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Fortress of Thorns

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Fortress of Thorns
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Fear
Release Date: July 12th, 2019

Objective: With Belle's training under Warlic complete, she is ready to meet up with the Hero in an attempt to stop the Thorns for good!
Objective completed: Despite their best efforts, the Hero and Belle couldn't stop Theano from casting the resurrection spell. It's time to see Theano's plan come to fruition and stop him before he causes more damage!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Overclocked Manaphage
(3) Thornhunter
(3) Thornhuntress
(1) Larein, (1) Thornhunter, (1) Thornhuntress - Boss

Sir Larein
Thorn Member

Larein's Helm (I-VII)
Thorned Badge

Access to FoT Loot for DCs.

  • Belle joins you as Guest A.

    *Belle, you, and Vitael are running through the woods towards Theano's base.*

    Belle: Are you sure this is the way to the fortress, <Character>?
    <Character>: I'm pretty sure. I think I remember that tree from my previous reconnaissance!
    Vitael: I can feel the Ultimate Orb Shard's power more and more each step.
    <Character>: See! I knew I saw that tree before!
    Vitael: Are you sure you are ready for this, Belle?
    Belle: Of course! This is what I've been training nonstop to do!
    Belle: Besides...

    *Belle presumably thinks of all the chaos and loss Theano has already caused.*

    Belle: We must stop Theano... No matter what.
    Vitael: But are you ready to be disgraced as a Soulweaver?
    Vitael: If you use your looms in battle... If the word spreads...
    Belle: Does it bother you?
    Vitael: At first, it did. But now...
    Vitael: Now I know what must be done, and why.
    Vitael: And I will stand by you, Belle.
    Vitael: Let's just hope that Edelia doesn't find out about this...

    *A bell sound begins to ring.*

    Thorn Member: Sound the alarms! The Hero is attacking the fortress!
    Thorn Member: Battle stations!
    <Character>: We've been spotted!
    Belle: Here goes nothing! Let's go!

    *You enter the Thorns' fortress and must battle your way through various Thornhunters, Thornhuntresses, and Overclocked Manaphages until you reach the top. A dozen villagers are trapped in cages, guarded by three Thorn Members. One, presumably their commander, turns to face you all.*

    ???: Ah! <Character>!
    ???: Lord Theano will be very pleased, once I bring him the Hero and her/his pet Soulweaver!
    <Character>: What did I tell Theano about having important people wear helmets!
    <Character>: Since you're soooo important, I'm assuming you have a name other than "Thorn Member".
    <Character>: So, who are you?
    Belle: And who are you calling "pet"?!
    Sir Larein: My name is Sir Larein of the Thorn. Head of the High Commander's Guard.
    Sir Larein: And you, pretty thing, are the pet!
    <Character>: I don't know, you seem more like Theano's pet to me.
    Belle: Where is your "master", anyway?
    Sir Larein: I will gladly take you to him! Once I'm finished with you!
    Belle, <Character> (in unison): Then I guess we'll just have to go through you!

    *You briefly glance at Belle.*

    <Character>: Jinx.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Larein, Thornhunter, and Thornhuntress.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *A defeated Sir Larein kneels before you, clutching to her weapon for support.*

    Belle: We won't ask again! Where is Theano?!
    Sir Larein: Like I would tell you! He's probably performing the ritual as we speak!
    Vitael: Belle! I sense it! He's starting the ritual!
    Belle: Where?!

    *A bright white light appears to emanate from somewhere to the east.*

    Sir Larein: Hahahahaha! It has begun!
    Sir Larein: We've won!

    *Belle bonks Sir Larein on the head with her hand, knocking her unconscious.*

    <Character>: And that's why helmets are important!
    <Character>: Belle, free the villagers and get them out of here! I'm going to run ahead and pay Theano a visit!
    Belle: Got it!

    *Belle approaches the caged villagers.*

    Belle: *Inhale*

    *Belle uses her Soulweaver magic and intense concentration to disintegrate the lock from the cage. Meanwhile, Theano has already begun the ritual, and is extracting the life force from seven helpless villagers with his Ultimate Orb Shard-infused blade, as five Thorn Members watch on. You arrive too late to save them.*

    <Character>: No!

    *The villagers now lay on the ground, motionless.*

    <Character>: Theano, stop!

    *Theano's eye twitches with power and adrenaline. A wicked laugh escapes from his equally wicked grin. He resumes the ritual, extracting the life force from the five Thorn Members this time. You stand and watch in shock.*

    <Character>: What are you doing?! Those are your—
    Theano: You see, <Character>, it doesn't matter how hard you try. I was destined to win.
    Theano: I may have failed once, but it was only so that I could succeed here.
    Theano: I will even bring <Character>, Hero of Lore, to her/his knees!!!

    *Theano makes another wicked cackle, summoning and destroying the resurrection spell, presumably so nobody else can use it but him.*

    Theano: Rise, my son!

    *You run towards Theano to stop him, but he plunges his sword into the centre of the summoning circle, the power from which blasts you backwards.*

    <Character>: No—!
    Belle: NO!!!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens FoT Loot for DCs.

    Next Up: Unraveled

    Thanks to The ErosionSeeker for additional reward information.

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