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Location: Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Frallmar's Lair, A Quiet Night, Snow and Reign, Frostvale (Chapter 17), The Knight's Star

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval (Chapter 12)

Jack and Lumberjack

???: H-Hello? Is someone out there?

???: MOROZ!
Jacek: Moroz... *pant* We must run *pant* before they catch us!

Jacek: But that won't work! If we leave the village... Then all is lost!

Jacek: Because-

Jacek: Ha! Well, Jacek guesses you two won this round of Hide and Dragons Seek!

Jacek: Kidnapped? What do you mean, Moroz?
Jacek: Jacek followed the moglins to their village to play with them and hasn't stopped having fun since!

Jacek: Come, Moroz! Come join us for the Rainbow Ice Snow Cones!

Jacek: Come on!

Jacek: Jack... Jacek is flattered! Thanks!

Jacek: Moroz....

Frostval (Chapter 13)

Hide and Snowseek

Jacek: Tinsel is the funniest!!

Jacek: Aaaaaaaahh!!

Frallmar's Lair

Jacek: You never! You hid with us in the treasure!
Jacek: Jacek bets Moroz chopped it into tiny pieces with his axe!

Jacek: ...
Jacek: Where is Jacek's father?

Jacek: Pa-

Jacek: Papa!
Jacek: What happened? Why is papa like this?

Jacek: No! Moroz cannot be gone! He can't leave Jacek all alone! First Ma... and now Pa is gone too...

Frostval (Chapter 16)

A Quiet Night

Jacek: Hello!

Jacek: Jacek will be!

Jacek: But Jacek will not lose hope! Tinsel, Holly and Chilly cheer me up, and Jacek will find a way to free Moroz!

Jacek: YAY!

Jacek: Jacek thinks it stopped!

Jacek: Let's play!

Frostval (Chapter 17)

Snow and Reign

Jacek: Jacek has never heard of him before. Maybe he only visits moglin kids...

Jacek: Hi <Character>! Hi <Dragon>!

Jacek: Oh right! Welcome to Frostvale!

Jacek: Moglin-adjacent...?

Jacek: Actually, now that you mention it, Holly, didn't Tinsel—

Jacek: Yes. Good.

Jacek: Oh. Okay!

Jacek: Two ReignDragons?!

Frostvale (Chapter 17)

Jacek: We all were! Even Jacek!

Jacek: ...
Jacek: It is okay. Sometimes, Jacek wonders if maybe it is for the best.
Jacek: If Jacek's father is unfrozen... Then Jacek will have to leave Frostvale.
Jacek: Jacek... will have to say goodbye to all of Jacek's friends.

Jacek: No matter... what?

Jacek: Oh... Okay!

Frostval (Chapter 18)

The Knight's Star

Jacek: Father... Moroz. The Frost Moglins are still trying to find a way to thaw you out.
Jacek: When you are free... will we—

Jacek: What?!

Jacek: Oh. It is you. Hello, Holly. Chilly. Tinsel.

Jacek: I... I do not know if I should.

Jacek: Give Jacek some time. Maybe later.

Jacek: ...

Jacek: Jacek said NO!

Jacek: What... What happened to Jacek?

Jacek: I... I remember I ran into the forest...
Jacek: Jacek wanted to be strong! Strong enough to play and not cry!

Jacek: Jacek was strong. But it didn't help. And it was lonely.

Jacek: I... Jacek does not know. Maybe.
Jacek: Things happen at this time of year. When Jacek gets sad. Or happy. Or very angry!
Jacek: But father... Moroz, he still stays frozen, no matter how hard Jacek wishes.
Jacek: Jacek does not know.

Jacek: ...Okay!

Jacek: Thank you...

Jacek: ...

Jacek: My friends...

Jacek: Hurray! Presents!

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