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Return to Lymcrest

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> Return to Lymcrest
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 7th, 2017

Objective: Find out what happened to the mining town of Lymcrest!
Objective completed: Falwynn has joined you... as your new apprentice?!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Doug Digg

Falwynn's Lucky Rock


*You're in Lim's shop, watching him tinker with an unknown contraption; he appears frustrated.*

Lim: ... NO! It's not enough!
Lim: If I were to build a machine that could extract determination...
Lim: ...and solidify it into physical, crystalline form...
Lim: I would have to work with better materials. Purer metals, for one thing.
<Character>: Well, where would we get that?
Lim: Hmm...

*Lim takes a moment to think.*

Lim: In the past, I used to receive metal shipments directly from the town of Lymcrest.
Lim: Undyte, Papyrite—you name it.
Lim: I assume you've heard of it?
<Character>: Of course! I used to—
Lim: Yes, yes, very interesting.
Lim: In any case, I haven't heard from them in ages. And I want YOU to go figure out why.
<Character>: For what reason?
Lim: For SCIENCE, of course!
Lim: Find out why those shipments have stopped coming in.
Lim: You won't find purer earth metals anywhere else!

*You leave Lim's shop for Lymcrest, arriving at what's left of the former mining town, signified by the familiar statue of a dwarf overhead.*

<Character>: I can't believe he made me trek all the way out here...

*You look both left and right, but nothing is as you remember, as dirt and mining equipment have been replaced by lush greenery.*

<Character>: This should be the spot... I think?
<Character>: Where is everyone?
???: HEY!

*Soon after your arrival, a familiar face greets you.*

Doug Digg: How ya doin'? We don't get too many visitors 'round these parts.
<Character>: Doug?
Doug Digg: Hmm? Do I know ya?

*It takes Doug Digg a moment to recognise you after all these years.*

Doug Digg: Wait...<Character>?
Doug Digg: Haha, it's been too long!
Doug Digg: What brings you to Lymcrest?
<Character>: Wait...this is Lymcrest?!

*You take a moment, surprised by this revelation.*

Doug Digg: should come along to my place.
Doug Digg: We've got some catching up to do!

*You and Doug head back to his place, where you sit around a round table with a beverage.*

Doug Digg: So, Lim sent you, huh? Figures that shut-in wouldn't have heard anythin' about us!
Doug Digg: But man! Frozen for so many years!
<Character>: What exactly...happened to this place?
Doug Digg: Ah, well, I s'pose things have changed a bit since the Rose came along.
Doug Digg: They harvested a lot of our resources a while back.
<Character>: And what'd they do with it?
Doug Digg: Some stuff they considered 'dangerous,' so they sealed it away somewhere.
Doug Digg: Other stuff, they took for 'emselves.

*Scene depicts some ornate weaponry resting in the corner of Doug's house.*

Doug Digg: Soon afterwards, all the remainin' miners left, too. Didn't think there was anything left to mine.
Doug Digg: The town's been empty ever since.
<Character>: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that...
Doug Digg: No, no—don't worry, <Character>!
Doug Digg: People think Lymcrest is all but barren at this point.
Doug Digg: But what they don't that we've got all the resources we could ever need, right here.
Doug Digg: All we've gotta dig a little deeper.
???: Are you two having fun?

*A female dwarf with purple hair enters the room.*

Doug Digg: Oh, I don't believe ya'll two have met!
Doug Digg: This is Lyra, my beautiful wife!
Lyra: It's a pleasure!
<Character>: You're married?!
Doug Digg: Of course!
Doug Digg: You didn't meet her all those years ago 'cause she was on some envoy missions for the Dwarven Kingdoms.
Doug Digg: She's an important person, y'know!
Lyra: Oh, stop~
Doug Digg: Come to think of it, our daughter should be home soon, too!

*At that moment, you hear someone open the door from the left side of the room.*

???: Hey—Dad?

*Scene pans to the left to reveal that Doug and Lyra's daughter is actually Falwynn, from the Tournament of Champions.*

Falwynn: Sorry...I kinda broke your crossbow again...
Doug Digg: Don't worry about it, sweetheart! We'll get it fixed up in a jiffy.

*Falwynn finally notices you sitting opposite Doug; both her and your eyes widen in surprise.*

Falwynn: <Character>?!, <Character>: Falwynn?!
Falwynn: I...uh...fancy meeting you here!
Doug Digg: You know my daughter?
<Character>: Ehhhhhh?!

<Character>: Your daughter?!

*After this revelation, both Lyra and Falwynn join you and Doug at the table.*

Doug Digg:'re probably wonderin' how I have a daughter, and why she's not a dwarf!
<Character>: To put it bluntly...

<Character>: Yes. Very much yes.
Doug Digg: Well, it all started about sixteen years ago...

