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Santient -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/24/2018 11:04:41)

I've tried your strategy with multiple classes, especially with BSW but I don't see how it's visible.
Since Uthuluc alone can only be stun during it's sundered chitlin phase; not to mention it's shield that's activated every time it's being sundered.
Also, usually after each sundered phase it has a boost of 200 bonus, I cant quite recall correctly; but it gives the benefit of penetrating our shield regardless how many stats our shield gives.
Any suggestion on this?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/24/2018 12:59:00)

Simple, don't stun uthuluc at the start, you need to stun the squirrel, not uthuluc, so you be able to use Shield. Uthuluc gets 200 Hit only after his Stun Skill only that he uses after his third time using life leech , he is not the one who breaks your shield, is sciuridaehotep with his "Powerword : No buffs" that he uses from 3 to 3 rounds. And Uthuluc's Shield "Presence +120% DEF" is only actived when he roars and it last for 2 rounds only

Santient -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/25/2018 8:25:48)

I see, that makes a lot more sense.
Although, I kept dying before I get to finish Uthuluc. It's rather tough to withstand from all the damage from those two while juggling to maintain my HP and landing crits.
I tip my hat to Tomix, Verlyrus and those who got thru the challenge.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/25/2018 8:30:56)

Thanks hehe, but i need to say, almost every inn challenge is luck based, luck to stun sciuridaehotep, luck to not get stunned by uthuluc, luck to not get "no skills" too often... I got skill locked so many times.... Oh, Try with No Guests, and Hero's Diet

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/25/2018 10:27:33)

And 5 Potions. [:)]

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (5/25/2018 11:22:08)

And 200 Protection Dragon

godofthunder4 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (6/2/2018 14:13:35)

What accessories and weapons give the highest water resistance? I can beat Yilmar with my regular equipment and Doomknight but not consistently, and Id like to be able to beat Yilmar more consistently to make farming for the level 85 axe faster.

steambin96 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (6/3/2018 7:30:32)

Using ranger, mithra, blade of destiny, protection dragon and the bubble trinket works pretty consistently for me. I just start with bubble and build up five stacks then bubble when ever possible, stun in between mithra's shield cooldown, spotter's shot when possible, dual wield/power shot to proc extra turn and attack hoping blade of destiny procs. I've gotten all three lvl 85 weapons with this strategy.
The reason i use attack is because with the proc chance of sword of destiny, it's average damage is higher than dual wield/power shot in addition to conserving mana in case your dragon doesnt want to heal your mana or the fight gets dragged on by unlucky heals from Yilmar. I don't spam attack is because if the special procs on the first turn the extra turn gets voided.

Pelly2500 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/17/2018 11:59:21)

A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the crawler and centaur challenge, it's one of the hardest in the game and can seem impossible. There are some very good guides encouraging the use of the enTropy. However for me this only works about 30%-40% of the time and not only that but the enTropy class costs DCs making it inaccessible to some people. I actually found this method more consistent:

Class: Soulweaver (for nuke skill and access to 2 stuns along with Baltael's Aventail)


Baltael's Aventail (the main reason to use soulweaver here)

Necro Paragon Cape (high all resistance)

Silver Links (belt with high all resist)
Canopic Charm (Necklace with high poison resistance)

Zeclem's Band or the non DC equivalent(ring, overall effectiveness)

Ultimate Blinding Light of destiny (higher damage) OR Ultra Omniknight Blade (higher all resistance)

Summon Honda trinket(amazing poison resistance)

Baby Dragon (max protection stat)

Seaweed and the hardtack are essential for winning this fight 5 potions also help but aren't essential.

Credit for suggesting most of this equipment goes to this guide.

As for guests, most people recommend Sir Leon and Mritha, but I find that book 3 Artix and Aegis help me beat the crawler and centaur challenge more consistently. Aegis for the long lasting shield as well as the decent stun, and Artix for both high damage and sustainability which allows him to soak up hits and hit back hard.

