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Fire alandry -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/9/2021 10:46:12)

Exalted Apotheosis (Slotted: blade of awe)
Lagohmcraft Protector (Gold/Rose/Vind) VI
Relic DeathKnight Circlet
Relic DeathKnight Helm
Relic DeathKnight Amulet
Relic DeathKnight Belt
Legion Bracer.

Transcendence (isn't necessary, you can stay with Exalted)
Wings of the Thousand Flames
Relic DeathKnight Circlet
Boxhat/ Shining Helm of Destiny
Defender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Legion Bracer

I used Elpis and Slimy necklace for eWind.
And... That it.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/9/2021 20:02:38)

@Roxas now that I have seen your build, I can see why you’re having difficulties. 200 STR builds are rarely, if ever, used in the Inn as players need to unleash as much damage as possible through big crits (200 INT) or DoTs (200 DEX). AFAIK the only instance that 200 STR is permissible in the Inn is if you’re confronting Wrath with Dragon Warrior (there are YT vids of that). Also, dock 20 points from WIS and place them in END. It’s risky at your level, but all HP and ImmoRes you can get can be more decisive.

Item wise, here are my evals (do note that these are Inn standard evaluations across various foes that you might dare battle):

Weapon: toolboxy, but should be fine (especially in case we get an Inn Siofra 2.0). Although I do recommend UOK as both of your target fights are not picky with elements, plus it offers more anesthetics (All resist). Depending on item combis, endgame players do have a tendency to have more +All than -Heal at high/max level.
Cape: decent
Ring: unless it’s DK, serviceable until you get either Defender’s Dragon Ring or either of the eldritch Inn rings (Tentacle of the Dominion, Void Chitin Band).
Belt: yeah, you’ll need that in Egomaniacs. Otherwise, serviceable.
Helm: serviceable, unless of course someone can find a better helm with FireRes.
Necklace: odd choice, but an ok substitute for Sundragon Pendant.
Belt: you’re right where you want when it comes to your current choice of battles.
Trinket: nothing better for extra damage.
Bracer: you might want to get Hero’s Armband if Shadowheart’s RNG is too crazy.

Before going into any Inn battle, get the Hero Diet (Rotten Hardtack, Seaweed) and 5 HP/MP pots for contingencies.

As for the fights, as I said for Undead Duo, Abomination first due to the DoT. You should be able to facetank Crawler’s blinds with either Necro or Techno. Egomaniacs is one of a decent sum of Inn columns/boards that encourage some significant degree of element-specific resistance buildups to win, so good luck getting the necessary stuff for those types of battles (in case you’re curious, they are the Weird Duo, Inn Sinnocence, Egomaniacs, The Unraveler, Ice and Dragons, Unending Empires, Doomed Reality). If it wasn’t clear yet through your encounters, the absolute rule in Egomaniacs is DO NOT take a (bathroom) break as Vaal’s Ego passive persists even when he’s KO’d. It also is rewarding if you could memorize the vain chaosweaver's action cycle so as to know which attacks you should evade as much as possible (the stun and anti-All skills).

For your concerns regarding elemental resist calculations, it's been a long time already that we don't get the benefit of 100+ resists to elements. The previous iteration was that calculation was capped at 80 for any specific element, 95 if combined will All. The latest iteration is 80 for any combination of All+Element, 99 if subject to effects that further bolster resists. If not subject to resistance bolstering effects, debuffs that weaken Element, All, or Element+All resistance calculate as if you're at 80 if said resist exceeds 80. To help you visualize that, let's say you are level 90 and follow the cheap FireRes build in the Egomaniacs page of the Endgame wiki. That gives you a total of 86 All+Fire. Due to the resistance calculations, it will will weaken Fire-element attacks by 80%. However, if you're struck by Vaal's anti-All effect (-50 All, +50 Heal), that drops to 30%.

DragonKeeper -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/10/2021 4:25:54)

Monster/Quest Name: Sek-Duat, The Eternal

Character Link: 47351602

Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes

Level: 90

Build: Necro Paragon

Weapons Equipped: Relic DeathKnight Blade

Accessories Equipped:
Necro Paragon Helm IV
Wings of The Thousand Flames
Relic DeathKnight Amulet
Relic DeathKnight Belt
Mechanical Ring VII
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Amalgam)
Legion Bracer

Stats: 200 DEX /200 END / 45 WIS

Pets Equipped: Kid Dragon

Previously Used Strategies: Riftwalker

Notes: I am having a hard time with the complexity of the multiple mechanics and the speed of the timer. My brain is too slow to keep up.

