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Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/14/2018 0:24:36)

It took me a couple tries, but it worked. Thank you.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 8:46:57)

The Primordials
Class - Baltael's Soulweaver. Stats - 200 Luk for Crit Chance
200 Protect Dragon, 5 Potions From Scrap Cloak, Hero's Diet (R. Hardtack + Seaweed)
Weapons - Fragmented Blade, not 100% needed but helps, Ultimate weapon of Destiny, show blade of awe, 1 weapon of each type, Staff, Sword and Dagger.
Acessories - Baltael's Aventail (+20 End/Wis), Slimy Necklace (level 75, for 25 Stun Resist), Unhallowed DK Ring Lv 80, Leorilla Mane Belt IV, Spiked Leather Gauntlet Trinket, NP Cape IV.
First Stun Sciudaerothep, Then Shield, and hit uthuluc with Frag. Blade, on third turn attack him with soul pierce, equip U. Weapon of Destiny and use Valour Impact, Then (check if he doesn't have any defense actived) Baltael's Sync, Soul Burst to Stun, Soul Slash, keep repeating, if he uses Void Stun/Focus, use vacuum to reduce his damage in 50%.
Witness - Doesn't need to be killed, and don't attack you so just ignore it.
Sciudaerothep - He gets 1 Defense Each Round, Rotating From Magic - Pierce - Melee, Kill it 3 Times, and witness will flee.

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 12:53:53)

Shadow, you've made a mistake. Sciuridaehotep changes defenses every turn, and it is NOT restricted to one type, it can have two, or even all three at once. Also, you did not mention Guests, which are safe to use in the Primordials, recommended Artix (best damage, ability to heal himself), and either Sir Leon (for team shield), or Nythera more damage, and ability to heal herself). Also, didn't mention that you should never hit Sciuridaehotep when they are stunned, you take damage for doing so.

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 13:45:35)

Sciuridaehotep can only have two effects at onceónever will it EVER have 3. Witnessí buffs last for either 1 or 2 turns only, that means that in a system of 3 turns there will be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 turns that Sciuridaehotep will remain ďweakĒ to said damage type.

Oh, I agree with you there, but can Aegis be better? Or Mritha, perhaps? (Aegis for -Ice Resistance once chitin is sundered as well as 140 B/P/D or Mritha, because stun is great, if not Leon?)

~Merged with other reply as Shadow deleted the one in between.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 13:52:48)

I Deleted the last Reply To merge with this one
Witness' Defense System = Let say you Killed Uthuluc, and Witness use Magic Defense (Blue) in Sciudaehotep, Equip Dagger and Attack, WItness will use Pierce Defense (Green) Equip Sword and attack , Witness will use Melee Defense (Red) Equip Staff and Attack, And This Rotation will be over and over . Sciudaehotep cannot have 3 at same time because each Defense keeps for 2 rounds, Example - Using Magic defense, (Magic Def for 2 Rounds + Melee For 1 Round), - Then Pierce defense (Pierce Def for 2 Rounds + Magic Def for 1 Round) - Then Melee defense (Melee Def for 2 Rounds + Pierce Def for 1 Round). Each Turn he will Give 1 ONLY Defense Type To Sciudaehotep For 2 Rounds
Guests = You are Free to bring Guests, but Each Guest you bring for will increase damage of these bosses by 200%, So once you break uthuluc For first time, he will have enough damage to be able To K.O any of your team members with 1 turn
Uthuluc's Nuke = And You need Stun Resist To Survive Uthuluc's Stun, and Use Vaccum, He have 200% Hit for 5 Turns but will have -50% Damage For 3 Turns, One good thing is To inflinct Sundered Chint on Him and Stun him, After he Tries to Stun you, so his 200% Hit will not affect you very much.
Stunning Sciudaehotep - And you stun Sciudaehotep on First Round, or Soul Burst Later, but NOT to attack him while he is stunned but To you be able To use shield, and Block Uthuluc's Attack for 4 rounds, enough to break his Armor with Fragmented Blade.
But Fragment is not vital if you have 200 LUK, But Helps, I beated Even with 91 Protect Dragon in another Account

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 13:59:28)

No, I have literally had Sciuridaehotep have all three buffs before. Usually only on the third time, when it's on low health. I can go fight it and grab a screenshot if needed. I fought them yesterday, and had to delay my move because they had no weakness.