Use Enslave on the Abomination. The key to this fight is to stun it whenever you can. Then bombard the Legion crawler with your strongest attacks (soul synch, valor impact, purify, ice domain) until the Abomination is no longer stunned. Then use soul burst on it for a chance to stun it. If this fails use Aegis' stun. Besides stunning it, you'll want to largely ignore the Abomination until the Legion Crawler is defeated, as the latter can become very powerful if not taken care of quickly. When the crawler's health drops to below 15% of it's max, use soul slice to annihilate it. At this point if your health is low it might be a good idea to heal using one of the food items. from this point onward you must be wary of the Abomination's nuke attack. By this point in the fight you'll have probably seen it used on one of your guests or you. Staying at above 800 health is imperative in order to survive the Abomination's Nuke. A useful combo here is the Soul Slash -> Soul vacuum combo which will more than half the Abomination's damage. Additionally, the Soulweaver's "purge" skill can be used if at any point the dot is too much for you, but do keep in mind that this also removes any shield buff affecting you whether it's Aegis' or your own.

Please note that your shield ability will not protect you against the Abomination's nuke.

Guest advice;

Artix: Just keep attacking, using purify when you can and his healing move if his health drops below around 500

Aegis: Always try and keep the shield up, it is incredibly helpful for tanking the Legion Crawler's infamous stomp attack. use ice domain when you can and support this by having your baby dragon deal ice damage. If Aegis is near defeat and has one attack left always use the shield. the buff remains on your character even after Aegis is taken out.

Good Luck and I Hope this helps

slace9932 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (7/23/2018 4:15:01)

Monster/Quest Name:Zadd/facing Z
Character Link: in sig.
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): yes
Level: 43
Build: doomknight
Weapons Equipped: blade of doom
Accessories Equipped: doomknight helm and cloak, deathknight ring, belt amulet
Stats: strength-10 luk-55 end-40 wis-100
Pets Equipped: my dragon
Previously Used Strategies: Drain Will (if immobility resist 50+) -> Doom Spikes -> Blood Rite -> Dark Ritual -> Void Barrier -> Weakening Blow -> Inner Darkness -> Drain Energy -> Corruption -> Lingering Doom -> Malefic Binding
Notes: the cooldown doubling is whats killing me

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/5/2018 23:49:20)

Monster/Quest Name: Sinnocence, the Undying
Character Link:
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 86
Build: Mage/Ascendant
Weapons Equipped: Isandel
Accessories Equipped: Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness, Ring of Thorns IX, Cloak Scrap, Spiked Leather Gauntlet, Warding Girdle, Hero's Armband
Stats: INT: 142 END: 141 WIS: 142
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Kid Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: Soulweaver, NecroParagon (Necromancer) High Immobility Res
Notes: N/A (for now)

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/5/2018 23:57:49)

Sinnocence The Undying

Class - Baltaels Weaver , 200 Protection Dragon

Equip - Sea Chicken Conquest III Or Ice Scythe Replica, Show Blade of Awe

Acessories - NP Cape IV or Groundhog Wings IV, Baltael Aventail (Defensive) , Unhallowed DK Circlet, Belt , Amulet, Legion Bracer , Uaanta's Blaster IV or III

Start with Shield and Full Soul Sync, Keep damaging him and shielding until he gets -180 All or more , when he is close to 8000 hp , Stun , Soul Sync , when is hp is below 15% , finish with Soul Slice, very simple

His rotation - Light DoT, Darkness DoT, combo, 2 hit Stun, Combo

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/7/2018 22:48:19)

Monster/Quest Name: Legion Crawler and Centaur Abomination
Character Link:
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 87
Build: Mage/Ascendant/NecroParagon

Weapons Equipped: (show): Blade of Awe (equipped): King Dragon Staff of Hearts
Accessories Equipped: Canopic Charm, Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged), Warding Girdle, Spiked Leather Gauntlet, Hero's Armband, Ring of Thorns IX
Stats: INT: 100 END: 175 WIS: 108 LUK: 47
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Kid Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: boss (high immob res): under Necromancer (focusing on Crawler first)
Notes: anything other than the Defender Accessories that'll help (working on upgrading 'em now)

EDIT I: got the VISOR [:D]

EDIT II: Baltael's Weaver, that's the same strategy for Legion and Centaur too? nevermind, I see it now

EDIT III: FINALLY beat Legion and Crawler [:D]

EDIT IV: BEAT Sinnocence [:D] Sea Chicken Emperor, I'M COMING FOR YOU!

