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Occavatra -> Archaeologist (5/20/2018 10:21:04)


Location: Pelekoa -> Right -> Up Right -> Right -> Up, The Obsidian Tomb, The Forum -> 2 Right

Quests given
The Obsidian Tomb

Shops owned
Azaveyran House Items
Azaveyran Houses


Archaeologist: Goood day to you, fellohw living being! Did you come here to marvel at these hwonders too?! Simply marvelous!

The Obsidian Tomb

Archaeologist: So tell me, <Class>, hwhat brings you to this island?

Archaeologist: Oh, hwhat a coincidence! I, too, hwas heading over there! Months ago...
Archaeologist: You see, I stumbled upon this island on the hway, and I hwas just simply mesmerized! I stayed here ever since! Alone!

Archaeologist: As beautiful as it is sad. An entire city, along hwith its inhabitants... snuffed out in an instant... and preserved in obsidian.
Archaeologist: Have you noticed how some trees face ahway from the Five Sisters, and some lean tohwards them?
Archaeologist: I came to the conclusion that after they erupted, they sent out a mass of obsidian dust OUT...
Archaeologist: ... and then there hwas an implosion, bringing the dust inland!
Archaeologist: But that's just my theory! Because I'm the only one here!

Archaeologist: Gladly! You see, it is rumored that Maar hwas the resting place of a... a massive fire dragon! And so...

Archaeologist: I sometimes hear their heartbeats at night.

Archaeologist: Goodbye! Feel free to visit me! This isn't exactly a tourist location, I don't get many visitors!
Archaeologist: You're the first living being I've seen in years. Months even. Haha.

The Forum

Archaeologist: Oh, hello again, <Character>! I've finally mustered the strength to leave Maar! I brought goods to sell as hwell! Hwould you like to buy a house!?

The Forum Appearance

Thanks to Phastore for The Forum appearance image.

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