Also, I had no issues with the enemy damage when I had guests, and killing the bosses quickly took priority over the damage... I never even used a potion, survived on shields and protection 200 dragon alone, while the two guests self-healed.


Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 14:29:47)

My Strategy is For those who doesn't have Doomknight, which in case is good to bring Nythera and Leon, but for those who can use Baltael's Soulweaver.
There's 1 moment only when Sciudaehotep Stacks Defense Like This Image you send = When You Kill Sciudaehotep and he is Revived By Witness, because His "Miraculous Revive" Gives 3 Types Defense for Sciudaehotep For 1 Round, Only There Sciudaehotep Have 3 Defenses. This is for us can't stun sciudaehoitep in 3rd Life to late his "Charging "NO" Existence"
Take a Look
First Round After Revive =
Second Round After Revive =

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 14:36:56)

Ah, well, regardless, it is still a moment when they are guarded against all three.

Fire alandry -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 17:38:21)

The shields are connected to the witness, but they last 2 turns of the squirrel. So, for example:
Let's say you (A) are going with a guest (B) against W and S.
A, B attack
S attack (0 shields)
W use red
A, B attack
S attack (1 shield)
W use blue
A attack
W use green
B want to attack, but S have now 3 shields, until it's turn.

I hope that I'm clear enough.

Luckyjazzt -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 17:43:53)

Monster/Quest Name: Elemental Chaos
Character Link:
Dragon Amulet (yes/no):Yes
Build: Str 200, End 110, Wis 110, (I can completely change this if needed)
Weapons Equipped: Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe
Accessories Equipped:Unhallowed Gear
Stats: Str 225, int 25, dex 25, End 147, Cha 2, Luk 12, Wis 147
Pets Equipped:Stan the Scan Orb
Previously Used Strategies:Tried pretty much all the classes I have, I just can't figure out how to hit him before i lose too much health.
Notes:I have tried everything, including using 5 potions, 2 full heals, and 3 healing skills in the same quest. Nothing works because Theano stuns at random and often right before Siofra uses smash, and I can't use any strategy to beat them with the threat of being stunned for 5 consecutive turns looming over me.

Edit: There is a strategy above that I've tried a million times, and I can't seem to get anywhere close to beating them.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 17:50:06)

@Luckyjazzt, you tried my strategy with Baltael's Soulweaver and Nature Resistance Set? And For The Inn challenges Is recommended To have your stats in 200 LUK, 110 END, 100 WIS and the 200 Protect Dragon Always
Class = Soulweaver
Equips - Baltael Aventail, Chessemonger Gratitude LV 75, N. Paragon cape IV, Man's Best Friend (5 nature resist), Grimey Ring, Leorilla Mane Belt IV, Legion bracer. Spy... (any) of static III / show blade of awe, 200 protect dragon.
First Shield, Focus on theeano, (not stun him, so before he and siofra uses stun, you will be able to use shield) Baltael Sync, soul pierce, valour impact, retribuion, vacuum, slash, repetance, once his hp is less than 15% - Soul Slice.
If you are equipped with the items above you should have 72 Nature and 10 all resist, so siofra will do 82% less damage to you, so after taking out theeano you basically won.
For siofra, just keep matching his element, and he will die too, he is immume to soul slice. Use shield whenever he is blinding fast.

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 18:34:17)

You could also try IBR if you have the DC's for it. It can increase its own Immobility resist, has ramping damage, and can completely bypass siofra's "shifting" with Revenant's Curse(and defenses are very loopable with the shield lasting 3 turns with a five turn cooldown, and frigid chill reducing BtH by 50 for 2 turns with also a 5 turn cooldown, chances are, at least one of them will be usable before Siofra is blindingly fast and can pretty much shut him down). And arguably, nature resist isn't even that necessary for the fight, as I did it with 0, aside from a bit of All resist(by which I mean I didn't need any of Shadow's gear, as I didn't actually have any of them, I just had level appropriate DK gear). And with IBR it's actually easier to focus Siofra first. Also, the shield is MPM, so you don't have to worry about Theano critting through it.

Also, reccommended stats for the challenges is actually 200 LUK, 200 END, and 20 WIS(Mana potions and 200 protection dragon give enough recovery that the 20 WIS is all you need, and the 200 END gives you enough health that you can tank most things long enough that they will die before you do). HeroDiet and 5 cloak scrap potions aren't even necessary for either DK or IBR.