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/7/2018 22:59:01)

Use Baltael's Weaver for Legion Duo and instead of Uaanta's Blaster or Spiked Leather , for this Duo , Summon Honda is very needed for it's 25 poison resist, Baltael's Weaver Strategy is above . Use Ultimate Destiny, Necro Paragon Blade IV or upgrade to level 90 and use Sea's Chicken Conquest III as weapons. Keep showing Blade of Awe.

Go to Treasure Hunter in book 3 sandsea and do it again and again until you get the peculiar visor , after that go to South Falconreach , talk to custodian orb and merge it for Baltael's Aventail (The one with +20 WIS +20 END) This will boost your Soulweaver to Hyper Level

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 2:23:03)

for Sinnocence should I invite guest(s) too, like Uaanta and Artix?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 3:25:16)

No, because of 1 each guest make him hit 200% harder and 2 - Sinnocence has 50% Light Resistance, so unless you want an fast death, you can bring guests, sinnocence gets stronger attacks as battle continues in damage.

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 3:37:46)

ah ok, cool. should I grab Hardtack and Seaweed too, or something else food wise? also is Serenity's Bread from Gael that effective?

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 4:05:32)

If you are using my strategy above, you will not need any temp itens, only potions but you can bring Rotten and Seaweed if you want to be sure to win.

Eragon Dragus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 4:14:05)

Anyone got strategies against Kathool Simulacrum, and also the Dominion of Dreams after that? Thanks a bunch.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 4:18:27)

Against Kathool is simple with Baltael's Weaver, you just need to be below 50% HP Left to Damage Kathool , Dominion i only beated using ascendant and Frozen Claymore .

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 14:39:46)

Monster/Quest Name: The Emperor of the Sea Chickens
Character Link:
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 87
Build: Mage/Ascendant/Soulwaver/NecroParagon
Weapons Equipped: (equipped): Necrotic Sword of Doom (shown): Blade of Awe
Accessories Equipped: NecroParagon Cape IV, Unhallowed Gear, Baltael's Aventail, Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged), Legion Bracer,
Stats: INT: 100 LUK: 47 END: 175 WIS: 108
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Kid Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: NecroParagon and Ascendant, (now): Soulweaver
Notes: trying Soulweaver + Baltael's Aventail now and going from there

EDIT I: "ITS DINNER TIME" Beat Emperor Sea Chicken [:D]

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 14:58:52)

but with BSW is easy, all you to is Shield when he uses his Nuke, use Soul Slash to Blind and Vacuum To reduce his damage and Bring 200 Protect dragon, you won't need even , Hero's Diet or Potions because of how much easy is this, you don't even need to change your stats

Plutonium -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/9/2018 15:36:14)


Isphus -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/28/2018 23:01:32)

Monster/Quest Name: Yaga Stone Circle
Character Link: Under avatar, i think. Id is 404902
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes.
Level: 70
Build: Crit-focused ascendant
Weapons Equipped: Shadowfire Axe (any fire or silver weapon will do)
Accessories Equipped: Pristine Soul-Harvester Wings, Scarab Shell, Illumina's Visage V, Akriloth's Bane IV, Runestone(30), Bacon Bits, Falwyn's Lucky Rock
Stats: 200 int, 110 luk, 15 end, 20 wis
Pets Equipped: None
Previously Used Strategies: None
Notes: This is the strategy i came up with for farming that dastardly elusive Chickencow Armor. For anyone who doesnt remember, Yaga Stone Circle is that quest where you have to beat an otherworldly being (Guffer), but he's much stronger if you leave any of the 5 yagas alive.
Well, turns out good old Guffer is a pushover. Ascendant's freeze-burn combo (Preis->Ky'tap) massively overkills Guffer, meaning you can just ignore all the yagas and go straight for him. Sure he's hitting you for 600-1000 per turn. But he only gets one turn.
All in all i can go from the dialogue with Thursday and back to her in 53 seconds if i'm not multitasking.
Guffer gives 810xp and 29gp at level 70. The item drops are level 17-23 weapons that sell for 200-225gp, with the occasional Emerald Key and hopefully a Chickencow Armor. This means about 1 gold for every 4 points of exp, if you're after that kind of ratio.

But the real selling point here is just getting a chance at a Chickencow in under a minute.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (8/28/2018 23:45:45)

You can K.O Guffer simply by using Baltael's Weaver Full Sync, going alone and without killling the 5 yagas.

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