Roxas45 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/11/2021 5:31:28)


I've tried what you said about changing the stats. I'm definitely noticing the difference in my Chaosweaver build (even for the regular fights).
Thankfully, I've got the Level 70 gear that I've been trying to get (Except the DeathKnight stuff... that.. Is a task in itself).
So I got the Soulforged equipment from the Shapeless Empire. I think Astral's videos recommended that, I cant entirely remember.

I've put 200 INT, 100 END, and 45 WIS for the Inn fights, and I am seeing a lot more survivability and damage output there.
Ring: I cant beat the fights that give the rings you've mentioned either and I'm getting caught in a Catch 22 with the gear - You need to beat Inn challenged to get the gear that would help you beat the inn challenges. XP

I'm still giving it a good try, but its going slowly.
I'm aware of Vaal's ego being a major issue as well in the fight. Wish that the +avoidances worked on that too, but thats just wishful thinking. XP

Thank you! I shall keep at it. As mentioned, I've updated my gear as well, and can be seen in my profile, if it helps.
Let me know if there are still any changes needed in the gear.
I greatly appreciate the help :)

Laeon val Observis -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/11/2021 19:37:48)

@Above my pleasure to assist. I'll look into it, but your inventory's kit is now definitely better as I do see some items that Korriban uses for his NDA Inn demo vids. Duo, trio, and quartet Inn fights are high difficulty campaigns, so it's understandable why they're tough for you. Practice on the solos to ensure your feel of the battle is sharpened. Of the rings I recommended, Tentacle is easiest since the foes do not randomly roulette on their choice of effects, although you still need the full DK set to stand a chance (I managed to beat the Dominion within the week of DK's reimagining into a deadly artificer, zero gear swaps and changes to stat config, and just one set of Hero Diet). Since Inn content are permanent, no need to rush. Make your pace as natural to you as possible so as not to lose heart.

For training your dragon, if DCs are tight to the point that GOURMENT dragon chows are not much of an option and the daily is your only source of extra DCs, a combination of regular and SUPER dragon chows will give you a budget friendly alternative. It gives a total of 42 dragon stat points in a 30-day span outside of June (DF Anniversary month), up to 78 points if in June.

@DragonKeeper, I do not see where you're going wrong with the battle as you have the best stuff against the (soon to be) light lich. if you need hints, Astral's vids already have a rundown of the meaning to Sek's archer mechanics. It pays that you DO NOT click to rapidly dissipate the popups. I know they could cause lag, but what do you want? Victory with temperance, or defeat with impatience.

1. North (N) = Upper "card"; West (W) = starting position (the middle "card"); South (S) = bottom "card." Nothing extravagant. Just avoid the designated direction to not receive an unavoidable arrow shot.
2. The delusions of grandeur (I'll list the safe zone instead of the unsafe ones):
a. Even I... = S
b. My soul... = N
c. Do you think... = W

Assuming you're using a 200 PROT/AST/FIT dragon, your battle should go like this:

Terror, Outrage>Corruption, Tail Lash>Seed, Scout>Boon, Overcharge>Summon, Attack>Familiar/Nuke, Fury (Skip if Sek reaches his first HP threshold)>Terror, Skip>Life Tap, Scales>Wing it

What I mean by "wing it" is do whatever you like (plus not forgetting to dodge arrows) whilst waiting for Seed combo to arm again, prioritizing Corruption on free turns and Terror or Life Tap on turns without sniping (Terror ignores hit check). Make sure you start Seed after Sek deploys shield.

DragonKeeper -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/11/2021 20:40:07)

@Laeon val Observis, thank you for the help. My main problem is memorizing Sek Duat's patterns and jumping to the correct square before the timer runs out. People keep saying that Noxus is harder than Sek Duat but I find Noxus to be fairly easy to figure out. Sek forces me to perform a complex dance. I come to fight, not dance...

Laeon val Observis -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/11/2021 20:57:28)

Once you get a feel of Unending Empires, it's not much of a memorize the enemy's action cycles. Sek's effects, empowered or not, do not pose too much of a threat to the point that you just let him baton twirl all he wants. Once you go duo, the pace is determined by when Noxus decides to nuke claw you, much concerning during Overconfidence.

One thing I did forget is that if your first Terror against Sek decides to fail the coinflip, skip immediately to the Seed, Scout phase of the cycle.

Cyrenius -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/17/2021 17:53:14)

Alright, I admit, I did use food and potions. 1 Baked Basilisk, 1 seaweed, 1 rotten hardtack, and 2 mana potions. No health potions. As a rule, I don't like to use health potions until as a last resort, lol, I'd rather use food first. Used this setup to get my last 2 Doom Weapons (got my first doom weapon when the fight was easier before that brutal new evil attack was added to Draco and a still significant attack was added to the other and you only had to stack darkness, not evil). I personally think Paladin is easier than DoomKnight or BDL, as I tried it with both and failed after watching the strategy in the videos and it not working for me for some reason (I must be unlucky). This does work though every time, it's almost foolproof, if an idiot like me can do it, you can too!

