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Jay -> Angel's Tomb (All Versions), The (8/20/2020 23:51:00)

The Angel's Tomb

Location: Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr -> To the War! -> The Angel's Tomb
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Await The Calm, 100% War Meter*
Release Date: August 21st, 2020

Objective: It's time to face Voyna, the Angel of Azaveyr.
Objective completed: The Avatars have much to consider, indeed.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) The Angel of Azaveyr - Boss


Doomed Longsword
Doomed Poleaxe
Yarek's Staff (I-IX)

Access to TAT Loot for DCs and Tattered Pages (Voyna).

  • Uaanta Fayt joins you as Guest A.
  • <Dragon> joins you as a pet.

    *Deep within the catacombs, the Angel of Azaveyr, Voyna, awaits.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: It's here! It's here!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Confident roar!*

    Voyna: So, you have arrived.

    *You, your dragon, and Uaanta stand before Voyna and the artifact she has stolen, locked in a white chest.*

    Voyna: Despite appearances, we enjoyed our discussion from earlier.
    Voyna: We don't suppose you would be willing to humor us and talk a while longer?
    <Character>: As long as you won't leave <Dragon> be, I don't think there's anything else that needs to be said.
    Uaanta: Agreed.
    Voyna: Very well. In that case, let us battle, as warriors–

    *Your dragon breathes fire at Voyna's breastplate, startling her.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Don't you dare think about fighting my human without me!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Protective growl!*

    Voyna: Typical honorless dragon! We have a special fate in store for you, Destroyer!
    <Character>: Not while I still stand!
    Voyna: We made a promise to the Dreamfarer... but we can still break you.
    Uaanta: You'll have to get through me as well!
    Voyna: So be it.

  • Battle! - begins battle with The Angel of Azaveyr.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions; will also re-invite Uaanta Fayt if defeated in a previous attempt.
  • Run Away! - returns to Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr.

    *After the battle, Voyna falls to her knees, and her golden mask falls off her face.*

    Voyna: We yield.

    Voyna: We will not fight your judgement.
    Voyna: To think... the Dreamfarer was right.
    Voyna: We have underestimated you.
    <Character>: We'll be taking back what you stole now.
    <Character>: Uaanta, what do you think we should do with her?
    Uaanta: I would very much like to put an end to this affront to the Makers.
    Uaanta: But I empathize with her. She sought justice for her people.
    <Character>: I'm surprised you feel pity for her.
    Uaanta: I suppose some of your soft-heartedness has influenced me, <Character>.
    Uaanta: How about this, Voyna.
    Uaanta: You seem to hold promises and deals in great regard.
    Voyna: Such is our honor.
    Uaanta: I will spare you if you swear to stop opposing the Makers- and stop hunting dragons.
    Voyna: You wish for us to give up our entire meaning, our being?
    Uaanta: Otherwise, I can put an end to your entire being right now.
    Voyna: Amusing. We knew we saw something in you that we liked.
    Voyna: We accept. Take your prize back to your masters. Let them know that the Angel of Azaveyr will no longer be a threat.
    Voyna: Farewell... champions of the Avatars.

    *You, your dragon, and Uaanta leave with the white chest, and Voyna is alone once more; her green crown begins to flicker.*

    Voyna: So... this is the end of our partnership...

    *The crown rises above her head, dimming completely, before disintegrating.*

    Voyna: At last... the calm has come... for me.

    *Later, in the Firmament, you, your dragon, and Uaanta have been summoned by the Avatars once again.*

    Celeritas: Well done, champions, <Dragon>.
    Voidstar: This Maleurous threat has been extinguished.
    Temblor: You have retrieved the artifact intact, and for that we are grateful.
    <Character>: If I may ask, what is it?
    Khazri: That is irrelevant.
    <Character>: Is it? Uaanta, <Dragon>, and I risked our lives delving into a crypt full of skeletons and skeletal dragons and it's too much–
    <Character>: It's too much for us to ask why?
    Uaanta: I must admit, I myself am curious.
    <Character>: It feels like you're hiding something, Avatars. We're supposed to be your champions! We deserve to know what it is.
    Kyanos: You must simply obey. The information we provide is all that is necessary for your missions.
    Fiamme: To question is to give in to the enemy.
    <Character>: But don't you see? By hiding and being so mysterious, it encourages us to question you!
    Neso: If you so easily question us, then perhaps we made a mistake.
    Uaanta: Makers, please. <Character> has done nothing but comply with your demands.
    Uaanta: S/he may have her/his own way of trying to resolve issues, but there is no disloyalty here!

    *The Avatars visibly step back from the champions.*

    Haeos: We... apologize, champions.
    Voidstar: When maintaining a balance, it is difficult to not... overcompensate.
    Kyanos: Even after all this time, we struggle to account for the volatility of humankind.
    Celeritas: Our purpose is to keep Lore in balance. But when Lore is held by minds and peoples out of balance...
    Temblor: Lore changes with or without us. By our nature, we resist change. Change is inherently imbalanced.
    Khazri: The more we share, the more we interfere, the more we change, the more potential for imbalance we introduce to the system.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: It sounds like a tough position to be in, but does that excuse the mistakes you've made in the past?
    Neso: It is indeed a difficult task, but our mistakes are our own. We accept that.

    *You pause before addressing the Avatars once again.*

    <Character>: So, will you tell us what the artifact is?
    Celeritas: The artifact is the egg of the Savior. <Dragon>'s counterpart.
    Haeos: Now that you have retrieved it, we will hold it for safekeeping.
    <Character>: Wait, wasn't Fluffy destroyed?
    Voidstar: It was, but like all the Great Dragons, they are reborn in time.
    Fiamme: The Savior and Destroyer are no exception.
    <Character>: You could have let us know from the beginning, Avatars. If anything, it would have motivated us more!
    Temblor: We will... take this into account in the future.
    Uaanta: Makers, we trust you, and so you must trust us.
    Khazri: We have much to contemplate.

    Khazri: Thank you, Champions.
    Neso: We will call upon you when next you are required.

    *Your dragon, who has slept throughout the majority of the exchange, continues to nap.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens TAT Loot for DCs shop.
  • Tattered Pages - opens Tattered Pages (Voyna) shop.

    Other information
  • *Due to delays, the boss fight was released one day after reaching 100% War Meter.

  • Jay -> RE: Angel's Tomb (All Versions), The (8/21/2020 21:42:00)

    The Angel's Tomb

    Location: Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr -> To the War! -> The Angel's Tomb
    Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Await The Calm, 100% War Meter
    Release Date: August 20th, 2020

    Objective: Await the Calm.
    Objective completed: Await the Calm.

    Scaled Yes/No: No
    Experience rewarded: 0
    Gold rewarded: 0





    *The Angel of Azaveyr continues to sit in the darkness; you, Uaanta, and your dragon have surprisingly joined her.*

    <Character>: ...
    Uaanta: ...
    <Dragon>: ...
    ???: ...
    <Character>: Still meditating?
    ???: Yes.
    Uaanta: I see you put your mask back on.
    ???: It helps.
    <Character>: You know, I've never tried meditating. Do you have any tips?
    ???: ...
    Uaanta: Come on, <Character>, let's not be a bother. I think I saw more skeletons over there.
    ???: Thanks.

    *Scene cuts to black; jovial music begins playing.*

    You've all completed this war much faster than we anticipated!

    The story will progress tomorrow when we manage to catch up to you!

    Thanks for understanding! <3

    (This is not actually the 100% quest)

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • This quest acts as a placeholder for the real 100% boss fight.

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