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Isphus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/29/2018 15:06:50)

Where's the best place to look for the Peculiar Visor? I'm doing the Treasure Hunter since its pretty fast if you dodge everything, but was wondering if there's a better place.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/29/2018 16:05:10)

Unfortunally no , TH is the fastest one, just keep trying it ( you will need another one on lv 80 ) anyway you should the aventail lv 60 with +10 End/wis then on lv 80 farm it again and get the one with +20 End/wis, but is 100% worth

Isphus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/29/2018 16:38:37)

Ah. In that case i'll live without it until level 80, and go farm other stuff (levels, chickencow armor) in the meantime.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/9/2018 15:47:01)

The Unraveler
Class - BSW or ACCL or PDL or Paladin or Deathknight or Atealan Classes.
200 Protection + 5 Potions from Cloak Scrap . Bring Hero's Diet if you want to be even easier
DmK is not suggested for it since it lacks the most needed thing here. Shield. You just defend first , don't bother with his HP , when he screams for the void, it's time to Focus on Attacking Him. Bring 200 Protection Dragon as always and also Forget All resistance here, more All resistance you have , more the boss will drain to himself, it's a pain to have it here, instead focus on getting Evil / Good Resistance only. Unhallowed DK circlet as example of Ring. With BSW uses DeathKnight Unhallowed Blade, Cape, Ring, Necklace and Belt . Your helm will be Baltael's Aventail (+20 END / WIS) of course if you use BSW , if not Unhallowed Deathknight Helm.
Trinkets - Not so Tiny Bubbles or Uaanta Blaster IV or DragonLord Patience ( Yes , even if you are not using DragonLord) or Runestone
BSW Rotation. - Shield, Full Sync, Soul Slash, Soul Vacuum, Repetance, use Soul Aegis (Shield) whenever possible. Keep surviving until he keeps doing , 1 - Life Drain (Good) and 2 - Black Void Laser (Evil) . Then is just Use Full Sync and Valor Impact until it goes down. Shield whenever possible and when he is under 15% HP . K.O with Soul Slice. Very simple.

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/10/2018 7:49:16)

Wait, what does Uaanta Blaster do? is it charged?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/10/2018 8:25:19)

Increase Crit +10, WIS +8, END +8, CHA +12, LUK +12, Bonus +10, Light Resistance +10 at Level 90. It's not Charged and Have no Skill Yet.

elite dark slayer -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/11/2018 21:56:27)

I've noticed that for the Sinnocence challenge, Baltael's soulweaver is often recommended, but the class doesn't have any heals and a 200 protection dragon doesn't actually heal often enough to offset Sinnocence's damage much after a while. How are you supposed to survive long enough to get Sinnocence's resistances low enough?

Silver -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/12/2018 0:59:53)

light dot -> darkness dot -> attack -> stun -> attack is sinnocence's pattern. The DoT attacks aren't a big deal, but you'll need to watch out for its multi-hit attack especially once you've lowered its all resist several times. Drop your shield whenever you can (preferably when it's going to use his multi-hit) and if that isn't available, go for not-so-tiny bubbles to lower its bonus by 50. It lasts 4 turns and has a cooldown of 5 turns, so you can use it pretty often. Slash + soul vacuum works too, and reduces sinnocence's boost by 55%, which can be really helpful after it regenerates a few times.
All this along with your protection dragon should help you survive. Also, if your main stat is STR, you don't have to worry too much about sinnocence stunning you, but it can be a little harder otherwise.
Once it's at around -160 or less all and around a little more than half HP, use enslave, then soulsynch, and then finish it off with soulslice (make sure its HP is below 15% though lol)

EDIT: if you don't have not-so-tiny bubbles (or aren't willing to farm it) the fight's still doable, but I'd have seaweed or rotten hardtack on me just in case if I were you
if your main stat is INT and not STR, I'd actually recommend using ascendant

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/12/2018 12:47:36)

Patience Dragolord is way better as it's a more stable class which increases in damage every turn. That coupled with Bite and Rush costing no MP and Sin's lowering all, you'll be rolling in no time. Plus, Frost Dragon Spirit lowers Immobility resistance by 55 so that helps a lot.

elite dark slayer -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 3:19:00)

Has anyone got any tips on beating the dominion challenge? I'm currently trying it with Patience Dragonlord and I'm getting trashed... pretty badly.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 3:30:04)

I only know how to beat them using Ascendant and Frozen Claymore

Silver -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 5:32:11)


Has anyone got any tips on beating the dominion challenge? I'm currently trying it with Patience Dragonlord and I'm getting trashed... pretty badly.

