly flies past Holly's sculpture, wrecking it and taking her Serenity doll in the process, worrying her deeply.*

Tinsel: Wha-?

*The dragon sculpture also wrecks Tinsel's sculpture simply by flying past it, terrifying him after seeing the snow pile that used to be his snow tog.*

Holly: No...!!
Holly: Princess Flaaaaaake!!!!!!
Icemaster Yeti: So the dragon came to life and made off with the doll- I mean, uh, fair princess?
Chilly: Mhmm...

*You approach Chilly whose head was buried in a snow pile by the time you arrived.*

<Character>: Chilly? What happened?!

*Chilly escaped from the pile by performing a backflip. He landed on his feet right next to you.*

Chilly: I...um...
Chilly: I was making a snow dragon...
Chilly: And it...accidentally came to life...

*Your eyes widened and you begin to turn regretful upon hearing Chilly's answer.*

Chilly: It wasn't on purpose! I was just trying to make it better!
Chilly: But my hug brought it to life...and then it flew away!
<Character>: How realistic did you make the dragon?!

*You look up in the sky to see for yourself regarding how realistic the dragon sculpture is. It is flying past the region by the time you got a good look at it.*

<Character>: Okay, that's pretty realistic!
Holly: Waaaaaaaaaah!!!
<Character>: I'm sorry your sculpture was ruined, Holly...
Holly: *hic*
Tinsel: No! That's not it!
Tinsel: The dragon made off with her doll!
Holly: Princess Flaaaaaake...!!
<Character>: What?
Chilly: We've gotta go and get it back!
Tinsel: But...I saw it!
Tinsel: I saw you make that dragon, Chilly!
Holly: *sniffles*
Chilly: I did... but I'm gonna fix it!
Chilly: And <Character> will go with me to talk some sense into that dragon!
Chilly: Right, <Character>?
<Character>: Y-Yeah!
Chilly: Then let's go!

*Both you and Chilly travel into the snowy fields away from Frostvale to track down the dragon sculpture. On the way, Chilly feels regretful himself.*

Chilly: I feel really bad....
<Character>: It's not your fault. No one could've expected that.
Chilly: Yeah, but I should've known better!
Chilly: My papa says I need to be a good role model for Holly and Tinsel...
<Character>: Well, now's your chance! Let's get that doll back, and those two will see just how cool you are!
Chilly: Was that a pun?
<Character>: N-No.
<Character> (thinking): That was close... he almost caught me there.
<Character>: Hmm, the wind is picking up. There might be a snowstorm approaching, stay close to me.

*You and Chilly get caught in the snowstorm, but it does not impede the both of you from advancing through the field, however, while you move, a slither of your HP is deduced from the frostbite. Only a healing pad can guarantee recovery. Chilly gets in the ice cave ahead of you and hides behind an icicle while the dragon sculpture sleeps.*

Chilly (thinking): If I can just get to Princess Flake...

*Chilly sneaks around the area quietly, but just as he is near the Serenity doll, he grabs it quickly and runs past the dragon sculpture.*

Chilly: Yeah! That wasn't so bad!

*The dragon wakes up shortly afterwards at the sound of Chilly's voice, pushing his luck off the ledge.*

Chilly: Ah... whoops.
???: ... I know you. You're the little floof that brought me to life.
Chilly: Technically, I also kinda built you!
???: What business do you have here with me?
Chilly: Um... I'm here to take back this doll from you!
Chilly: You took it from a friend of mine by accident... and she needs it back!

*The dragon sculpture's head moves toward Chilly in an intimidating manner.*

???: And what happens if I refuse?
Chilly: Uuuuh...
Chilly: Ummm...

*Just as Chilly starts to get nervous, you catch up to him, which puts him at ease knowing that you have arrived to help him.*

<Character>: That's where I come in!

