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A New Discovery

Location: The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up -> Sir Leon -> Quests -> Sanctuary's Return -> A New Discovery
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Oculus Tower and Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)
Release Date: March 24th, 2017

Objective: Leon received a letter addressed to you. Explore and find out what Akanthus' henchmen are up to.
Objective completed: Who's that ragged man covered in Rose-made bracelets and chains?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Dirt Beetle
(3) Energizer
(1) Forest Fury
(4) Manahuntress
(6) Rose Researcher
(1) Wolf


Warding Girdle (All Versions)

Access to Discovery Loot for DCs.

  • Sir Leon joins you as Guest A.

    *Leon sits at a table in the Shears reading a troubling letter; he seems to be terribly worried.*

    Leon: *grumble*
    Leon: Seven hundred and forty gold for archery supplies?

    Leon: No, no, that can't possibly be right...
    ???: Sir Leon!
    Leon: Hmm?
    Leon: <Character>! Good to see you!
    <Character>: Same to you! How are things?
    Leon: I might as well turn myself in to The Rose at this point.
    <Character>: ... That bad?
    Leon: No, but the logistics of maintaining a functioning would-be army would almost convince me.
    Leon: How can I help?
    <Character>: You sent me a letter. Is something up?
    Leon: Ah, that. You would better have a look at the answer yourself.

    *Leon removes a blue rag from the object; it's a bracelet manufactured by the Rose to shackle the magical creatures, but instead of its usual color, it's neon green, which confuses you.*

    <Character>: Just Rose Bracelets? Although they look sort of different...
    Leon: They are.
    Leon: A letter came with them when they appeared at The Shears which I suggest you read. It's addressed to you.

    *Leon shows you the aforementioned letter; you begin to read it aloud.*

    <Character>: To the Hero of Falconreach, <Character>.
    <Character>: I have important knowledge in your quest to relay.
    <Character>: I have stumbled upon what I believe to be something that may help shed light...
    <Character>: ... on the nature of some of Akanthus', the military branch of the Rose's General, plots and potentially more.
    <Character>: As proof of my claim, you have before you a pair of Rose Bracelets made for creatures not magical in nature, but entirely natural:
    <Character>: Gorrilaphant Bracelets.

    <Character>: I believe they were made in a secret outpost of The Rose hidden in a remote location.
    <Character>: Please. Come to the coordinates indicated below. There, you shall see.

    *You pause to process the letter's authenticity.*

    <Character>: Do you think it's a trap?
    Leon: Your guess is as good as mine. I checked the coordinates on the map, but it doesn't lead to any known Rose outposts or towns.
    Leon: Just an area just shy of the coast to the West. There is nothing there that I know of.
    <Character>: Well, I guess if Akanthus is involved... we can't miss the chance. Show the way!

    *You and Leon travel to an isolated area of a forest as per the enclosed coordinates, but there is no sign of the Rose anywhere; the seemingly dead end disappoints you.*

    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: You weren't kidding when you said there wasn't anything here, were you?
    Leon: ...
    Leon: Well... this is definitely the place.

    *Leon rereads the letter and the coordinates with a stern look on his face; he looks around his surroundings in the forest, but any attempt to find anything out of the ordinary is fruitless.*

    Leon: It doesn't look like anyone or anything is here.
    Leon: *sigh*
    Leon: What a long way to come for n-

    *The sound of something made of metal suddenly echoes through the forest; Leon turns around to face the opposite direction, back, and around again to discover that you have suddenly vanished abruptly after the noise dies out.*

    Leon: <Character>?
    Boulder: Here...

    *Leon's eyes widen significantly, startled by the voice coming from behind the boulder, but he quickly calms down once he realizes it's you.*

    <Character>: I don't suggest leaning onto the boulder, given that it's some kind of an illusion...
    Leon: An illusion?
    <Character>: Yep. Oh, and there's a hole under it too. I kinda learned the hard way.

    *You collect yourself after falling down the hidden entrance.*

    <Character>: Ow...
    Leon: How deep is it? Can you see anything down there?
    <Character>: A pair of large metal doors with a Rose insignia on them.
    Leon: That has to be the hidden outpost! Can you open them?
    <Character>: They're slightly opened already.
    Leon: Then either someone must have come through recently...
    <Character>: ... Or someone's expecting a visit?
    Leon: More or less.
    <Character>: Alright, I am going in.

    <Character>: Stay here and keep an eye out...
    Leon: ... And miss out on all the action?
    <Character>: Well...
    Leon: I am a man of action as much as tactics, <Character>!

    Leon: Hold on. I am coming down with you.

    *You and Leon infiltrate the Rose research facility, battling various Rose soldiers, Rose Researchers, and shackled creatures along the way, until you find a room in which an unconscious man is shackled and imprisoned.*

    Leon: ... What is this?!
    <Character>: Sir Leon! Wait up!

    *You enter the room at once to catch up with him shortly after the discovery.*

    <Character>: That last group was bigger than the last. I think they're starting to-

    *You catch sight of the shackled man as well, putting you in a state of astonishment.*

    <Character>: Woah...
    <Character>: Who... is this guy?
    Leon: I have no idea. He was locked behind some kind of containment... thing... and then it just-
    ???: ... opened on its very own?

    *Both you and Leon turn around in the opposite direction upon hearing a voice that you have not heard in a long while.*

    ???: Isn't it wonderful that we meet again...

    *The man who made this unexpected greeting turns out to be none other than the Rose Agent you encountered in the dravir camps near Sulen'Eska long ago; he is accompanied by a Manahuntress and a Rose Researcher.*

    ???: ... <Character>?

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Reward Shop - opens Discovery Loot for DCs shop.

    Thanks to Jorath for quest requirement information.

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