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Location: The Apprentice, The Bargain, Reminiscence, Darkheart

Quests given

Shops owned

The Apprentice

???: Faust... you're hurt.
???: Let me take a look...

???: Is this...soot?
???: Have you been searching near volcanoes again?

???: I told don't have to go so far...

???: ...

The Bargain

???: Faust?

???: Faust? Faaaaust?

Sophie: Ah... there you are!

Sophie: I'm sorry, I was just worried...
Sophie: Did something happen?

Sophie: ...It doesn't hurt! I promise!

Sophie: You're right. It's just...

Sophie: Must you leave again, Faust? You only just go back from Volkenraand...

Sophie: You're certain...?

Sophie: Then... I'll hold you to it. That's one bargain you must keep, dear sir.

Sophie: Um... you are...?

Sophie: Do you... know these people, Faust?

Sophie: ...What did you say?

Sophie: You have-!
Sophie: Oh, you should have told me they were coming! I'll go make tea!

Sophie: I... I can do it. I'll be all right.
Sophie: Thank you.

Sophie: Ah, forgive me! I never asked your names!

Sophie: Falwynn and <Character>... I see! It's very nice to meet you.
Sophie: My name is Sophie. Sophie Helmstep.

Sophie: We hardly ever have company... so it's a pleasure to have you here!

Sophie: No... wait.

Sophie: It's okay. They're your friends... right?
Sophie: I think they have a right to know...

Sophie: Besides, this is one burden you've carried for far too long. It's okay to share.

Sophie: Now, you're wondering how we know each other?

Sophie: Where do I start...?


Sophie (narrating): He was... different.

Sophie (narrating): He loved to fight. It was all he lived for.
Sophie: Stop! That's enough!

Sophie: I beat you. Now stop!

Sophie: Look, Faust! It's smaller and less restrictive than a cravat!
Sophie: I'll call it... a necktie!

Sophie: Well... you always seem so lonely.
Sophie: I think you just need someone to talk to, you know?

Sophie (narrating): It wasn't long before we became the best of friends.

Sophie: Faust! You can't steal food!

Sophie: Oh, what am I going to do with you... ?
Sophie (narrating): My parents died when I was very young, so Faust is like the family I never had.
Sophie (narrating): He's... very special to me.

Sophie (narrating): One day, soldiers came for us in the middle of the night.
Sophie (narrating): What they wanted, I'll never know.

Sophie: What's happening...?!

Sophie (narrating): The villagers had always been kind to us. They never treated us differently because we were orphans.
Sophie (narrating): And just like that, they were all... gone.

Sophie: Faust!

Sophie: NoŚno!

Sophie (screaming): AAAGGHHHH!!!

Sophie (narrating): I... I don't remember much from that night.
Sophie (narrating): Only that I was in pain. A lot of pain.

Sophie (narrating): It was agonizing...

Sophie: I've had... a lot of trouble breathing since that night. And sometimes... the pain is too much to bear.
Sophie: ...But I'm still alive. Thanks to Faust, I'm still here.

Sophie: ...


Sophie: Ah... ah...

Sophie: No!

Sophie: Falwynn, where is your friend...?

Other information
  • Sophie Helmstep is an anagram of Mephistopheles, a demon character in the tragedy Faust, written by German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Kid Appearance
    Unburnt Appearance

    Thanks to Phastore for Kid and Unburnt appearance images, and other information.

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