*After getting a good look at you, the dragon sculpture makes up its mind at once.*

???: Okay.
<Character>: Now get ready to-
<Character>: -wait, what?
Chilly: Huh?
???: You can have it back.
<Character>: Uh... what? Shouldn't there be... a fight or something?
???: No. That would be boring. Plus, you can't hurt me. I'm made of snow.
<Character> (thinking): He's got a point...
Chilly (thinking): He's got a point...
Chilly: But why are you letting us go?
???: Because I owe you a debt. You created me, after all.
Chilly: Really?
???: Yes. But I'm still not finished yet.

*Meanwhile, back at Frostvale, Tinsel and Holly were still hugging each other when the former saw you arrive back at the village.*

Tinsel: <Character>.
Tinsel: Did... did you get it?

*Chilly hands Holly back her Serenity doll, bringing tears of joy to her eyes.*

Holly: Princess Flake!
Holly: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Holly: So... so cool!
Tinsel (thinking): My Snow Tog was cooler!
Holly: Thank you for helping, <Character>!
<Character>: Oh, don't thank me. Chilly's the hero here! *wink*
Holly (thinking): My knight in shining armor...
Tinsel: But what about the dragon?
Chilly: Oh, about that...

*The dragon sculpture lands on the ground behind you and Chilly, scaring the young moglin twins.*

Chilly: He says he's sorry for taking the princess, and that he needs your help!

*In a recap that depicts what happened shortly before you and Chilly go back to Frostvale, the dragon sculpture delivers some sorrowful news about its life force.*

<Character>: So... the Moglin magic that's keeping you alive isn't enough?
???: Yes. Unless some other Moglins pour their magic into me-
???: -and you can stop hugging me, little one-

*Chilly hugs the sculpture, terrified that he would lose it any minute now.*

???: -I won't be alive for much longer. And even then, I would only last until the new year.
Chilly: I know just the right Moglins to help!
Holly: So... you want us to give him a hug?
<Character>: Maybe not a huuuuuug.
???: Something a little more potent than that.

*Chilly's eyes widened, causing them to sparkle. Tinsel just frowns while Holly contemplates. Thankfully, she smiles before she announces her decision.*

Holly: Oh, all right!

*After some preparation when they walk to the dragon sculpture, Holly and Tinsel shower it with blossoming affection, boosting its life force.*

Icemaster Yeti: So it wasn't just a hug. All three of you helped bring him to life?
Tinsel: Well...
Holly: ...
Tinsel: ...
Tinsel: Yes.
Icemaster Yeti: Well, why didn't you just say that from the start?
Tinsel: Hand-holding is embarrassing, okay?!
<Character> (thinking): But not the kissing?

*Back to the present, Chilly finally wraps up his side of the story depicting the events of this year's tale.*

Chilly: So basically... that's pretty much how it happened!
<Character>: That reminds me... what will you name him?
Holly: Let's see... How about... Mr. Twinkl-
Tinsel: The Super Mega Giga Ultra Hyper Frost Wyvern! SMGUHFW!
Chilly: How about Snowfang?
Chilly: Do you like it?

*The dragon sculpture, now a living creature, kneels down toward the gathering to look at Chilly while it answers.*

Snowfang: That sounds perfect.
Holly: Yeah!
<Character>: Then Snowfang it is!
Icemaster Yeti: Hmm, what an interesting story after all! So THAT'S why there was a dragon by the table!
Icemaster Yeti: Good to know!
<Character>: And what did you two learn from this?
Tinsel: To work together...
Holly: To work together...
<Character>: And?
Tinsel: Not to exaggerate...
Holly: Not to exaggerate...
Chilly: What do you think, Snowfang?
Snowfang: Well, I must admit, they were both very interesting stories.
Snowfang (thinking): Even though I was a villain in all of them...
Icemaster Yeti: And thanks to you three, we have a powerful new ally to protect us during the Frostval season!
Snowfang: Yes, and your magic ensures that I'll return again every year.
Everyone: Happy Frostval!

*Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Frostval 2016 DC Loot!

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