Fallen Purpose


Exalted Apotheosis (DragonKnight Blade shown)
Shining Helm of Destiny
DoomKnight Cloak
Defender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Relic DeathKnight Circlet
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Amalgam)
Legion Bracer

Gets darkness to max, and evil to 70, which is adequate (can't really raise it much higher than that anyway, I think you can get it 2 points higher than Transcendence or 3 points higher with a Valentine's Day weapon, although with Transcendence you sacrifice darkness)

200 Protection / 200 Fighting / 200 Magic Dragon

Make sure to have The Hidebehind VIII and Drop Bear Hat IX for the claw attack, otherwise the paladin's avoidance may not be high enough everytime to avoid it!

Keep Aura active to reduce damage done to you and (as a bonus) increase your own damage

moe -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/7/2021 1:35:13)

What's the best sequence of skills to use with wrath dragonlord to dish out the most damage? Also is 200 INT/DEX better than 200 STR/DEX?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/7/2021 4:58:52)

Please refer to this link (and its related links found on the page cited) for guidance in optimized DL usage. Next time for class-specific inquiries that are not suggestions, the use one of the links in the All Classes Discussion Thread Directory. If you're inquiring about compare/contrast 200 INT/DEX and 200 STR/DEX specifically for DL, please read upon the data in the WDL and BDL pages in the Endgame wiki (And knowing your pattern/behavior of inquiring, I do absolutely recommend you thoroughly analyze the details in the linked paged instead of immediately jumping for a second opinion as they are the best peer-reviewed data we have).

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/14/2021 12:50:50)

Monster/Quest Name: Insane Pyromaniac Xan
Character Link: 26050373
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Glass Cannon
Weapons Equipped: Omniblade (Cobalt Lights Staff Slotted)
Accessories Equipped:
  • Helm: Ateala Soldier's Helm VI
  • Cape: Unable Protectorate VIII
  • Necklace: Mosscrystal Pendant VI
  • Belt: Defender's Dragon Belt XXII
  • Ring: Defender's Dragon Ring XXXII
  • Trinket: Runestone (lvl 80)
  • Bracer: Azaveyran Farewell II
  • INT: 200
  • LUK: 200
  • WIS: 45
    Pets Equipped:
  • Party Tog/Pet dragon
    Previously Used Strategies: Gambit->Vengeance->Untangle->Slice->Hexing->Assault->Gambit->Rebuke
  • I need better accessories; particularly my helm and cape
  • He usually shields up around the time I use hexing
  • A more complex and useful stat build would be helpful as well

  • AstralCodex -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/14/2021 14:28:31)

    Does eAggro + Scales -> Slice -> eGambit -> Vengeance -> Runestone > Shred > Untangle not kill him with your dragon helping?

    Respec to 200 INT 200 END if you need more survivability. The point is you need to stun him with Shred before he shields!

    Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/14/2021 22:00:47)

    @AstralCodex Wow, thanks! Got him first try with that rotation.

    hanibal52 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (10/1/2021 9:16:00)

    Monster/Quest Name:[Egomaniacs on the floor (Inn of time)]
    Character Link: 47275169
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no):[yes]
    Build:[Riftwalker/ Chaosweaver]
    Weapons Equipped:[Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals, Lvl 70; Golden Lights Blade Special slot]
    Accessories Equipped:
    Wings of The Thousand Flames
    Mechanical Ring V
    Tytanvisage Helm (Rose) V
    Akriloth's Bane IV
    Mirror Eye Trinket
    A Void-ance Belt
    Falwynn's Snackpack

    STR 200
    CHA 55
    END 60
    WIS 40
    Pet Dragon Stats 599 (tommorow will have max)
    Pets Equipped:Pet dragon
    Previously Used Strategies:
    Science there is this stupid time limit for this fight, I needed to kill Val 1st and went with this -> Aggro (not upgraded) + deffence from dragon -> Vengence (not upgraded) + boost from dragon -> Gambit (upgraded) + Shreed + tickles from dragon -> Untangle + stun from dragon -> Rebuke + Leash from dragon if Val survived. There is like 5-10% chance that Val is still alive after that if so, I'm dead... If not I'm starting to fight with Xan, usually have to use seewead to heal up or boosted Siphon. As far as I went with that fight is I reduced 20% xan's HP, but every time I lost that
    I never was a good strategist and I played DF only for story line. I like my Chaosweaver outfit and hence there is a rly nice look for it, means I need to defeat this 2 egomaniacs. Actually I never hoped I would defeat any of them even 1v1 but science I did somehow, I got a boost in confidence and tried to beat them 1v2, but I lost like 7-10 times in a row :c I'm looking for any tips in gear change or/and strategy guide. (And most important note, English is not my 1st Language and I hope not to offend anyone here... so sorry in advance [8|])

    Dratomos -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (10/1/2021 11:58:37)

    @hanibal 52:

    Your gear is fine. I would advice using Technomancer, it is the best option for this fight (as it can stun and deal high damage).

