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The Fire Paradigm

Access Point: Unvoided Ravenloss (Book 3) -> 2 Down -> Left -> Up Left -> Up -> Wait 22 seconds for a red portal to appear -> Enter...
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tomix's Saga Epilogue
Release Date: January 26th, 2018

Quests Available


Chaosweaver (Shop)
Chaosweaver Items
Chaosweaver Upgrades

Secundus: Whether you followed my threads, stumbled upon this place accidentally or... cheated, it doesn't matter.

Secundus: You are mine now.

  • Talk
    Secundus: Speak.
    • Where am I?
      Secundus: The Fire Paradigm of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. Before you ask, yes, you are here in a material form. I made this possible just for you. Or I didn't. Does it matter?

    • Who are you?
      Secundus: I'm Secundus. The Elemental Spirit of Duality. I will be your owner... or I will not. I will teach you many things. Or I won't. Fleshweaving being one of them. Or not.

    • Fire Paradigm
      Secundus: The ever changing, shall we say, region of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. A region specifically for spirits attuned to fire. It's not really a hard to grasp concept...

    • Fleshweaving
      Secundus: The pinnacle of all weaving techniques. Transform your own flesh, painlessly, into whatever you desire.
      Secundus: Become one with multiple elemental spirits and summon their essence on a whim. Become... what the First Weaver was. What the art of weaving was meant to be. Or don't.

    • Plane of Elemental Spirits
      Secundus: You would like to know how it was created, correct? Very well. Before Tanislav's Last Will was used, it was a mostly uninhabited plane of existence, one of many more like it.
      Secundus: The ritual, used for the first time, shook the very balance of the fabric of space, creating a link between the plane we call Lore...
      Secundus: ... and the one we now call the Plane of Elemental Spirits.
      Secundus: You would not comprehend how exactly Elemental Spirits were able to traverse into the plane most of them now call home, so I will not explain it. Or I will. It depends.

    • Who is this boy?
      Secundus: Piotr, my protégé. You will become like him. Or you will not. It doesn't matter. Even if I won't have you... I'll still have him.

      Secundus: My fair-haired boy.

    • Where is Char?
      Secundus: You mean the soulweaver boy who lived in that house?

      Secundus: He and his brother are fine. You don't have to worry about them...
  • Fleshweaver (Coming soon!)

  • Chaosweaver
    Secundus: I can see that someone has already trained you as a chaosweaver. You simply didn't have the proper equipment to look the part.
    Secundus: It would be my pleasure to provide you with the tools suited for one such as yourself.Other information
  • Piotr may be found here, but he has no dialogue.
  • A variety of Secundus's soul threads are scattered throughout the world of DragonFable. Although these threads will not appear in your inventory, they do transcribe the hints that they bear and it is up to you to decipher them in order to discover this location on your own or learn a small tidbit about the notorious elemental spirit.
  • From Tomix;

    The only way to find out what they are about is to follow their hints, piece together whatever they are trying to say and then get to the bottom of it!

    Thanks to Tomix for information on Secundus's soul threads.

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