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Magus Agrimonia

Location: Three Questions, The Obsidian Tomb

Quests given

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Three Questions

???: Lady Jaania!

Magus Agrimonia: Magus Agrimonia, at your service!
Magus Agrimonia: I trust you had a pleasant flight?

Magus Agrimonia: Oh yes, so much! The raw mana radiation coming from the Fissure influences the fauna and flora of this place in such brilliant ways!
Magus Agrimonia: Just a piece of this overgrown grass could act as a nexus for a day, two at most! Sparingly used, of course.
Magus Agrimonia: Isn't this magnificent?!

Magus Agrimonia: Yes yes, it's enormous!

Magus Agrimonia: I'd strongly advise against it. We haven't thoroughly tested the proximity yet, although...

Magus Agrimonia: One of my aides was observing what I assume was a new, yet uncatalogued species of a lepus influenced by mana, when...
Magus Agrimonia: It ran away. In the direction of the crater.
Magus Agrimonia: He followed it, and when he came back, he said that the closer he got to the crater, the more "his entire being was starting to hurt".

Magus Agrimonia: Would you like a runthrough of what more we have discovered, Lady Jaania?

Magus Agrimonia: Oh oh, yes, very true! Oh, gosh, I can barely contain myself! I was dying to tell you this in person, Lady Jaania!
Magus Agrimonia: The Fissure is not just a geyser of mana! While we have been cautious of getting too close ourselves, we have been able to learn...
Magus Agrimonia: That it's a crater leading directly to the Mana Core!

The Obsidian Tomb

Magus Agrimonia: Our team spent weeks studying the Fissure. There were some losses, but ohoho, was it worth it!
Magus Agrimonia: I hope everything is to your liking, Lady Jaania?

Magus Agrimonia: Oh, Lady Jaania... your acknowledgement brings tears to my eyes! Thank you!

Other information
  • Magus Agrimonia previously appeared in the retired quests Three Questions and The Obsidian Tomb; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

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