    Change your training to: INT/200, END 155.

    And have your pet dragon trained as following:

    Protection/Fighting: 200 both
    Magic/Mischief: 100 both (now your pet dragon can stun either foe with 100% chance)

    You are correct on focusing Vaal first. Then Xan. And bring food with you.

    And if you lower Xan's health too much, he will heal back up. So make sure it doesn't drop below 30% of his max health. When you are close to that, stun him and you will defeat him.

    hanibal52 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (10/2/2021 10:05:56)

    THX very much, I did that fight in second attempt. It was new for me to play in that class, so i had to learn the proper use of skills. I'm rly thankfull for your advice. [:)]

    Primate Murder -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (11/2/2021 2:31:01)

    Monster/Quest Name: The Engineer (Exaltia Tower)
    Character Link: 47414257
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 83
    Build: Deathknight
    Weapons Equipped: Light of Destiny
    Accessories Equipped: All Deathknight items, lvl 80
    • 200 Str
    • 160 End
    • 45 Wis

    Pets Equipped: Pet Dragon
    Previously Used Strategies: Destroy the Defense Drone and try to nuke the Engineer.
    Notes: Mostly, I just want to see if it's possible to do Engineer with Deathknight.

    Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (1/11/2022 13:17:48)


    Monster/Quest Name: The Adjudicator
    Character Link:
    Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
    Level: 90
    Build: Chaosweaver, (currently using Pyromancer though)
    Weapons Equipped: Frostscythe III w Ice Scythe (slotted & shown)
    Accessories Equipped: Ancient Dragonlord Helm III, Wings of the Thousand Infernos, Defender's Dragon Accessories (maxed out), The Corrupted Seven, & Legion Bracer
    Stats: 200 DEX + END & 45 CHA
    Pets Equipped: Avalon (pet dragon)
    Previously Used Strategies: Pyromancer
    Notes: this challenge hurts my brain (I just can't seem to get the hang of it)

    EDIT I: "IT'S DINNERTIME!" just beat the Duo. Slowly starting to get the hang of this challenge now
    EDIT II: "IT'S DINNERTIME!" beat the Duo again. Now, to tackle Adjudicator
    EDIT III: "IT'S DINNERTIME!" beat The Adjudicator....twice (don't ask)

    Dratomos -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (1/11/2022 13:27:23)

    @Plutonium, Pyro is best choice for Adjudicator but your Crit is way too high for it.

    Use Magi Guard/Sentinel Helm to lower it. And maybe bring Relic/Unhallowed/Zeclem's Ring to help with Good/Evil resistance.

    Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (1/11/2022 13:46:56)

    @Dratomos: Thanks, I'll try that.

    Sumbrosus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/6/2022 9:40:12)


    I've been away from the game for a couple of years, and I'm running through the "Royal Resistance"-storyline. Annnd I seem to be unable to defeat king Thorin Veriton.

    Currently, I'm trying to beat the king with a lvl. 50 character, started out as Rogue.
    Stats: Dex. 71, End. 104, Wis. 70.

    Gear: Icy battlecloak III (45), Soulforged ring (green) (40), Larein's helm II (40), Refraction pendant II (40), Summon gem Reaver (25), Novice soulforged loop (35), Falwynn's disguise kit, Dragon as pet.
    Health potions upgraded to level 34.

    Available armors: Rogue, Dragonrogue, Deathknight, Pirate, Ninja, Ranger, Necromancer, Paladin, Cryptic, Soulweaver, Technomancer.

    I got pretty far with Technomancer and Cryptic, whittled him down to under 1K HP... but not far enough. Does anyone have any helpful advice to offer?

    Dratomos -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/6/2022 12:15:10)


    I would retrain your stats to be like the following:

    DEX: 200

    END: 40

    That way you will deal a lot more damage. Also with your equipment you should focus more on All and Energy resistance, so that King Thorin doesn't hit so hard.

    His page details the rotation what he uses. Be sure to make sure your health is over 50% when he uses his "Kneel" attack.

    Also level up your potions to max 40. And how much you have trained your Pet Dragon?

    Sumbrosus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (3/6/2022 14:00:32)

    Thanks, Dratomos!

    The re-stat and boosting health potions did the trick, combined with Cryptid class; I stole two extra health potions from the king, and that carried the day.

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