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Starflame13 -> =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (1/26/2020 22:30:28)

This thread will be your OOC forum for the competitors of the Hallowed Battlefield to discuss tactics, collaborations, and plots, as well as to ask questions of your fellow combatants and to provide any additional details necessary to clarify your character or your actions. It should also be used for necessary communications with the Judge in requesting extensions. As a reminder, you are required to post every 4 days. While I will do my best to provide 24 hour warnings, please do not rely on these. I must be informed in advance if an extension is needed.

The Trials are a free-for-all fight intended to allow your characters, the Pawns, to prove themselves worthy of fighting in the Final Battle. Remember: you have no clue who is a friend and who is a foe. Even if you think someone may share your Alignment, in this round, you are all enemies. Temporary alliances can be formed, and broken, at the whims of the participants - and it is off of individual performance that Knights will be chosen.

Combatants in this battlefield may appear wherever they choose. Please state clearly, either in your post or in one of the OOC locations, exactly where your character has materialized. If two characters happen to pick the same general area, they will appear directly next to each other. All contestants are assumed to appear at roughly the same time, regardless of posting order.

This was the music inspiration for the Hallowed Battlefield.

The Roster
Jicella Ariella, created by nield!
Silence, created by Chewy905!
Dathorus Bevoren, created by Chaosweaver Amon!
Leaf Which Floats on Raging Currents, created by roseleaf320!
Martin Talhmore, created by Dragonknight315!
Fierra Scorr, created by Oddball!
Aleisha, Void Herald of Nulgath, created by Necro-Knight!

Feel free to ask me questions within this thread, via PM, or via the AEF RP Discord Server if you have any details you would like clarified. Our Discord Server can be found here.

In addition, I will be editing in any questions that may be useful for all combatants to read. Beginning with:

What are the dimensions of the battlefield?
Hallowed is a square battlefield. Each boundary river is 120 feet (36.6 meters) long, and the distance from the geometric center to any of the four corners is approximately 85feet (25.9 meters). The boundary rivers in this case appear “very very deep”. A rough map of the battlefield, to scale, may be found here.

What’s the deal with the rivers?
There are two rivers spiraling outward from a center pool, which is 20 feet (6.10 meters) in diameter. The rivers are approximately 10 feet (3.05 meters) wide. They are rather shallow at the edges, and only about a foot deep (0.30 meters) in the center. The rivers gradually nullify magic - magical attacks that cross one bank will weaken and disperse entirely by the time it reaches the opposite bank, and personal auras/enchantments will weaken and fade to nothing as a character passes through them, to return in full force upon exiting the water.

A few more details about the Chequered City
If you attempt to destroy any of the buildings/inhabitants of the City, they will reform briefly after the destruction. It is possible to encounter other combatants in the city - so while you may tweak the process of time for your character, ensure that your actions will impact you and you alone. The automotans can take on different forms depending on your characters interpretation: they can look like people you know, although something will feel slightly... off if they do, or look entirely mechanical, or anywhere in the range between.

Dragonknight315 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (1/26/2020 23:29:46)

Map for Hallowed!

Good luck, everyone! I look forward to collaborating with you.

Just to make sure; these maps are meant to be guidelines for coordinating posts. They are not official (though Star did make the original map and check them for me!) They are interactable as well, allowing you to move and adjust your icon. Unlike other arenas, we get to pick where we start when we make our first post, so you can drag your token to the desired location. Please, only move your icon after you make your official post as to avoid confusion.

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (1/30/2020 3:13:48)

Chaosweaver Amon has been given permission to edit his introductory post so as to clarify which parts take place in the Chequered City, and what occurs when he transitions into the battlefield.

Chewy905 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (1/31/2020 9:32:06)

Dialogue and actions of Martin in my latest post were confirmed via collaboration with Dragonknight!

roseleaf320 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/2/2020 22:58:44)

All dialogue and actions for Jicella in my second post were discussed and approved by nield

Oddball -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/3/2020 10:13:24)

I'd like to request a 12 hour extension, please

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/3/2020 12:01:00)

@Oddball - Granted. Your new deadline is Tues, Feb. 4th at 12:30am ET (server time).

nield -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/3/2020 16:59:47)

All portions of my post concerning Leaf have been run past and approved by Rose.

Chewy905 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/3/2020 18:20:46)

Late once again, but details of my post were run past Dragonknight

Dragonknight315 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/5/2020 0:10:47)

Posted with collaboration with Chewy!

As a note for Amon; my intent was that Martin dodged the dagger at the same time as dodging Silence's blade. He just wouldn't have had any way of seeing the blade with how the scene came out.

Chewy905 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/5/2020 23:17:13)

Collaboration with Dragonknight for this new post!

I'll also give a note for Amon: I'm not ignoring Dathorus unwittingly, Silence simply isn't aware of him at the moment cause he's approaching from behind her.

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/6/2020 23:32:08)

Looks like I’ll need to request a 12 hour extension.

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 2:41:39)

@Chaosweaver Amon - Extension approved! Your new deadline is Friday, Feb. 7th at 1:33pm ET (Server Time).

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 12:47:15)

Requesting another 12 hour extension. Apologies for the short notice.

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 14:08:21)

@Chaosweaver Amon - Extension approved! Your new deadline is Friday, 2/8/2020 1:33 am ET (server time). Please try to post as soon as possible so as to avoid inconveniencing the others in your battlefield.

Oddball -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 18:27:01)

I know it's incredibly short notice and I apologise. I'd like to request a 12 hour extension please. Again, sorry for the short notice.

Oddball -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 20:46:16)

Posted with a little input from Necro

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/7/2020 23:29:23)

@Oddball - I was unlivable during the initial extension request, but I am glad to see you got a post up within the time the extension would have been granted. We'll count that as a use of one of your 12 hour extensions.

roseleaf320 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/11/2020 9:39:19)

Star, I'd like to request a 24 hour extension for this next post. That should put my deadline at Wednesday around 6pm, if I've done my math correctly.

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/11/2020 11:42:12)

@roseleaf320 - Granted. Your new deadline is Wed, Feb 12th at 7:13pm ET (Server Time)

roseleaf320 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/12/2020 14:35:16)

Given sudden extenuating circumstances I would like to request to use my last 12 hour extension. Apologies to both Star and Nield for holding such a delay.

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/12/2020 14:47:09)

@roselife320 - Real life happens! Extension granted, putting your new deadline at Thurs, Feb 12th at 7:13am Server time. You are now out of extensions.

Dragonknight315 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/13/2020 18:35:11)

@Starflame13 Requesting a 12-hour extension, please. ^^

Starflame13 -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/13/2020 20:16:15)

@Dragonknight315 - Granted. Your new deadline is Saturday, Feb. 15th at 8:47am ET (Server Time)

Necro-Knight -> RE: =WPC 2020= Hallowed OOC (2/13/2020 21:49:04)

@StarFlame13 I'd like to humbly request a 24-hour extension at this time.

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