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The Duo

Location: Lucky Day Storybook -> Chapter 9 -> The Duo, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Click floating golden cube -> The Duo
Level/Quest/Items required: Collect all of the eggs hidden in locations hinted in Golden Eggs
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018

Objective: Puzzles and no eggs?! What is this?
Objective completed: ...

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



13 Leaf Clover


*You lay out the golden puzzle pieces in front of you once you enter an isolated area in a forest and look at what you have found suspiciously.*

<Character>: This is odd.
<Character>: In the places specified by the hints were only these puzzle pieces, not golden eggs.
<Character>: And there is some nonsense written on them...
<Character>: *sigh*
<Character>: Is this one of... Cysero's "pranks"?
???: Sgd fqddm nmd gzc mnsghmf sn cn vhsg hs.
???: Vd gzc.
???: Hmcddc.

*Two individuals in white clothing with a rotating cube-shaped lock and a key respectively approach you; you turn around to face them.*

<Character>: Umm, hello?
<Character>: I'm sorry, but I can't understand you.
<Character>: Do you speak common, perchance?
???: We do.
???: Certainly.
<Character>: Can you tell me who you are?
Lock: We are Lock.
Key: We are Key.
Lock, Key (in unison): We are Lock & Key.
<Character>: Uuh... nice to meet you!
<Character>: I assume you two are the ones who took the golden eggs, and then put puzzle pieces instead of the eggs in their places?
Key: Such a smart one.
Lock: We like her/him.
Key: We do, don't we.
Lock: We are so pleasure to finally meet you, <Character>.
Key: We are.
<Character>: Thanks.
<Character>: Do you... still have the golden eggs? My friend needs them.
Key: The green one.
<Character>: His name is Cysero.
Key: We know... SysZero.
<Character>: Cysero.
Key: That's what we said.
<Character>: That's cool, that's cool.

*You stand in awkward silence before you bring up the eggs again.*

<Character>: Soooo, can I get the eggs, please?
Key: Did you like the puzzle?
<Character>: Yes... I suppose?
Lock: We have what we need.
Key: We are happy.
Lock: Indeed.
Lock: Here, take these.

*The individuals willingly hand you back the pile of golden eggs, satisfied that you enjoyed the puzzle.*

<Character>: Oh, thanks!
Key: And take this.

*Both Lock and Key bend over; the latter unlocks the former's head and the cube opens; from it emerges a rotating three-dimensional clover that contains multiple leaves.*

Lock: You will need it soon.
<Character>: Oh... kay! Much obliged.
Key: We are so happy to have met you finally.
Lock: We look forward to our next meeting.
Key: We do.
Lock: We are saying our goodbyes to you, protagonist.
Key: Eggsactly.
Lock: For now, we must return to the plains.
Key: Planes?
Lock: Wastes.
Key: Wastes.

*The duo vanishes in the blink of an eye; you stare blankly into the forest, perplexed by the encounter.*

<Character>: Huh?
<Character>: *sigh*
<Character>: Is this one of... Cysero's "pra-

*You look at the ground and see that the eggs are still there, much to your sudden delight; you now behave as if Lock and Key had not appeared before you.*

<Character>: Oh, the eggs! I've found the eggs!!!
<Character>: Somehow...
<Character>: Oh well! I'm so good at my job, I find what I'm looking for even while I'm spacing out!

*You return to the evergreen forest where the sprites flutter in the air to meet back with Cysero.*

<Character>: I got the eggs!!
Cysero: Resplendid!
Cysero: Just one quick quesh.
Cysero: These are not my eggs. Where are my eggs? I know my eggs.
Cysero: I laid them.

*The question causes your relief to quickly turn to disappointment and shock.*

<Character>: ... What?

*Scene abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

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  • Translated dialogue:

    ???: The green one had nothing to do with it.
    ???: We had.
    ???: Indeed.

    Thanks to LouisCyphere for translated dialogue.

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