A good starting rotation is this:
Fortitude of Frost-> Revenant's Curse on Siofra(unless he's shifted from Ice, in which case use Razor Ice)->Icebound Fury on Siofra(or Revenant's Curse if you couldn't use it last turn)-> Icy grip on Siofra->Long Winter on Siofra(which you will now repeat whenever it's off cooldown, unless a defesnive move is also off cooldown, as those take priority)->Razor Ice on Siofra(assuming you didn't have to use it before, otherwise use Frigid Cold)->Fortitude of Frost(which you will now repeat whenever it's off cooldown with top priority). At this point, just cycle through using Long Winter, Icebound Fury, Fortitude of Frost, and Frigid Chill whenever one of them's off cooldown, doing pretty much whatever on turns where they're all on cooldown, and your dragon/potions should be enough to sustain you to victory.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 20:39:51)

@Greyor_42 if he is with the equips i Told, even with IBR, is not more good to take out theeano first since siofra does very little damage, even in siofra smash?

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 20:44:11)

With IBR, neither one is a big enough threat to warrant focusing first, thus you instead focus the easier one to kill first, which is Siofra, since Siofra's more of just a hinderance to what is basically a Theano fight.

BluuHorseOfficial -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/16/2018 22:29:26)

With IBR, itís best to take out Siofra first. With Necromancer or PDL you should kill Theano first.

Lucky for you, Luckyjazzt, you donít need 5 Potions or HeroDietTM, just follow any of these strategies, rotations provided too if you need them!

(Yes, I know, cheap advertising and stuff, but Iím only doing it to help out, not to get them to visit, which is why Iíve linked the corresponding section only.)

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/17/2018 10:00:25)

@Greyor_42, with your Icebound Revenant is good to have the Ice Scythe From Eyegor Replica itens, because on each hit it has 20% chance to add -30 Ice on enemy for 4 turns

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/17/2018 10:18:53)

It's a 5% chance per hit, and it lasts for 5 turns. So Vanilla Ice Katana would be better, since it has the same chance, but gives -100 for 49 turns(though, it is exclusive to the attack button, but of course, the attack button will be used often, especially if you're using BluuHorse's strategy).

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/17/2018 11:37:49)

You can also use both. Provided the challenge allows you to switch weapons (in Siofra and Theano's case, you obviously can), you can switch to the Vanilla Ice Katana whenever you have to default attack, and switch to the Frostscythe item whenever you're doing any other kind of attack.
...Bluu may have mentioned that he doesn't like cheese strategies...

Greyor_42 -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/17/2018 12:07:00)

^ I mean, you could go whole hog on it and claim the temporary Frozn Claymore in preparation for the fight, too, and try to get THAT special to proc on regular attacks once you have the VIK's effect active. Y'know, since it's clearly not enough to have Siofra suffer from an Ice resist of -230. It's gotta be -330(frozen claymore and vanilla ice katana's effects stack, right?).

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/17/2018 12:14:20)

^I didn't think so, tbh. I thought they listed as the same effect (I never bothered farming the Vanilla Ice Katana).
Just as well I don't have the DCs for IBR

Actually, on a moderately related note, does the Vanilla Ice Katana work with Riftwalker's default attack? The temporary version most assuredly doesn't...
If the Vanilla one does, I have some cheese to throw against the wall that just might stick.

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/18/2018 21:26:58)

Proof that the Witness can apply all three resistances. I have not killed Sciuridaehotep yet, I just killed the Simulacrum of Uthuluc, the only damage Sciuridaehotep has taken, has been from stuns. This is not hard mode either.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/18/2018 21:34:06)

let me guess, you brought guests with you?

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/18/2018 21:37:07)

Well yeah, I have not been able to defeat them without guests. I tried three times. This will be the second time I have tried fighting them with guests though, and just like the previous win, I am finishing them off with almost full health, and I haven't used any potions.

Shadow X Ascendant -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/18/2018 21:37:49)

That's one more reason that i recommend to not bring guests, i forgot to tell, if you bring guests for Sciudaehotep, the Defenses of Witness goes up From 3 rounds instead of 2, That's one more reason to fight with no guests on The Primordials

Zaleria -> RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread (4/18/2018 21:47:00)

Like I said, lost three times just now trying to solo, beaten them twice with ease while using Artix and Nythera. The damage they add is infinitely more valuable than halving the damage of the enemy. Getting my third win now just to have all of the rewards out of the way.

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