Ascendant's pretty good, I beat dominion twice with it without too much of a hassle. I'd suggest using a fire weapon so that Ky'Tap does more damage. The archdryad the main issue for this one. Start by dropping your shield and blinding skywatcher whenever you can, those debuffs are annoying. Once skywatcher's down, focus on the archdryad (you might need both the seaweed and rotten hardtack for this one). Once she's down, you're pretty much guaranteed to win against kathool (as long as you don't do anything stupid). You'll most likely be below half HP at this point anyway so just keep throwing your attack combos at him and drink a potion whenever your HP gets too low. Replace your pet dragon at this point, because you don't wanna end up healing TOO much. Poelala or Stan the Scanorb should be okay (or even no pet at all). All pet damage heals kathool anyway. Also make sure you're able to use your shield, blind, and stun skills when his HP approaches 20%, because that's when he starts to nuke you

elite dark slayer -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 7:42:12)

I'm a cryptic, though. Should I change my base class?

Silver -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 11:07:25)

oh right, why didn't I assume that you probs weren't a mage xD

I wouldn't change my base class if I were you though, that's just a waste of DCs imo. Plus cryptic's an amazing class so I'm pretty sure it's still possible for you to beat dominion with it. You have plenty of offensive skills along with 2 defensive skills and a blind skill (the cooldowns are a little higher tho :/). Plus it really starts to hit hard once those paranoia boosts stack. I'd test cryptic out myself but I don't have any DA rogue alts I can use soooo :/

Tbh I think it all comes down to being able to kill archdryad and skywatcher. Kathool's usually never a problem

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 11:30:40)

Use your dcs to buy hamstergeddon lv 15. Activate its special and use SoulForged weapon lv 85 or any Strong ??? Weapon that you have. Or if you don' t want to use DCs use Frozen Claymore - 100 Ice special.

Silver -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 11:45:57)

^that sounds tiring but I guess that works lmao

I wonder how the hamstergeddon strat'll work against the primordials lol lemme try it out

Kurtz96 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 18:37:59)

I heard that ranger and paladin could beat the extreme Unraveller, but both are classes I rarely use. Can anyone share some tips or rotations for the battle?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/15/2018 18:59:39)

I just Beated they with BSW on Emperor EX , and Unraveler EX witg EPL so i can't help there.

Kurtz96 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/16/2018 16:15:09)

What was your stat build on BSW? I beat him on my main (warrior) with BSW but can't seem to with my alt (rouge). I suspect its the lack of stun resist for when the you can't shield or stun the emperor.

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/18/2018 1:02:41)

Monster/Quest Name: The Emperor (Extreme)
Character Link:
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Ascendant, SW, MSW, Necro Paragon, among others
Weapons Equipped: Dimensionly Shifted Blade
Accessories Equipped: Necro Paragon Cape IV, Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet, Amulet, & Belt, Baltael's Aventail, Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged) (before I got IV), Legion Bracer
Stats: INT: 200 END: 175 WIS: 70
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Kid Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: BSW
Notes: would the Soulforged Rings and Necklaces help? (because I bought them all, not knowing which ones I'd actually need)

Kurtz96 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/18/2018 19:46:18)

Finally beat the extreme Unraveller with EPL, but had to cheat with the one hit kill. However, that probably means the fight could be rebalanced since I don't think trying to proc a OHK is good game design.

I beat the extreme emperor with BSW and 200 Strength to avoid stun. Other than that, have protection baby dragon, food, and potions. I might take a few tries depending on if you get lucky with stuns. Your shield lasts 4 turns so if you use it after he heals it will last until the nuke.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/18/2018 20:22:35)

Emperor Extreme

Class - BSW . 200 Str For Stun Resistance.

Lv 90 Equips - Ice Scythe Replica Equipped and shown. Baltael Aventail Defensive. Unraveler Wings III, Unhallowed DK Ring , Slimy Necklace lv 75, Leorilla Mane Belt IV, Not-So-Tiny Bubbles, Legion Bracer.

You don't need to show BoA here because it's healing is Nothing compared to damage of Emperor.

Pets - Stan The Scanorb (Offensive Strategy) . 200 Protect Baby Dragon (Defensive strategy)

Rotation. Start with shield so it's last turn be exactly on nuke, so you have less cooldown. If you bring Stan The Scanorb Will be more easy to stun him since he has 55 stun resistance (45 Stun At lv 90 + 10 All). Start with Valour Impact combo first, if it not trigger the scythe special use Retribuiton , To make your Full Sync 30% stronger. If he is going nuke but you have no defenses . Use Not-So-Tiny Bubbles. The scythe passive will make you hit 30% Harder.

Once he is under 15% HP. Soul Slice

And These new acessories have good stats but are not worth 400k gold. Which takes forever to get and you can get stronger acessories in Inn at Edge of Time. Just by winning battles spending 1000 gold which is wayyyy chaeaper.

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/18/2018 23:35:19)

so, should I completely change my stats or just slightly modify them?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/19/2018 0:03:16)

You can keep your stats but bring the slimy necklace lv 75

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (9/19/2018 0:11:38)

oh ok.

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