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Jay -> Darkheart (1/25/2020 20:00:00)


Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> Darkheart
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Reminiscence
Release Date: January 24th, 2020

Objective: An explosion. A fire. And missing friends. Time to move.
Objective completed: Lysander's power is apparent. How will you, Falwynn, Faust, and Sophie ever hope to stop his machinations?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(25) Hooded Knight


Falwynn's Moon Charm

???: ...ake up!

*Silence follows as Falwynn fails to respond to the unknown voice.*

???: Falwynn, please! Wake up...!

  • Equips Apprentice Hero.

    ???: Wake up, you foolish girl.

    *Falwynn finally awakens, in a burning forest.*

    Falwynn: What—?
    Falwynn: But... how? We were just—

    *Falwynn hears an explosion, and attempts to compose herself.*

    Falwynn: I need to calm down.
    Falwynn: I need... I need to find the others.

    *Falwynn must traverse the burning forest in order to find her missing friends, battling any Hooded Knights in her way.*

    While exploring the bottom-left section of the first room of the first maze:
    Falwynn: Did I hear Sophie's voice coming from this direction? She should be somewhere around here. I hope everyone is okay...

    *After searching the burning forest, Falwynn finds a trembling Sophie and an incapacitated Faust, with your dragon sitting upon Faust's chest.*

    Sophie: Ah... ah...
    Falwynn: Sophie! I'm here!

    *Falwynn searches the area for a safe path to travel.*

    Falwynn: This way—

    *Out of nowhere, another Hooded Knight attacks Falwynn; she stops his blade with her crossbow.*

    Falwynn: Ngh...!
    Sophie: No!
    Falwynn: SOPH—

    *Just as more Hooded Knights begin to approach Falwynn and Sophie, Faust rises and single-handedly defeats all of the Hooded Knights.*

    Falwynn: ...

  • Faust joins Falwynn as Guest A.

    Faust: ...I was careless.
    Faust: It won't happen a second time.
    Sophie: Falwynn, where is your friend...?

    *The realisation of the absence of Falwynn's friend—you—alarms your dragon.*

  • <Dragon> joins Falwynn as a pet.

    Falwynn: Faust... I need your help.

    *Faust glances back towards Falwynn, silently accepting her request for aid. After progressing through the forest some more, and battling more Hooded Knights, Falwynn and Faust discover and eavesdrop on a conversation between you and Lysander.*

    Lysander: Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Lysander.
    Lysander: Baron of Swordhaven. Marquis of Fairglade.
    Lysander: Though I admit, those titles hold little interest for me.
    Falwynn (whispering): A noble? What's he doing here?

    *Faust's eyes glow red.*

    Lysander: I've heard some interesting things about you, <Character>.
    Lysander: Your exploits with the Rose. The Shears. The Thorns.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: And? What do you want with me? What are you doing here?
    Falwynn (whispering): Faust, we need to—
    Falwynn (whispering): Faust?!

    *Faust attempts to attack Lysander from behind, however Lysander senses Faust and uses an unknown magic to disable him mid-strike, causing him to fall to the ground.*

    Lysander: Ah. We meet again.
    Lysander: To think you're still alive... after nearly two decades, no less.
    Falwynn: Faust!
    <Character>: Falwynn, wait—!

    *Falwynn runs towards Faust, but Lysander uses another unknown magic against her, causing her to fall to her knees in pain.*

    <Character>: Stop this right now!

    *Faust, fighting against Lysander's magic, attempts to rise, when Lysander places a foot on his head, keeping him down.*

    Lysander: You. Boy. It seems you have quite the interesting skill.
    Lysander: Enchantment? No.

    Lysander: Something else...

    *Lysander tries to find the right word to describe Faust's abilities.*

    Lysander: Augmentation. How brilliant. Using mana to strengthen your physical abilities beyond the norm.

    *Faust continues to struggle against Lysander, ineffectively.*

    Lysander: You can increase your speed and reflexes a hundredfold... or heighten your defensive capabilities to the very limit.
    Lysander: The possibilities are endless.

    *You attempt to strike Lysander, also to no avail.*

    <Character>: H-huh...?
    <Character>: I can't...

    <Character>: How are you—?!
    Lysander: Simple, yet elegant... with nearly infinite applications. That is the nature of my magic.
    Lysander: Auralmancy.

    Lysander: The manipulation of air. Of sound.

    *Your anger towards Lysander intensifies.*

    Faust: <Character>! This man—!
    Faust: His organization, Darkheart, they—
    Lysander: That's quite enough.
    <Character>: Are you working for the Rose...?

    <Character>: The Magesterium...?

    <Character>: Are you working for the Rose...?
    <Character>: Or maybe someone else?
    <Character>: What is your goal?!
    Lysander: My only goal... is destruction.

    *Your look of anger changes to one of shock.*

    Lysander: The current conflict is quite a boon for me.
    Lysander: War is easy to fuel. And money is easy to acquire.
    Lysander: The demand for weapons and supplies never ceases.
    Lysander: Whether it's the Rose, a foreign nation...
    Lysander: Or even the Vind.

    *Your shock towards Lysander intensifies.*

    Lysander: I see you're beginning to understand.
    <Character>: That's... impossible! What you're implying—
    Lysander: Organizing a resistance is no small feat. Nor is running a kingdom... and providing for all its subjects.
    Lysander: It requires funds. It requires power.
    <Character>: The Vind would never accept your help! O-or the Shears!
    <Character>: They make their own supplies. They get them from friends, from people—
    Lysander: —who are sympathetic to their cause? Nobles willing to lend an ear to their plights?
    <Character>: ...
    Lysander: Right... wrong... it doesn't matter to me.
    Lysander: Because no matter who triumphs in this conflict... we can always engineer more.
    Lysander: The only victor... will be anarchy.

    *You close your eyes to process Lysander's motives.*

    <Character>: You're mad.
    <Character>: What you're trying to do... is insane.
    Lysander: You're more than welcome to try and stop me.
    Lysander: In fact, I look forward to it.
    Lysander: Good day.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • You have approximately 30 seconds to traverse the mazes between cutscenes, as indicated by a timer in the bottom-right corner of the screen; timer will pause during battles. If you do not reach the next cutscene before time runs out, you will be sent back to the starting point of the current maze; any Hooded Knights defeated will remain defeated.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Oh no, I got lost!
  • Oh no, I got lost! Again...
  • This quest was modified on January 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the January 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Next Up: ANOMALY

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for updated dialogue.

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