*Scene flashes back to a time when Lymcrest was a prosperous mining town.*

Lyra: My husband was the foreman of an ambitious project at the time.
Lyra: He was in charge of widening a tunnel between the Dwarven Kingdoms and the surface.
Lyra: Had it been successful, it would've opened up a new world of commerce...literally!
<Character>: Had?
Doug Digg: Well, ya see, that's when the first...incidents started happening.
Doug Digg: With the elements.
Lyra: Soon, it was deemed too dangerous to continue the project.
Doug Digg: And after that...well, you know the rest.
Doug Digg: But anyway!
Doug Digg: I was busy discussin' the schematics of the tunnel one day, when I heard a cryin' sound comin' from the forest nearby.
Doug Digg: And wouldn't ya know it! Someone had left a baby alone in the bushes!

*Scene returns to the present day, with everyone sitting around the table.*

Lyra: I remember, she had the chubbiest cheeks...!
Falwynn: Mom!
Doug Digg: A'course, one thing led to another.
Doug Digg: We kept waitin' for her real parents to come back, of course.
Doug Digg: But no one would claim her. And people just kept movin' out of Lymcrest.

*Falwynn looks down, emotionally.*

Lyra: So eventually...we took her in for ourselves!
Doug Digg: And it was the best decision of our lives!
Falwynn: Daaaaaad!
<Character>: How come I've never heard of her until now?
Lyra: Oh, she was running around all over the place back then.
Lyra: We couldn't get her to stay still.
Doug Digg: And once things started getting worse, with Xan an' all, I sent her off with Lyra.
Doug Digg: But enough of that! Now, who wants pie?

*Later that evening, you decide it's time to head back to Falconreach, leaving Doug and Lyra's house.*

<Character>: Looks like you two have it pretty good here!
Doug Digg: I can't complain! It's all I'd ever ask for.

*Doug pauses, something seemingly on his mind.*

Doug Digg: But...umm...
Doug Digg: We have a favor to ask of you, <Character>.

*The dwarven couple pause again.*

Lyra: Take Falwynn with you.
<Character>: Huh?

*Falwynn is fixing Doug's crossbow at a forge nearby the house, as the fireplace illuminates the surrounding area; you, Doug, and Lyra watch Falwynn work.*

Doug Digg: We know it's sudden, but...
Doug Digg: She's been real excited ever since she came back from that tournament in Swordhaven.
Doug Digg: Well, not before me and Lyra gave her a stern talking-to, a'course.
Doug Digg: made us realize. We can't provide for her here anymore.
Doug Digg: Supplies are running low, and dwarves...well, we can survive on rocks.
Lyra: Lymcrest...and the underground in general...
Lyra: It's not right for her. Not enough.
Lyra: She needs to go out and see the world.
<Character>: But...are you sure this is the best—?
Lyra: It is. We've had a lot of time to think it over.
Doug Digg: And with all the travellin' she's been doin', it only cemented our decision.
<Character>: Isn't there anyone else? I mean, I'm not exactly the safest person to be around...
Lyra: No one else comes to mind.
Doug Digg: And after what you and Warlic did for us, we'd trust either of ya.
Lyra: So please...will you consider it?
<Character>: I...I wouldn't even know where to start...

*Doug and Lyra look down with saddened looks on their faces, fearing that you may deny their request; you take notice and watch Falwynn work at the forge again before finishing your answer.*

<Character>: But...if you're determined...
<Character>:'d be an honor.
Lyra: Thank you.
Doug Digg: Falwynn, sweetie? Cookie bear?
Falwynn: Dad! Look, I fixed the crossbow up—
Lyra: Honey? Listen to your father.
Falwynn: Y-Yes?
Doug Digg: Your mother and I...well, we've decided...
Doug Digg: We want ya to go with <Character>.
Falwynn: Huh?
Lyra: It's just...we think that—
Falwynn: You on an adventure?

*Doug and Lyra exchange looks with each other, while Falwynn starts to get excited over the possibility of going with you.*

Falwynn: A...
Falwynn: Awww, YES! WHOO!
Falwynn: I'll...I'll finally get to go out and see the world!
Falwynn: Oh, thank you so much, Mom and Dad!
Falwynn: Thank you, thank you!

*Falwynn says her goodbyes to Lyra, while you and Doug have a final private conversation.*

Doug Digg: Remember, <Character>. You gotta take care of her.
Doug Digg: We trust you on this.
<Character>: I...uh...
<Character>: I'll do my best!

*Meanwhile, back in Falconreach, Lim lies on his back in his shop, awaiting your return.*

Lim (thinking): What is TAKING <Character> so long?!

*Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Chronologically, it is recommended to complete the quest Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy) before beginning this quest.

    Thanks to Gabriel Castro for Next Up quest link.

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